9 Weeks Pregnant

9 Weeks Pregnant


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9 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the end of 2 months, or 1 trimester.

What to Expect and What Should I be Doingat 9 Weeks Pregnant

Starting from the tenth week, a pregnant woman has to consciously live with the idea that in her is the dearest person, and she is looking forward to meeting with him/her. Although it is hard both physically and mentally, but you need to set yourself that all this is just for the baby.

It is necessary to more and more walk in the street, in the countryside away from the hustle and closer to the natural fresh air. After all, the child grows with each new week. The embryo begins to resemble a man more and more, having lost the tail and with the straightened back. The head is still large, but the brain is developing rapidly.

Information Which May be Useful at 9 Weeks of Pregnancy:

What Happens to a Child

The weight of a small miracle in this period is only 2 grams, but there already are visible eyes while closed eyelids, ears and clearly distinguishable neck. At this stage, the beginnings of the milk teeth and hair bulblets begin to form. On the palms almost completely disappeare the membranes. Legs, feet, hands continue to grow and the baby with pleasure makes the moves with them. He's breathing, swallowing, eating through the placenta. Some inner organs are formed. The development does not stop for a second.

9 Weeks Pregnant 1The child constantly gives mom some signals about his needs, hence there is the change in taste preferences and desire to eat incongruous products.

There is a stage of formation of vital mechanisms. The cerebellum (coordination of control), the pituitary gland (the first production of hormones), the middle layer of the adrenal glands (adrenaline production), as well as the lymph nodes, lymph-forming cells are forming. Breasts and sexual organs begin to form.

The heart and the central nervous system are working, but the pace of their formation does not stop, cranial and spinal nerves form this week. The child gradually grows with muscles and little by little the bones become stronger.

The embryo can independently exteriorize products of his activities through the umbilical cord into your body, so the load on your kidneys will be constant and in large volumes.

Feelings and Changes at 9 Weeks

All processes happening with the baby the woman feels on herself. Once the kidney started to work for two there is increased urination with high frequency. The appetite may be double or completely absent. Depending on the state of the future mother, because some of this time still experiencing the strongest attacks of toxicosis, and some on the contrary combine cakes with a cucumber.

Suddenly, it may seem that the skin and hair became drier. This means that the child is demanding more water, and for that you just need to drink more liquid and eat juicy fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to lack of calcium there can be a threat to the teeth. This means that the bone system begins to form. To do this, you need to carefully take care of the mouth and pay visits to a dentist.

Although the tummy is not yet beginning to grow so strongly, the clothes should not hamper movement or be uncomfortable. The materials must be pleasant to the body and the bra should support the breast well. To keep the body in good condition, it is desirable the entire pregnancy to use cosmetics to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, especially on the abdomen and thighs.

Some girls may experience insomnia and some on the contrary can sleep for days on end. And if in the first case the regimen will soon be established and will return to normal, then with a frequent sleep the things are worse. In the first place, it is tempting to suspect lack of oxygen, loss of essential vitamins and microelements. Talk to your doctor and you'll be prescribed the right medicines and vitamins.

We must live in harmony with all people, to notice only the positive aspects and avoid all negativity. Often talk with the babies, stroking your tummy, and even better singing a song lulling him to calm.

9 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures Showing

9 Weeks Pregnant 2

9 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 9 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Pain and Excreta at 9 Weeks

Unfortunately, in this period miscarriages happen, so at the slightest symptoms you should contact a doctor. If the abdominal pain is pronounced, cramping, cramps or even bloody spotting of brown, light pink or red color - this is a signal for immediate hospitalization. Urgently call for an ambulance or, if possible, drive a pregnant woman to the nearest hospital.

If the pains is associated with the intestines - you can drink an anesthetic, something like drotaverine. Many doctors allow the use of this drug during pregnancy, but it is better to discuss the prescription with the doctor.

In addition to dangerous bleeding, a woman may experience typical whites. They are the norm in this period, due to increased levels of progesterone and the embryo is protected against ingress of unwanted infections. The character of whites depends on the duration of pregnancy - from the heavy mucous to liquid watery discharge. The color of whites can be transparent or slightly whitish, but without the smell and discomfort - itching, burning, redness.

