8 Weeks Pregnant

8 Weeks Pregnant


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The 8th week of pregnancy is the second month or the 1st trimester

What to Expect at 8 Weeks Pregnant

By the 8th week of pregnancy, the brain and the nervous system of the fetus are already completely formed. At ultrasounds, it is already possible to examine the baby`s face, to distinguish his mouth, nose, eyes and lips. Fingers are well observable on the tiny hands, and he periodically tries to make motions with them.

The bone tissue is formed, the joints acquire mobility, the child begins active hand and leg movements. Internal organs continue to develop: the pancreas, the stomach, the intestine, the liver. The neurility becomes noticeably improved and the internal organs respond to increase of the child's movements. The baby is still very small- his weight is not more than 3 g.

Meanwhile, the future mother begins to feel that her uterus is enlarged and soon it will start to grow up. Sometimes painful feelings similar to spasm, cramping or a cramps worry the woman. It is not worth to fear an onset of similar feelings; they indicate normal progress of pregnancy. But, if the pain is very severe, one must address to the gynecologist, perhaps some special drugs will be prescribed.

At a doctor`s appointment, you will necessarily be examined, weighted, necessary measurements will be made and swabs will be taken. Just in the early terms, it is very important to pass primary medical examination because, if some health problems are revealed, one must cure them better before an arrival of the labor.

In addition, a gynecologist will refer you to undergo medical tests:

  • general blood analysis;
  • a blood test for a HIV and RW;
  • urine analysis for determination of protein;
  • analysis for chorionic gonadotropin.

At that period, pregnancy is not unexpectedness for the future mother any more. By the 8th week, the woman has the majority of signs of pregnancy, admittedly, they can proceed variously at different women.

Information Which May be Useful at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy:

8 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures Showing

8 Weeks Pregnant 2

Images: 8 and a half weeks pregnant.

8 weeks pregnancy photos

Pictures: bellies at 8 weeks 5 day pregnant.

The eighth week is often included in the «crucial period» of pregnancy. It is important to keep regular hours and refuse bad habits. Harmful impact of negative factors can have significant impact on fetal development, or worsen general health of the mother herself.

Therefore, the following is strictly forbidden to the pregnant woman:

  • intake of alcoholic beverages;
  • smoking and intake of drugs.

It is extremely undesirable to lift heavy objects. In this period, it is better not to take X-ray photographs, not to use narcosis, even for treatment of teeth, carefully follow meals, having excluded all the junk food.

In this period each pregnant woman needs to care of the choice of a comfortable brassiere. Under influence of hormones, the gain of the breasts, which is not hard to be noticed, takes place. Even some vascular reticulum becomes noticeable.

Oftimes, under impact of the same hormones, extrinsic state and tone of a woman's skin change. The skin of some pregnant women becomes better, it is resilient and fresh, while the skin of the others, inversely, slough to slough off and becomes dry and unhealthy in appearance.

In view of the increased risk to get varices, all the pregnant women are to abandon high- heeled footwear. It is not worth making one's legs tiring out, one needs to give them relief, lifting slightly higher while rest.

Morning Sickness at 8 Weeks Pregnant

Morning sickness is one more symptom that occurs during pregnancy. Most often, it occurs on the 8th week of pregnancy. As a rule, the main types of morning sickness on the 8th week are vomiting and nausea. Nausea is common for some pregnant women, most often it occurs in the morning. Vomiting is also common in case of pregnant women, as a rule it occurs twice a day. If it occurs more often, we are speaking about morning sickness here.

Apart from nausea and vomiting, it can manifest itself in the following ways on the 8th week of pregnancy:

  • excessive salivation;
  • dermatosis of pregnancy;
  • adult rickets (bone softening);
  • bronchial asthma attacks during pregnancy etc.

