10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant


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The 10th week of pregnancy - the beginning of the 3rd month or 1st term

The 10th week of pregnancy is the final stage of embryonic development. The formation of the most important human organs is completed, and the cardiovascular system starts to work actively. It is also a period of developing of the future child’s brain.

However, it is still very difficult to identify the gender of the baby, you can go to the doctor and discover, which hormone is predominant: testosterone (for boys) or estrogen (for girls). The bones and joints have been formed already, and the child is looking for a convenient location in the bladder, which is surrounded by amniotic fluid. So, at this stage the embryo becomes a fetus.

A woman experiences an unstable emotional state, frequent mood swings and melancholy, as the baby actively develops and grows inside the mother's body. This is due to a sharp increase in the amount of hormones in the woman's body, which causes weakening of the soft tissues, gaining weight and an extension of the thyroid gland. When the 12th week comes, the woman's psycho-emotional state improves. This is shown in a decrease of the toxicity level and in an increase of the body's fatigue.

What Happens To A Baby

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The 10th week of pregnancy is characterized by the formation of major organs and systems of the future man. During this period, the risk of having various abnormalities is reducing, if we compare it to the previous period. The fetus is actively growing and developing.

The size of the fetus is 3-4 cm, and the weight is near 5 g. You can already discern the resemblance of the child with the man. His heart is already beating, and the heart rate reaches 150 beats per minute. The fetus itself is still transparent, but the hair have already started to form.

The bones, elbow and knee joints, fingers, ears, and mouth have already been formed. The fetus can touch his face, open his mouth and even suck his finger.

The child's brain is actively developing during this period, creating near 250 000 neurons. The nervous system is already divided into central and peripheral.

Do not forget to eat the food which has a lot of calcium. This is important for your baby, as the calf's teeth are starting to form. The bile ducts, the bowel and the liver has already been formed. The immune and lymphatic systems continue to develop.

It is still hard to say what gender does the child have during the ultrasound examination, and the genitals cannot be seen. However, the boys can already produce testosterone in their testicles, and it is the main characteristics of the boy.

Belly At 10 Weeks Pregnant

Though only 2,5 months have passed after fertilization, your belly is still not noticed by the people around you. It may become bigger because of the fermentation of gases or bloating.

Some future mothers can see the pigment band on the tummy, which appears as a result of the accelerated synthesis of melanin in the body of a pregnant woman. At the 10th week your weight will increase up to 2-3 kilograms due to the increase in blood volume, preparing for breast-feeding and the growth of the uterus.

The Photo Of The Belly (the 10th Week)

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At the 8th-10th weeks of pregnancy the embryo turns into a fetus and enters the fetal stage of development. The toxicosis is still noticeable due to the rapid increase in the level of hormones. Soon, at the 12th week of fetal development, these unpleasant sensations will go away or become less noticeable. While you are tormented by nausea, the inattentiveness, tiredness and excessive fatigue of the body disturb you. The people around you start to notice sudden changes in your mood. For example, you can walk and enjoy a nice weather outside, but you can suddenly break away and yell at a passerby the next minute.

The Uterus

During this period, the uterus is growing rapidly and rising above. It goes up to the pubic articulation and can no longer fit in the small pelvis. You can feel it by palpating it with your hands. The uterus of a future mom has the size of a grapefruit or a large apple.

Tests In The 10 Week

You should already find out that you are pregnant, and it is the time when you need to urgently contact the antenatal clinic and register there. Your doctor will take necessary tests required for this period: a blood test for sugar, normal blood test and urinalysis.

During pregnancy, it is important to control blood sugar, especially if you are over 25 years old, complain of overweight or you have relatives who are suffering from diabetes. Sometimes, the increase of the sugar level can be a signal of the presence of testosterone in the mother's blood, which means that the gender of your child is probably male.

Be sure to find out the blood type and Rh factor of the mother and father of the child, in order to avoid complications in the development of the fetus and the prevention of abortion. If the mother is Rh negative and the father is positive, the risk of Rhesus-conflict is very high. It means that if a child inherits the father's Rh factor, the mother's organism can take the baby for a foreign element and start to reject it.

If it is your case, you should be observed by your doctor as often as possible and follow all the regulations. You should have an injection of immunoglobulin several weeks before and after the birth of your baby to reduce the risk of miscarriage in the next pregnancy.

You should also have a HCG blood test to prevent possible miscarriage. When the embryo has attached inside the uterus, the HCG level is constantly increasing - it shows the progression of your pregnancy.

The biopsy of the child's villi can be also done during the 10th week. You should not ignore this important test, as it may detect possible genetic abnormalities of the baby and avoid them in the beginning of pregnancy.

