Belly Piercing in Pregnancy

Belly Piercing in Pregnancy


Belly Piercing During Pregnancy

Belly piercing is one of the most common ways to decorate your body. This fashion came to us from ancient Egypt. People close to the Pharaoh pierced their navels and decorated them with jewels. Thus, they let the others know their status. In recent years, navel piercing became even more popular with the ladies, so the question “What to do with navel piercing during pregnancy?" is very relevant.

Can Piercing Harm the Baby?

If a piercing is done before pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about – it won’t harm the baby. There are no medical restrictions concerning this issue.

Will the Skin on the Pierced Belly Stretch Leaving Scars and Stretch Marks?

During first months of pregnancy when the belly isn’t still growing, piercing won’t make you any inconvenience. But when the belly starts growing, may appear stretch marks, increase a pierced hole, and in some cases the navel may get inflamed that contributes to scars’ appearance. The skin on the belly is stretching, and the piercing may get caught on the clothes causing irritation and redness of skin. In some cases, it may also cause pain and skin tears.

Often stretching degree depends on skin type and genetic predisposition. It’s practically impossible to tell in advance what will happen to your navel and piercing during pregnancy. It’s advised to abstain from wearing a piercing at advanced stages of pregnancy.

If you want to keep the piercing, make sure that it can’t get caught on clothes or hurt you in any other way. Although, in the end of pregnancy the hole from the piercing will stretch to the point to cause you irritation. Thus, you will have to remove it anyway.

After you remove the piercing, keep watching the hole until it heals. It is very important to avoid infection that may cause inflammation. In case of an abscess or an inflammation, be sure to use antiseptics and consult a dermatologist.

To avoid stretch marks, especially in the piercing area, be sure to use anti stretch mark creams or fatty oils that will reduce the chances of their appearance.

Women who pierced the navel less than 12-18 months prior the pregnancy are running the highest risks. The channel is not fully-formed, thus it’s subject to deformation and requires careful antibacterial treatment – you have to rinse it with anticeptic at least twice a day. If you don’t stick to this rule, you are running the risk of getting an infection. It’s neither better if the navel’s anatomy suggests that the piercing is likely to catch on clothes. In such situations it’s better to avoid complications and abandon the idea of wearing a piercing.

How to Save the Piercing Hole?

You can wear any jewel you like until 5-6 months of pregnancy, and after replace it with a teflon stud earring. This material is hypoallergenic and flexible, thus it can adapt to your changing forms. You can also use a silk thread; it will not let the puncture close until you replace it with your ordinary earring after the birth.

How to Care for Your Piercing During Pregnancy?

You have to monitor the navel area more carefully, as it accumulates dust and bacteria. You have to do the same things as before the pregnancy.

Thoroughly rinse the navel with soap and warm water. To prevent the curvature of the channel you can lubricate it with olive oil and after wear an earring for few minutes. It’s important to monitor the belly skin state – use special creams, gels or folk remedies contributing to smoother skin tension.

Can I Make a Piercing During Pregnancy?

There is a risk for both the mother and the baby. In clinic they may use non-sterile tools and infect you with HIV, AIDS, hepatitis B and С. Thus, it’s better to abstain from skin piercing during the pregnancy.

Piercings made during pregnancy heal longer as pregnant women have reduced immunity that increases the risks of infections. Therefore, it’s better not to risk both your own and your baby’s health.

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