In order to get rid of morning sickness that occurs on the 8th week, the following treatment may be prescribed:

  • infusional therapy that allows to restore the volume and composition of body fluids that a woman’s organism loses due to vomiting;
  • drugs that decrease the activity of the vomiting center. They are the following drugs: metoclopramide (cerucal), cholinolytic drugs (atropine);
  • vitamin therapy that allows to improve the way metabolic processes in the organism of a woman as well as the fetus go;
  • antisensitizer deugs (diphenylhydramine, Suprastin, diazolin etc.).

If the treatment in case of severe vomiting turns out to be not effective 3 days after it is prescribed, it should be decided whether or not to terminate pregnancy. In other words, if a woman is not provided with adequate treatment on time, morning sickness, that first occurs on the 8th week of pregnancy, may pose a threat for a future mother and her baby. If you start treating it on time, you’ll get rid of it and the course of our pregnancy will go as it should.

Still, there is a need to keep an eye on such like patients since they may have gestosis (late toxicosis) later on. It causes other symptoms (increase of arterial blood pressure, urinary protein excretion, swellings). Such like patients are more likely to have these symptoms than all the rest pregnant women.

What Happens to a Fetus at 7 Weeks Pregnancy

8 Weeks Pregnant 1The child in the mother's womb starts to ever more resemble a microscopic man in appearance, he has eyelashes, at ultrasound one can examine the nose, lips, and tiny ears.

The hands and the fingers are clearly visible, the neck is well visible, the hands can already bend in elbows and wrists. The child moves ever more, but the mother does not feel movement of a fetus at this period: the growth of a baby is 14-20 mm from the sacrum to the crown and the weight is only 3 g. in 8 weeks.

The aniage of the main organs and a child's systems already completes by this time, the period of aniage is replaced by the intensive development and growth period. The little heart is already with large blood vessels, septa between atria become stabler. Normal heartbeat is between 120-180 per minute.

In this time, internal organs, the stomach and the intestine, are completely formed, they took their position, excretion of gastric juice started. The kidneys were included in the process of functioning as well and begin urination. The nervous and the respiratory system are actively developing. The diaphragm begins to emerge and a bronchial tree grows. Sweat and salivary glands are still in the process of formation.

Rapid growth of the bony-muscular tissue takes place, taste papillae appear on the tongue, receptors - in the nose, the nasal passages are still covered with mucus. Genesis of a visual nerve goes on, the eyes remain wide planted, but eyelids already begin to form. The boy's testicles are forming, the girl has ovaries and ovicells.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

In this period all signs of pregnancy are already shown, but some pregnant women can have low expressed signs, which disturbs them much and makes doubt if everything develops normally. Toxicosis – the most prevalent symptom – worries the vast majority of pregnant women.

The woman feels tired, nausea and vomiting torment her. Notwithstanding vomiting is considered normal 1-2 times a day, if certain rules of meals are observed, one may do away with or choke off this symptom. While a strong toxicosis one must address to the specialist, otherwise, a threat of normal development of a baby and a significant worsening of health of the mother herself arise.


Unfortunately, troubles for the future mother do not consist just in toxicosis. Very often on the 8th week, the woman begins to experience strong weakness, sleepiness, excessive irritability, and full emotional instability. Discomfort is caused by swelling of the breast and increase of its sensitivity.

One has to put up with it, because the organism began preparation to the birth and feeding of a baby. In this time, the women do not put on weight yet, because the baby's is too small, in addition, because of toxicosis many pregnant women become much thinner.


The extensive list of unpleasant sensations accompanying the future mother is not limited in this time by banal toxicosis, as a rule, going away by the 12th week. Another painful manifestation of the pregnant woman can be observed. As a result of the enlarged uterus an irritation of the sciatic nerve, provoking aches in rumps and hips can be observed. To reduce or remove painful sensations, the pregnant woman needs to lay on a side, pressure of the uterus will decrease and the woman will feel better.

In this time the pregnant woman notices urination's becoming more frequent because the enlarged uterus compresses the urinary bladder. At the same time there must be no painful sensations, urine must be transparent. If some unpleasant sensations, pains, or colic appear, one must address to the physician because the similar symptoms can be forerunners of coming on urological diseases – cystitis or pyelonephritis.

