32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant


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32 weeks of pregnancy how many months? - it's the 8th month or the 3rd trimester.

What to Expect at 32 Weeks Pregnant

It is very challenging but incredibly interesting - this period at the end of the pregnancy. The baby begins to actively prepare to be born, flips upside down in the womb. Now he hears everything that happens inside his mother's body, even remembers her voice. Also, the child is changed externally, is growing rapidly and gaining weight. That is why a woman's belly increases significantly. At the 32nd week of pregnancy the baby already weighs approximately 1.8 kg.

The child begins to move actively, the mother feels the pushing. If you put your hand on your tummy, you can feel that your baby moves his hands and legs. During this period the formation of the brain ends, the central nervous system works much better.

The future mom should wear comfortable loose clothes that would not squeeze her growing belly. She also needs to walk very carefully, keep her back straight. Since the child constantly changes position and rests his feet in his mom’s ribs, may occur abdominal painful sensations.

Food should be healthy, balanced. The future mother should get enough vitamins, minerals. Particular attention should be paid to proteins, as well as products that contain calcium and vitamins of the group B. Remember that the child eats at the expense of his mother’s body, and if he won't have enough vitamins from the food, he will take them from her hair, teeth and nails.

At the thirty-second week, we recommend that you gather the necessary things and documents you will take to the hospital or at least draw up a full list of them. Also you need to consider, discuss with doctors and close relatives to the process of childbirth from the very beginning, prepare yourself and others mentally to the labour, think about the way to the hospital and decide on transport.

What Happens to a Child (Fetus)

32 Weeks Pregnant 1In each case the child's weight and height are different. The norm is considered the average value - the height of approximately 43 cm and weight - 1.8 kg.

If baby weighs more, it is OK, a smaller weight is also not a reason to worry. Due to the fact that fetal develops and grows, the woman begins to gain weight quickly. She needs to be aware of all the changes.

On this week, the body of the child has almost completed its formation, as well as all the systems that are responsible for vital functions. Kid's face becomes more smooth and expressive, not as wrinkled as before, his cheeks, hands and legs become pudgy. His skin brightens. His hair forms and grows.

The 32nd week is a period when the child turns around and is preparing to exit. His skull is still soft, because it facilitates the process of birth. The remaining bones, except skull, strengthen and harden.

32 Weeks Pregnancy is How Many Months?

Months of pregnancy are counted not based on the lunar calendar, but on the medical one. The 32nd week is marked with rapid changes occurring in the body of the mother, she begins to understand that soon she will see her kid. It is really so, as the seventh month is over - the penultimate eighth month begins. Based on the medical calendar, a month pregnancy is four weeks.


This is the part of the body, which strenuously and obviously changes. Normally, the belly reaches a large size, although there are exceptions. Because of this, after childbirth the unpleasant stretch marks may appear, which then cause complexes and irritation. But you can avoid any unpleasant consequences using special creams, gels for pregnant women.

You should also pay attention to the breasts and thighs, they are also included in the "risk zone". Also noticeably changes the shape of the navel, the dark stripe, dividing the belly into two equal parts, becomes even more visible.

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

32 Weeks Pregnant 2

32 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 32 weeks 3 days pregnant.

Childbirth at 32 Weeks

Childbirth at the eighth month is commonplace, but a woman is not always ready to it. Often the contractions take her by surprise. But you don’t need to panic, because in most cases on the eighth month a child is completely healthy and strong, there is very high likelihood of successful delivery. But the risk of complications and pathologies is still present, therefore, hospitals provide everything necessary for the premature newborns.

During the 32nd week you need to listen to your body, be especially careful and not to panic. In the case of sharp pain, cramping and cramps in the abdomen and lower back or pelvic pain you should immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital because all cases are different. You also need to monitor the secretions - uncharacteristic color (brown, red) may be a sign of a possible premature birth or processes in the body that require your immediate attention.

Feeling and Sensations

Together with joyful moments of contact with your child, when he moves his legs or hands inside your body, a lot of uncomfortable sensations may appear. Firstly, it is pain in the ribs and spine, it’s getting hard to walk, the woman feels clumsy, the overall fatigue is increased. Enlargement of the uterus causes the compression of the stomach.

There may be breathing difficulties, shortness of breath. Expectant mothers often suffer from constipation. After evacuations it is recommended to wash the anal and be very careful about the hygiene. There is high risk of hemorrhoids. At night a woman can often wake up, because of the frequent urges to pee.

The Brekston-Hicks contractions also bring a lot of discomfort, as they prepare the body to the real ones. It should be remembered that at this time the child is able to see and perceive sounds. Therefore, noise, bright lights, voices can provoke his active movements.

Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound is a mandatory survey throughout the whole pregnancy. At the thirty-first week the overall condition of the child is evaluated, as well as his development and location within his mother’s body, and the condition of the placenta. Timely ultrasound will help to prevent various complications, as well as to predict the next weeks.

One of the problems that can arise at the eighth month is fetoplacental insufficiency. In this case there is functional abnormality of placenta, its structure changes. This problem is very common: in every third case. A timely diagnostics will provide treatment that will eliminate the negative consequences of deviations.

If the location of the child at the 32nd week is abnormal, the doctor gives recommendations on specific exercises that will help the baby to turn upside down.

The ultrasound also helps to roughly calculate the dimensions of the child at the time of the birth. If the kid turns out to be big and heavy, a woman may be proposed a c-section, and she can mentally prepare for it in advance.

