Sex After Pregnancy and Childbirth

Sex After Pregnancy and Childbirth


Sex After the Birth

How soon can I have sex? This question excites many young couples who have gone through all the hardships of pregnancy and happily enlarged their family. It all depends on the individual features of the female organism and the relationship of the couple. If a woman feels good, she starts her new sex life after only 4-5 weeks after childbirth.

In more complex cases, sex after pregnancy is delayed for several months. Whatever it was, the first month after childbirth is quite painful for women. Some believe that the permission should give the gynecologist after inspection, some listen to their personal wellbeing and trust their senses, and during a visit to a doctor already discuss their physical condition after the first attempt. There are no rules – it will confirm any doctor.

Why After Pregnancy One Does Not Want to Have Sex?

There can be a number of reasons for that – both physiological and psychological. At first, the woman may not be of interest in sex, because after childbirth there may be ruptures and stitches that cause pain. A woman may not feel obvious pain but just afraid to inflame fresh wounds. This is understandable, because even in the absence of episiotomy and ruptures in the intimate zone may continue swelling and increased sensitivity.

Having waited a few weeks until all is healed, you can stop fearing the pain. An important factor that is not always taken into account is the fatigue. The birth of a baby brings along with it a host of worries, exhausting emotionally and physically. Most of all a young mother wants to sleep. Many women may not adequately perceive their changed body, noting the decrease in sex drive after childbirth.

Should You Concede the Request of a Partner?

What if the abandoned husband begins to feel rejected? Love and understanding of partners should be based on openness-explain to the husband your discomfort and fears, and wait until you're ready. But if you have firmly decided to meet halfway the beloved – use the advices of specialists – gynecologists and sexologists.

  • At the first intimate encounter after giving birth, it is better not to go to the end. Keep caresses, do it slowly and try not to rush.
  • If you are having pain inside the perineum, use special lubricates. They can do double duty when there is insufficient natural lubrication, which often happens after birth injury.
  • Choose the most convenient position, when you yourself can control the depth of touch and the frequency of movements.
  • Select the time for the encounters at daytime, while the child is sleeping. You are not tired and can relax.
  • Indulge in tasty food, drink more fluids, try to rest whenever possible. Of great importance is the husband's help in domestic chores.

Exercises to Strengthen the Intimate Muscles

There are special exercises for your pelvic muscles to come to the right tone. Do them lying on the floor. Tighten and loosen pelvic muscles, not holding your breath. Tighten the muscles while you exhale, and loosen while you inhale. Exercise is performed 10 times in a row. Begin with slow contractions, then accelerate the movements. Such exercises can very quickly cause the muscles to become elastic. More seriously, you can engage in exercises in groups of women who have recently given birth. Of course, such groups operate in very large cities.

What Symptoms Require Attention?

If several months have passed, and the discomfort persists, consult a physician. Ruptures may not scar, and may require surgical intervention.

You should consult a gynecologist if you have discharge with an unpleasant odor, evidence of inflammatory processes. Vaginal bleeding should stop over 4 weeks after delivery. If time has passed, and the bleeding does not pass and increases – don't procrastinate. Contact your doctor immediately.

What can be After Cesarean Section?

It may seem that this topic is not worth attention-because women's genitals are not injured at cesarean section, but still you should heed the recommendations of doctors. Although the external genitals are not damaged, and they do not need to restore, inside the uterus still there is an open wound that needs time to be healed at least 4-6 weeks after childbirth. Lochia (bleeding discharges) are present at the woman until the wound from the placenta is healed. At this time, you can create an infection.

Sex after pregnancy can bring nasty pain in the joints, instead of fun. The seam on the uterus still needs more time to be fully healed. The best thing to do is ultrosonography and see exactly how the process of healing of the seam is going on, and then consult a physician. First sex after pregnancy and cesarean section should be carried out very carefully, without sudden movements. Ask the man to show patience and attention so that fear and dislike do not arise.

A scar on the abdomen is another psychological point. Many women worry much that they will not be able to wear a beautiful open swim wear on the beach. After the operation quite a small scar remains, but women do not perceive it, as being ugly. Sexologists recommend the women after cesarean section to look more often in the mirror, trying to take their new look. Buy beautiful underwear and conceal visible defects – soon the shock of delivery will be forgotten.

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