Often heartburn begins to worry the pregnant women, it is associated with digestion disorder and can give many unpleasant moments to the future mother as well.

Sometimes in the 8th week of pregnancy, women experience sensation of the uterus contractions, they are still called training contractions. They are extremely negligible at this term and they can not cause serious discomfort. If severe aching pains of the pregnant woman at the bottom of the abdomen accompanied by bloody discharge are observed, she must be immediately directed to a doctor. If the pain sensations are too strong, it is better to call in an ambulance.

Diarrhea at 8 Weeks Pregnant

As a rule, diarrhea is considered to be a pathology, However, in case of a pregnant woman, it may be common - it may be a physiological process that occurs due to the fact that she’s in a delicate condition. At the same time, diarrhea may be a sign of certain diseases and disorders in the functioning of your organism. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s normal and when it’s a pathology.

The Causes of Diarrhea

Below the possible factors that may cause diarrhea in the beginning of pregnancy are described:

  • Wrong dietary regime.
  • Morning sickness, changes of the endocrine profile that occur due to pregnancy.
  • Diarrhea may occur if a mother worries too much.
  • Foodborne disease.
  • Enteric infections (cholera, dysentery, rotavirus etc.).
  • Worms.
  • Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diarrhea may occur if a future mother takes purgatives.

First Aid Treatment in Case of Diarrhea

If there are no other symptoms except for diarrhea, you may provide yourself with first aid treatment at home. The first thing you need to do is to refuse eating several times and drink a lot of water instead. The portions you eat should be small. However, you should eat more often. This way the vomiting won’t occur if you drink a lot of water.

The best way to replenish the amount of mineral elements and fluids that your organism loses is to drink water without gas, tea, chamomile decoction or goatweed decoction. You may also take Rehydron. Remember that you should necessarily go to your doctor. He/she will tell you to make some tests so that to define what caused diarrhea and the course of treatment.

Moving and Bump

Your fetus starts to move actively from the 8th week of pregnancy. However, a future mother is unable to feel these movements since he/she is too small yet and, consequently, there is lots of space inside the womb to move freely.

There is no exact number of movements and bumps your fetus should make so that you understand that everything is fine. Therefore, there is no need to worry if it seems to you that he/she is moving not as actively as he/she should. It’s better to try to feel the movements your future baby makes during the most active hours of a day.

As he/she grows, it becomes easier for a future mother to detect “the tempo” of her baby. Remember that each baby is unique and has his/her own day regimen. Don’t worry, as time goes by, you’ll be able to understand when your baby is sleeping and when not.

Ultrasound at 8 Weeks Pregnant

On the 8th week of pregnancy, the proportions of a fetus are absolutely miniature and he is not bigger than a berry. However, developing, the baby ever more reminds of a tiny man.

He tries to twitch, move his hands and his legs. One can be convinced of it, having done ultrasound. Frequency of the child's cardiac contractions is twice faster than of the mother - it is around 150 beats per minute.

8 Weeks Ultrasound Scan Pictures

8 Weeks Pregnant 3

Images: what baby look like at 8 weeks pregnant.

8 weeks ultrasound photo

8 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

8 weeks ultrasound twins pictures


Any discharge with blood on the 8th week of pregnancy points towards a threat of the spontaneous interruption of pregnancy (miscarriage) or even indicates the miscarriage that has already begun. The longer similar discharge is coming, the more it is ample, the higher the threat of a baby loss is.

If bleeding lasts for several days, but sometimes even for weeks, the pregnant woman has drawing pains at the bottom of the abdomen, spasm, and pain, like menstrual, lower back pain – all these signs point towards threat of spontaneous abortion. If the pregnant woman detects enumerated symptoms, she needs to calm down, seek help of the doctor, follow all doctor`s orders and recommendations, remain at bed rest. Often the necessity in hospitalization arises to keep one`s pregnancy.