Uterus at 9 Weeks Pregnant

At 9 weeks of pregnancy the uterus is actively growing. Until the end of the period, it increases by 500 times compared to its original size. At this term, it’s similar in size to a grapefruit. The state of the uterine epithelium and its size are estimated during an ultrasound scan performed at the 9th week of pregnancy.

Miscarriage at 9 Weeks

Miscarriage is the premature exit of the fetus from the mother's body. There are two variations of the progress of this process that directly depend on the timing of pregnancy.

How Does a Miscarriage Happen?

The first option is the miscarriage on type of rejection. This type of miscarriage can be observed in the first trimester of pregnancy as a result of an immune conflict of the mother's organism and the fetus. As a result, there is a disruption of the functions of the future placenta and the developing of antibodies to "foreign" cells of the body. In this case, the chorion is destroyed, and the fetal egg is expelled from the uterine cavity. The process is accompanied by bleeding of varying degrees - often it is a profuse bleeding.

The second variant of the miscarriage occurs according to the type of delivery, and is observed in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. The main role in this variant plays the change of the tone of the uterus - a significant increase in uterine tone muscles or insufficiency of the uterine closure. In this case, there are contractions, opening of the cervix and birth of a fetus.

Symptoms and Signs to Understand that there Has Been a Miscarriage?

With miscarriages in the first trimester occur pulling pains in the lower abdomen, reddish-brown spotting or bleeding appear, sometimes there is desire for urination and defecation. And the fetus fully or partially comes out from the uterine cavity with clots of blood.

At later dates miscarriage proceeds according to the type of preterm labor with contractions and contracting pain, outflow of amniotic fluid and the fetus with its membranes, in whole or in part.

Diarrhea at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Diarrhea at 9 weeks of pregnancy can occur for different reasons. In the first place, it may be triggered by eating disorders, chronic diseases of intestines, stomach or pancreas, food allergies, congenital enzyme deficiency, various forms of dysbacteriosis.

These phenomena can be caused by food poisoning, helminthic infestation, intestinal infections and even stress or neuro-psychological tension. It’s impossible to find out the reason on your own. Only the doctor can do this.

If diarrhea occurs over 3 times a day, you need to go to the hospital. This is abnormal, and a solution should be found. Draw attention to the consistency and smell. Frequent visits to the toilet may cause intoxication. Strong dehydration can lead to useful nutrients and components’ loss.

Moreover, frequent bowel reduction may increase the uterine tone and trigger reflex reduction, which can lead to a spontaneous abortion. That’s why it’s so important to monitor women’s health in early pregnancy even if it’s the ninth week of pregnancy.

Ultrasound at 9 Weeks Pregnancy

With the advent of new technologies, sonogram can be made in full to print the first photo of a baby and even 3D sonogram. The sonogram at the 9th week determines the thickness of the placenta, and the general condition of the umbilical cord.

Using the Doppler mommy can hear the beating heart her baby. Determine the sex of a child in this period is unlikely, it is done a bit later - closer to 12th week. But you can see on the screen your tiny miracle that is no longer the embryo but a fetus.

9 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

9 weeks ultrasound photo

Pictures: What does a baby look like at 9 weeks pregnant.

9 Weeks Pregnant 3

9 Weeks Ultrasounds Twins

9 weeks ultrasound twins pictures


Everyone knows that the symptoms of the common cold is a runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever. Self-medication in any case is forbidden, since most drugs have contraindications associated with pregnancy.

At high temperature, you should call an ambulance, because it can lead to bad consequences for the fetus. Traditional medicine techniques can be used to address other symptoms of colds - drink tea or warm milk with honey, gargle with baking soda or salt, brew tea with raspberries or cranberries.

The nose is also possible to wash with the salt or use special medicines on the basis of the oceanic water. In case if in the house is ill someone from the family, it is necessary to oblige them to wear gauze face veil, so as not to infect you.


At the 9th week of the active growth of the baby nutrition should be given particular importance. It should not only be correct, but also useful with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. To eat sweets is not necessary, it is better to eat dried fruit or marmalade.