You also need to pass ultrasonography (US), but a little bit later - up to about 14 weeks. The doctor will make the US when it is necessary. The US can be done earlier for r several reasons: to determine whether you are pregnant, or to investigate the period of pregnancy since the moment of conception, or if the fetus is threatened.


During the US in the 10th week of pregnancy, you can already see the fetus, which is already similar to a human. The size of the baby is as small as a plum, but he already has small arms and legs. The baby can move, wave, bend them and even put a finger in his mouth.

Photos Of Ultrasound At 10 Weeks

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Feeling Pain

At the first stage of pregnancy the woman can often feel pain in inguinal region due to the ligament’s tension of constantly growing uterus of pregnant woman.

In the 10th week of pregnancy the pain can appear in the stomach region. You need to understand where particularly you fell this pain. If it appears in the upper part of the belly, it can be often associated with stomach. Try to eat smaller meals and maintain a correct lifestyle. If the pain does not leave you, make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

If you feel pulling or sharp pain in the abdomen, go to the doctor Immediately. If one pain is followed by another, the miscarriage risk is very high. Call to an ambulance to save your baby.

If you are tormented by frequent urge, sharp pain and burning around the urethra, you likely have a urinary tract infection. Consult a doctor and get the right treatment.


If you have seen your excreta having an unusual color, be sure to make an appointment with a doctor. In the 10th weeks of pregnancy the excreta is considered to be normal, if it has a moderate rate, uniform allocation of milk or light color. In case of purulent or cheesy discharge with mucus, flakes, bubbles, foul or offensive, please contact your gynecologist for advice. It can be a sign of a developing infection.

Future moms often get coleitis, candidiasis, gonococci, trichomonas, chlamydia and many other pathogenic bacteria. It is necessary to notice these symptoms to be treated better and faster. These diseases can lead to disturbances in the development of the baby or even his death. If the measures are taken on time, your will save both your and baby's life.

Note that at the 10th week of pregnancy you can see the bleeding spots. It is possible after careless examination by a gynecologist, sex, or if you have cervical erosion which can bleed and be easily damaged. This excreta is usually not accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, but be sure to visit a doctor.


In the early stages of pregnancy every third mother may experience recurrent bleeding. However, if a small spotting should not be a cause for concern, in the 10th week of pregnancy bleeding can indicate a childbearing interruption. This kind of bleeding is usually accompanied by a sharp abdominal pain. The blood can be pink, brown or red.

The bleeding may also occur during an ectopic pregnancy. This represents a serious pathology, when, after fertilization, the egg does not attach to the uterus, but into a fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy can be determined by sharp and pulling pain in the abdomen and bleeding. This pathology is necessary to find on time, as the fetus is growing, and fallopian tube may rupture. It is a question of saving the mother's life, which urgently needs hospitalization and surgery.

If You Catch A Cold

The immune system of the pregnant mother is markedly reduced. She has a high risk of transmission of viruses in this period. The body of the future mother is rebuilt, and because of this she can get sick. Though a cold is not a serious danger in this period, you cannot leave it unattended. You need to an urgent treatment from your doctor.

During the treatment, drink warm rather than hot beverages: tea or berry fruit drinks. Do not abuse herbs, because it is prohibited to drink a lot of infusions during pregnancy.

If you have a stuffy nose, rinse it with salt solution, for example, "Akvalor", "Akvamaris", or just salted solution. It is easy to prepare: mix a teaspoon of salt in a liter of clean water. It is also sold in a pharmacy. If your throat tickles, rinse it with water and salt, and baking soda. Inhalation can be useful with any essential oil in the absence of elevated temperatures.

Make timely ventilation of the room where you are – to support the optimal humidity. In this way, you will avoid dryness in the nose or throat and prevent lowering of the virus "down".

Walk more. After all, the fresh air helps the body fight the disease. If you have phlegm, it quickly becomes liquid, it will be easier to cough.

If you have a fever, it will immediately shoot down. Use children's rectal suppositories. The temperature of about 37 - 37.5 degrees at the 10th week of pregnancy should not cause concern, since it may be the result of hard work of hormones.

The basal temperature in this term should be between 36.8 - 37 degrees.


Alcohol is a toxic substance and is a strong danger to your baby, which is rapidly growing inside your body. Though the main internal organs of your baby have already been formed at the 10th week, the formation of the baby’s head is going rapidly. The alcohol can have a direct negative impact on the process.

Avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy. A glass of champagne or wine is not as important as the health of your baby. The side effects of alcohol can be disastrous. It can cause abnormalities in the development or serious defects in the formation of the fetus, called fertile alcohol syndrome.


If there are no contraindications, active sex life at the 10th week is simply necessary and useful. A man likes a rounded tummy of the woman he loves. There is more blood flowing to the uterus and genitals, therefore, in this period women often experience orgasm and more vivid sensations.