If bleeding is very strong, clots and fragments of a tissue come out together with discharge pink colored, it means detachment of the ovum from the paries of the uterus happened and the miscarriage has already begun. The uterus begins to contract intensely, causing strong labor pains, the vesical cervix opens and the fetus escapes from the uterus. It is virtually impossible to retain pregnancy in a similar situation.


Usually the 8th week of pregnancy is marked by normal discharge, it is moderate, light-transparent discharge with typical sourish odor. If it changed its color, the transparency, the odor, the quantity, mucus or pus impurities appeared, most likely an infection of genitals takes place.

One should necessarily pay attention to such specific signs as itch, soreness, any painful feelings, or discharge. If the pregnant woman detected change of her normal discharge, she needs to be shown to the gynecologist for determination of the cause and receive recommendations for treatment.

If there is a drawing abdominal pain, vertigoes, ill health worry and at the same time the pregnant woman has brown spotting, these can be threatening signs of a possible miscarriage. This type of discharge can be observed while leakage of blood in consequence of a separation of the ovum from the uterus. It is not worth neglecting these symptoms, the sooner the pregnant woman seeks for the doctor`s help, the more chances she has to save her baby life.

Miscarriage at 8 Weeks

The Eighth week is considered risky in terms of possible problems with carrying a pregnancy.

Causes of Miscarriage at 8 Weeks

Spontaneous abortion does not occur without cause, the most frequent causes are:

  • neglected chronic genital infections (chlamydia, mycoplasmosis);
  • severe acute viral infection (cold or flu with the temperature at the 8th week of pregnancy);
  • genetic defects, which does not allow the embryo to develop further;
  • heavy physical work or bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism);
  • low attachment of the embryo;
  • insufficient levels of pregnancy hormones.

All these factors can cause not only abortion but also non-viable pregnancy, which often happens at the 8th week of pregnancy.

Symptoms of Miscarriage at 8 Weeks

What are the symptoms a woman should pay attention to in order to prevent spontaneous abortion? Firstly, spotting or daub at the 8th week of pregnancy can indicate the threat of termination of pregnancy, miscarriage or non-viable pregnancy. Secondly, pain in the abdomen at the 8th week of pregnancy can also indicate the threat of spontaneous abortion.


In a normal gestation course, the eight-week uterus is not larger than a goose egg, it is about 7-8 cm. There is no possibility to reveal the increase of the uterus proportions through the peritoneum paries yet, but a gynecologist can notice the process of growth of the uterus and determine a woman's pregnancy during her examination on an examination chair, having noticed softness of the uterus, an isthmus's becoming moist, and a close of an outer hole.


After a mandatory examination on a gynecological chair and swab taking, analyses will be the next stage of the mother and her child state of health determination. On the 8th week, gynecologists prescribe the following analyses to their patients: urine analysis for protein, general blood analysis, a blood test for absence of the HIV infection, blood per rhesus factor definition, HCG analysis, a stool test, swab surveys.

If increased content of protein is detected in analysis of urine of a pregnant woman, it can point the presence of renal diseases of the future mother.

The general blood analysis allows to create a complete picture of the patient state of health and lets the professional see the progress of pregnancy. If a decrease of erythrocytes is observed, one can say about anemia or even about leukemia, while the increased level shows some pulmonary diseases.

Increase of the level of leukocytes indicates various diseases of bacterial nature: quinsy, pyelonephritis, etc. A decrease of leukocytes in blood determined in general blood analysis reports about the possible viral infection in an organism of a pregnant woman – influenza, hepatitis, rubella.

Hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is secreted by the fetal membranes and in a positive course of pregnancy its level increases constantly. The HCG levels analysis provides a possibility for the doctor to make sure a patient's pregnancy is passing without pathologies.


Now one can hear many different utterances concerning the possibility for pregnant women to take alcoholic drinks, and if yes, in what quantities. Opinions can be different, but nobody will challenge the fact, that alcohol got into the mother's blood penetrates even to a baby. At the same time, it has its destroying effect on fetus's cells, making them unhealthy, disabled and sometimes completely ruins them.