32 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

32 Weeks Pregnant 3

32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

32 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

32 Week Ultrasound Boy

32 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

32 Week Ultrasound Girl

Discharge at 32 Weeks

Discharge during pregnancy is a detector, indicating the overall status of the female body. If they have uncharacteristic smell or color, you must, as soon as possible, consult a physician. Such changes may indicate adverse changes that may negatively affect pregnancy, baby and mother. That is why you need to be especially careful.

Homogeneous discharge of milky color, which smell like sour milk, are considered to be normal if they are moderate. Green, grey, with admixture of pus and mucus - alarms that notify about possible infection. In this case, there is an urgent need for a special treatment. If there is blood or brown color, spotting, you also need to seek medical help as soon as possible.

If you ignore these changes, serious complications may occur, including death. The future mother should take seriously the situation and do everything possible to prevent the detachment of the placenta and bleedings. It is best to immediately call the emergency. Premature breaking of delivery waters is also a high risk. In this case, the discharge is watery. The child is at risk of infection, an urgent medical advice is required.

Symptoms and Pains

During pregnancy the body hurts and aches, the feet may become swollen. Due to the fact that the weight of women increases, the load on her back, waist and legs is also incerased. In order to reduce the pain, you need to eat right, to strike a balance, because if a woman will gain fat mass, it will be much harder for her to endure pregnancy. Especially in warm, hot time of year.

Physical exercises will only benefit pregnant women who can enjoy special aerobics and swimming. This will improve not only physical state but also moral wellbeing. You also need to ensure that your back and shoulders are always straight, don't slouch, don't sleep on a high pillow, soft mattresses and caving beds. You should not work too hard as well as lie down all day - strive for harmony and do not rush into extremes.

In addition, hands and face may also become swallen. If there is severe swelling, you should see a doctor because it can indicate the water retention in your body, there is a risk of development of gestosis. The outdoor walks, swimming, water aerobics will help to reduce minor swelling. There is a need to improve blood circulation. You should limit your intake of salt (but in no case exclude salt from your diet completely) and drink a required amount of water every day.

A woman can not stand or sit for a long time. Feet need to be slightly lifted while sleeping and put on a slight rise while seating, for example, a small pillow or cushion, made from a folded blanket. Also a pregnant woman may feel pain in the rib cage and ribs. The child grows up and can push very sudden, causing painful sensations to his mother. His legs bump against the ribs.

32 Weeks Pregnant: See the Amazing Growth of Your Baby

Sex at 32 Weeks Pregnancy

Is it safe to having sex at 32 weeks pregnant? Sexual intercourse at the 32nd week is allowed if the pregnancy is proceeding well. But partners must be very careful and choose postures, in order not to press the child. Besides, you can't make love often, to avoid the complications of pregnancy. In different cases an increased sexual desire at the eighth month is observed, as well as its complete absence.

A careful sexual intercourse will not hurt a child directly, because he is protected in the body of his mother. It is only necessary to ensure that the belly is not subjected to pressure from the outside, you should never lie or lean on it. Sex at the 32nd week can be a good exercise for the uterus before delivery.

Weight Gain

A woman gains weight considerably, because inside there is growing and developing baby. Pounds must be encresed in proportion to the weight of the child. Excess weight can bring much more discomfort and complicate the pregnancy. The most optimum weight for the expectant mother at the 32nd week is about 12-15 kilograms.

To ensure the weight stays within the norm, you need to watch your diet. Your doctor will help you with the right diet, taking into account all the necessary vitamins and microelements. Do not forget that the food directly affects the health of the child, the mother, her figure after childbirth. Overeating and starving is equally not advisable.

Organisms of the mother and the child should receive enough energy and nutrients. In no event it is impossible to abandon meat and fish - the vegetarians run the risks of baby’s developmental disorders. Animal protein in this case is certainly impossible to replace. You also need to eat milk, cheese, cottage cheese, drink kefir, natural yogurt, eat fruits and vegetables.

Dangers Symptoms

The main complications are the following: gestosis (or late toxemia), detachment of the placenta, oligo-or polyhydramnios, discharge from the vagina.

The following unpleasant sensations may also be dangerous:

  • heartburn, which appears due to constriction of the stomach and acid in the esophagus;
  • pushes of the child into the upper part of the belly at a time when he should already have turned upside down and his legs should have been in the area of his mother’s ribs;
  • swelling of the face, hands and feet, protruding veins that can hurt, sharp pain in the back, neck, lower back and tired.

Recommendations for Women

During pregnancy you need to be especially cautious and careful, take care of yourself and your future kid. Remember the basic rules: don't stay in the cold or under the sun for too long, dress comfortably according to the weather, keep your legs warm, do not fall, do not push and don't dawdle, lying on the couch all day.

You should timely attend gynecologist, do the ultrasound, undergo all the necessary medical tests and mind your weight. During pregnancy, especially at the 32nd week, you should avoid stress, listen to relaxing music and avoid noisy places. You cannot stay near smokers, because the child is still in the womb and may be exposed to the negative effects of nicotine. In no event it is possible to take even simple pills or drops without previously consulting a doctor, it is very dangerous. Be attentive to your body.

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Pregnancy With Twins at 32 Weeks

It is time to discuss the general development and possible deviations of the twins, as well as the upcoming birth. The third ultrasound will review the state of both placentas and their location. At this point, the kids often have already decided on the presentation and are awaiting the delivery.

Due to the particularities of the case, when a woman is already in the labor department, a watch ultrasound examination will be done, according to which a decision will be taken on the possible tactics of childbirth. The kids weight around 1600 grams each.

Now they feel crowded and uncomfortable, it activates a natural reflex of weight gain slowdown, so your twins will be born much smaller than babies usually are. On the other hand, the development of all necessary systems and organs outside the womb is accelerated. Twins know they will have to be born early, so they prepare diligently to this.

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