Sharply increased emotionality have a great influence on future moms. In order to prevent sexual problems with your husband, make love in the most favorable time of the day: early morning, before breakfast or after a day rest (sleep). Change the positions in order to avoid excessive pressure on the abdomen.

Sexual life in this period contributes to a pleasant psycho-emotional and physical discharge, distracts from the bad state of health, and helps the future parents to get closer to each other. Remember that you have to be careful and know where to stop.

The Diet

You should follow the right diet during the 10th week. It should be healthy and balanced, to ensure your baby with all the vitamins and nutrients.

Eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables (they will not cause you constipation), protein foods (fish and meat) and dairy products, which have a lot of calcium.

Avoid fatty, spicy and salty foods, coffee and tea, pickles (may cause you irritation of the stomach). Do not abuse sweets, as it can increase the risk of diabetes. Eat food which consists of wheat flour, or white and brown rice.

Eat small meals as often as possible during the day. Replace baked and fried foods with boiled and steamed dishes. Do not eat a lot at night, try to eat before 7 pm. The light hunger can be killed by kefir or apples.

Remember that you need to get registered in antenatal clinics on time.


  • Closely monitor the state of your bowel. Prevent the emergence of constipation. Meals should be healthy and balanced, drink plenty of water;
  • Eat small meals frequently. The food should be tasty for you. Depending on the frequency of going to the toilet, adjust your diet and complement it by fruit and fresh vegetables, protein foods and dairy products;
  • If your condition is normal, your doctor may refer you for an ultrasound to see how the development of your child is going. Do not ignore the provisions of the gynecologist;
  • Often stand on the scales. If the weight is reduced, or is not added, immediately go to the doctor. The weight at the 10th week should be gradually increasing;
  • Do not forget about the benefits of outdoor exercise, eat food which is high in vitamins, do special exercises that promote normal development of a baby. Ventilate the room;
  • An active sex life with your husband will be beneficial to you and your baby, will bring together both parents and will contribute to a favorable psycho-emotional state;
  • During the drug treatment, always consult with your doctor, to prevent the harm to your unborn baby.

The Dangers And Discomfort

  • Frequent mood jumps due to the increasing influence of hormones of a pregnant woman at the 10th week of pregnancy;
  • Morning sickness and the weakening of the body;
  • A slight pain in the lower abdomen. In this period the baby may have to move the arms and legs. If you have a strong nagging pain, consult a doctor immediately for advice and for the purpose of further treatment.

Pregnant With Twins At 10 Weeks

It is the 10th week of your pregnancy - a mini-anniversary. However, in this period competent gynecologist can suspect that something is wrong – that you can be the winner of the double lottery – twins! By this time, your uterus will leave a small basin. If you have 1 fetus, it occurs only in the 13-14th week. You will get rid of frequent using of the toilet, and it will facilitate your condition.

You must remember that having 2 babies at 1 time is different from the usual pregnancy. Tummy grows faster, and you become exhausted - this is the main reason for the twins to born earlier than usual. However, there is nothing to worry about, because after the 35th week, when your children will born, you will not need the medical support.

The 10th week is a time when the early development of defects has passed, and your child is at another stage of development - the last stage of the prenatal period.

The baby is 4,5 cm long. He looks disproportionately large, but despite this, he has all their organs already formed, which returned into the abdominal cavity. The hands seem to be longer compared with feet. Now you can even distinguish the face. The baby moves very actively.

Grace says:

Constantly the mood changes and everything irritates. Well though toxicosis has ended. I can't wait any more, when the kid starts kicking.

Makayla says:

My doctor recommended me to refuse drinking coffee at all. I can’t live without it. Could you please give me a piece of advice as to what I should do?

julie says:

I'm ten weeks pregnant & have no energy at all & have really bad morning sickness when it get better for me its making me really moody

Kristy N. says:

This is my 4th baby and I haven't had any morning sickness at all and I am so happy about that???? My girls I was throwing up but only in the first trimester with my second girl and wasn't sick with my son. I am hoping that this is a boy so our family will be evened out. 2 and 2! I have had abdominal aches when I stand up too fast or turn wrong in bed at night but its getting better at this point of being 10 weeks now. Hope everyone is well and congrats to all????

Abby says:

I am 10 weeks today, and at my last ultrasound when they found out i was 8 weeks and 5 days, i spotted 2 heads and 2 hears side by side with eachother!! Am i actually seeing 2 or is it just a blur? Anyways, the lady who did the ultrasound on me didnt notice it and now nobody wants to check this out for me! What do i do? Theres only 1 sac though!

Leah says:

I am about 9 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy and I've only been a little nauseous occasionally. I haven't really had morning sickness, should I be worried?


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