The meat should be lean and boiled, no crispy fried crusts. The diet must include vegetables and fruits for the season. For example, buying a strawberry in winter you can stumble on low-quality goods and extra digestive problems are not needed.

If you recently became overcome with fatigue and a desire to sleep - it means that the body lacks iron. It will show the analysis on hemoglobin, and if it is below the marks, meals need to be revised.


  • add to the meals the beef and the liver (cooked boiled or steamed);
  • eat more green vegetables and fruits - apples, pears;
  • add red fruits - apples, pomegranates;
  • dried fruits - raisins, prunes, nuts, dried apricots.

The fastest hemoglobin lifting action are pomegranates - they can be used in pure form or as juice made from them. But even they can not be compared with iron supplementation. Therefore, if the hemoglobin fell to a critical level - better to resort to them as 1 tablet of vitamin iron replaces a kilogram of eaten apples. Drink plenty of fluids - juice, green tea, milk, yogurt.


There are no special restriction of intimacy being at the 9 week. If you feel fine, the tummy by this time hardly gained strongly rounded appearance, then why not. Of course consultation with a physician is not superfluous to secure from the threat of miscarriage.

9 Weeks Pregnant: Understand Surprising Growth of Your Fetus

Analysis at 9 Weeks

The first examination is carried out by a gynecologist, such visits are frequently to monitor the course of pregnancy. At the reception, a doctor is weighing, measuring blood pressure, height of uterine fundus, listening to the fetal heart beat.

You should do the following analysis:

  • urinalysis - the presence of inflammatory processes, protein, identifying problems with the kidneys;
  • complete blood count and determination of Rh factor;
  • a blood test for HIV, sugar and biochemical;
  • smear on the flora and cytology;
  • analysis for TORCH infections;
  • examination in mirrors and colposcopy to exclude the possibility of erosion, inflammation of the cervix and fallopian tubes.

All these measures are necessary for the safety of the child, and to prevent backfire better in early pregnancy. In addition to testing a pregnant woman should be examined by a doctor - a dentist, optician, hematologist and therapist, as well as be sure to pass ultrasound examination of the fetus.

At the doctor gynecologist, who treats your pregnancy you need to ask all questions regarding the reception of vitamins, what and in what quantities, especially the period of sensations that can be felt the first stirring of the baby, your work, rest, sleep.

A competent specialist asks such questions to their patients, but given the current state of our medicine you should take care of themselves on your own. You can write down all the questions on a separate sheet in advance, so that nothing is missed.

Useful Information

Cut and color your hair - all this are made-up myths. A woman should be beautiful in her perfect position. Hair painting is blamed for its toxicity - yes, there are a lot of chemicals, but how much paint is needed so that it should influence the baby.

Stay alert and in good spirits for your man. As a matter of fact the nature of men does not allow to empathize the torments of a woman, therefore do not give a sign otherwise you’ll be treated as a patient. You can ask a man to do something for you.

For example, if in the mornings a strong toxicosis hurts or it is hard to get up in the morning from bed, you can ask to bring breakfast in bed. Moreover, some doctors say that a biscuit or a cracker eaten, not getting out of bed, help to cope with bouts of nausea.

Do not resent your man, if he does not pay enough attention. Men cannot think about several things and forthcoming their thoughts replace the previous. You can simply remind him that you do not have enough affection and attention and you will not have to wait long.

Video Guide: 9 weeks pregnancy

Recommendations for Women

9 weeks of pregnancy is very crucial and it is important to observe all safety precautions. If this period falls during the winter period - the walk still has not been canceled, you need to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Shoes should be chosen on a flat non-slip soles, as the fall is not desirable in this situation.

Some women begin to be tormented with such a frequent occurrence, as hemorrhoids. This is the same varicose disease, you should consult your doctor and he will prescribe you special suppositories.

You can go to the gym for pregnant women, swimming or yoga. Yoga in turn is good for the spiritual psychological side of the expectant mother. It calls for calm, living in harmony with all, removes from negative thoughts. Your mind and body will become more free. And most importantly - all thoughts should be focused on the state of your body. What a woman feels is then transferred to the baby.