One needs to note, that just on the 8th week of pregnancy, the rapid formation and development of the nervous system and a fetus's brain take place. Therefore, in this period, the future mother should better abstain from intake of drinks containing alcohol, having excluded it even in insignificant doses.

If one does not adhere to made recommendations, the consequences can be the most horrible for a child, fetal alcohol syndrome characterized by a delay of intrauterine development can develop, which leads to numerous development pathologies. A delay in mental development, problems with hearing, memory, vision, delays of a height or weight gain can take place, some anomaly of the structure of the face or skull bones can be observed.

8 Weeks Pregnant: What's Happening at 8 Weeks Pregnancy


At early gestations, temperature can slightly rise, the temperature slightly higher than 37 is considered normal for pregnant women. The increase arises at the expense of reinforcement of exchange processes and because the increase of their speed. But, if a significant temperature rise is observed, it will be extremely frivolous to justify this fact by pregnancy. The inflammatory processes that must be revealed and treated can be the cause.

If temperature of a pregnant woman is higher than 38, a doctor`s advice is necessary. Protracted high temperature threatens by serious problems for intrauterine child development because his temperature of amniotic surrounding fluid increases as well. The fetus's tissue damage or his freezing can be consequences, which will inevitably lead to the termination of the pregnancy. Therefore, one can not deal with self-medication, high temperature of pregnant women requires professional and immediate treatment.

In no case pregnant women may take aspirin, it contributes to changes of blood clotting ability and can cause bleeding. It is better to try to compromise the temperature by water friction or compresses and, if the similar methods did not give an expected result, one can take the antifebrile medicine prescribed by your treating physician.


Pregnant women need to protect themselves in every possible way not to get chilled at early gestations, inter alia, on the 8th week. The cold can have extremely negative, and even destructive impact on a fetus, lead to his hypoxia or cause the miscarriage at all. The 8th week is too baseline period in child development, therefore one needs to strive to protect the child against any possible threat.

It is undesirable for pregnant women to visit crowded places, especially in an autumn-winter period, they need to try to avoid contacts with sick people, dress themselves respectively to weather conditions.

If the cold was not long in coming, and, you fell ill, start your treatment immediately. One cannot use the majority of drugs in this period, therefore, one will have to opt for popular remedies. However, even popular remedies for cold treatment are not always harmless, therefore it is better to consult with a doctor.

First of all, the pregnant woman, who got chilled, needs to remain at bed rest, drink much liquids if, rather, it is warm tea with honey, warm milk with butter, mint or lindens decoction. The nose can be washed with saline solutions, the throat – rinsing with decoctions of chamomile or calendula herbs or warm soda solution.

It is essential to eat more vegetables and fruits, cultured milk products, the intake of meat can still be limited.


Nutrition of the future mother plays entirely important role for healthy pregnancy. Diet must be so formed that it would be diverse and at the same time would be well balanced. If the woman feeds properly and eats only healthy food, she will help her growing up baby to normally develop, giving to the organism necessary vitamins and micro elements.

Meat is a source of protein, therefore, it must be necessarily in diet of the future mother in a sufficient amount. It is better if it is of non-fat kinds, prepared in a steamer or cooked. It is worth remembering smoked meat, jerky, and the other variation are not coming into the notion "correct meals".

Fish and seafood are very helpful for pregnant women. Fruits and vegetables will provide the organism with the vitamins, they will improve digestion and prevent constipations. One can boldly eat dried fruit, paps, nuts, milk food, which are valuable sources of protein and calcium.

It is better to drop pastries and danish, as well as pulses in intake, they make work of the intestine more difficult, often lead it to increased gas formation. It is desirable to exclude strong tea and coffee or at least reduce their intake because they cause arousal of a nervous system.

It does not matter how much you want to eat something salty, it is not worth overly abusing salt food. Its excessive intake inevitably leads to a detention of liquid in an organism and appearance of edemas. It is better to contract the fried, hot and fatty one too or by no means – refusal, such food can lead to heartburn of pregnant women, very unpleasant phenomenon.


Very often the question of intimate relations worries the future parents, many fear to do damage to a child or cause other negative consequences. Because of these fears some married couples are resorting to abstention without having any grounds for that.

Doctors are of one mind in their recommendations if the woman feels wonderful, experiences sexual interest to her partner, she does not have any contraindications (threat of spontaneous abortion, multiple pregnancy), she can surely have sex during all the pregnancy. Of course, avoid too active and heavy movements and select a position more carefully.

The man needs to understand perception of a pregnant woman is somewhat different, she can behave or feel in a different way. Therefore, the spouse's tender and careful attitude towards his pregnant wife is very important for achievement of calm and harmonious relations in this difficult life period.

After sex, some women can feel drawing sensations at the bottom of the abdomen. It is important to pay attention to specificity of sensations of pain here, if the drawing pains do not discontinue, bleeding or brown secretions appeared, immediately turn to the physician. The child on the woman's 8th week of pregnancy is formed completely, he needs to grow and develop further. The mother's task is to create him conditions for such growth.

Recommendations and Requests

Be comfortable with your new condition and changes of appearance. Follow your nutrition and health, take vitamins, have sex (but without fanaticism), be delighted with life and receive positive emotions.

Video Guide: 8 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy With Twins at 8 Weeks

A gynecologist at the examination of the future mother already on the 8th week is able to suspect symptoms of multiple pregnancy. The proportions of the uterus do not correspond to this term and increase much more rapidly than in pregnancy with one fetus. It is much more complex to discover multiple pregnancy of women prone to obesity, because their uterus can be of not standard extent.

The most veracious way to determine the number of fetuses on the 8th week is ultrasound and other symptoms are only indirect assumptions. As long as you try to find out information about your future babies, they in this time rapidly develop without completely suspecting their quantity. Within a week they increased twice and now the length of the body of each of them is 2 cm and their embryonic hearts located in the chest.

The umbilical eventration of the fetus can be revealed during ultrasound, do not be frightened – this is a normal situation on this term, but soon the intestine will again be back on its former location, into the abdomen. The separation of fingers of hands will take place, while fingers on feet will still remain connected by cauls. The umbilical cord is already formed, the placenta is in state of active formation, the villous chorion destroys the endometrium step-by-step, thus, the connection of a child with his mother is formed, it unites them during the entire pregnancy.

Toxicosis appears in general health of the mother, in multiple pregnancies almost all women suffer from it with an exception of individual cases. The loss of weight can occur through constant nausea, vomiting and absence of appetite. Such state is sometimes lasts for a couple of months, till the 16th week, therefore one needs to take into consideration recommendations of physicians and simply to arm oneself with patience.

Samantha says:

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Lilly smith says:

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Eve says:

Yes. Morning sickness can last just in the morning or throughout the day (mine was the latter for the first few weeks) and can vary for pretty much everyone's pregnancy. Having toasted home made bread has been REALLY helpful with avoiding morning sickness. Of course it can't be helped some times, but usually im OK for the rest of the day as long as i have small portions of food spaced out by little time.

maria says:

yeah i felt it too, i don't like foods,etc. the same as yours :(

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Eight weeks seem to have passed by in just one moment. I’m really eager to feel these small legs start kicking me from inside)

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8weeks one day I think!! Sick every morning nausea night and day! Eager to find out if twins as I'm already big and lots of people have said it, also runs in both mom n dad's family! Is there something I can do to make them give me a scan or check for heart beat or do I have to wait till 16 weeks ??

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my morning sickness started during my first 4 weeks and vomiting is getting worse and now um 5 weeks...It can happen 4 times a day even at night and I hardly eat.i don't know wat to do anymore and my partner is really worried

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I know that I'm 8 weeks pregnant with twins

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8 weeks 1 day here, very nauseous but hungry all the time! I conceived thru IVF, so I've been having ultrasounds all along. Can't wait to see what the baby looks like this week!

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Pls dear I don't really feel anything at 8 weeks and my breast tenderness just went done. I feel normal. A visit to the doctor at week 7. I was told all is ok, that symptoms is not always the same.

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