You should not recover more weight than the standards - it can lead to swelling and varicose veins. A woman should feel ease. After all pregnancy is not a disease, it is a magical state of mind and body of both persons. If the labor activity is connected with unspecified and poor working conditions - it is time to remind your bosses about your interesting position that you should transferred to a suitable light work.

Alcohol and smoking should be excluded from the traditional way of life. What harm is caused to health of the child, especially when all his organs are actively formed and due to the harmful effects something could easily go wrong. Moreover do not be in places with smokers, "passive" smoking has much more detrimental effect on the fetus.

Pregnancy With Twins at 9 Weeks

At the 9th week of pregnancy, the mother of future twins should especially protect herself and her not yet born children until giving up sex for the duration of pregnancy because at stake are now two lives. It is at this period placenta is fully formed, twins are now completely dependent on it and the likelihood of miscarriage from this point on is increased by several times.

Natalie says:

I have different Rhesus factor with the fetus, and because of that I have awful toxicosis, headaches and even rash has appeared (I ask God for normally to take out the child, I am ready to suffer for the sake of future kid.

Hazel says:

I’m on the 9th week of pregnancy. Tell me, please, if it’s time to getting registered at a maternal hospital or it’s too early?

reha says:

When does i know am i having boy or a girl?

Sherry says:

I am 9 week pregnant and I noticed acne spreading all over my body especially my face and neck... Can you help me with overcoming this?

Suresh says:

You will get a baby girl.

Lerato says says:

am 9weeks pregnant amd noticing some mild cramping expecially in the morning, is it normal? please help because I had an ectopic miscarriage last year.

Irma says:

I wake up with cramping as well, I got checked out and everything seemed to be fine. They say its most likely because your uterus is expanding

oluwatosin says:

am 9 weeks pregnant and am sportting slit red hope am save

hana says:

hii i am 9 weeks and am on stable pills for pregnancy because i had 2 miscarges the last 2 years. This week u want to make belly altrasound and not vaginal altrasound but my question can the baby show on belly altraound ????? please any reply

Tanya says:

Yea you can hear a heart beat at 9 weeks by a belly scan

Natalie says:

What are the pills for? I to have had 2 miscarriage and am now 9 weeks and worry aboit everything and anything. Super hard to be happy.

Tissah says:

You still pregnant

Nicona says:

Please pray for me everybody I'm pregnant and having complications I'm praying that everything work out well for me until my full term pregnancy and I will I so pray for y'all

Becky Ifemi says:

I am 9 weeks pregnant and very strong, been nauseous just about 3 times since I got pregnant and it all happened in the evenings.... I have not had morning sickness not even once, which sex of baby am I likely to have, I am very curious????

sonia says:

hai,becky i also feel same as you..now i am 8 weeks..i am also very curious about my baby gender...

Kaylee says:

That is an old wives tale. Ive had 2 boys and 2 girls and each pregnancy was different. How I felt had nothing to do with the gender.

siwe says:

I'm 9weeks pregnant yesterday I went to the doctor the heartbeat of my child didn't show and I like to get cramp on the right leg is it normal what must I do I don'tknow what to think

Pinky says:

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I'm develop some pimples all over my body except my face and they are very inching....help me

Miss kashi says:

I have no monthly period last two months first time .I have three kids.pregnancy is not sure.but now I have upper obdominal pain and leg pain .why I have pain

HAzel says:

I am 9 weeks and haven’t been to a clinic is it to late?

Miss Dineo Molefi says:

Hi! I'm 9 weeks pregnant n feel bloated all the time. It feels like something is hanging loose in my tummy n I only feel better when I have something wrapped around it... ( towel). The dr says its just my body going thru a lot of change. Is there something wrong with my pregnancy ?????????????

Ahliya says:

Hello I’m 9 weeks pregnant with twins and been having alot of cramping ha that normal?

Spfan says:

Yes. Your uterus is expanding! :)

Sarah says:

Iv been having really bad acne and I’m 9weeks what can I do?

GoodnessA says:

I'm 9 weeks pregnantwomen with no symptoms had light brownish bleeding on the 6th July I saw my last period on the 10th May

Jasmine says:

I’m 9 weeks pregnant also and I’ve experienced light bleeding twice it was a brownish color I’m constantly terrified I don’t want it to mean anything.


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