How To Stop Pregnancy

How To Stop Pregnancy


How to Terminate an Early Pregnancy

It is well known that unsafe coitus may be reason of unwanted pregnancy. However, most women neglect simple safety rules loosing head from love and passion.

Risky Measures to Stop Pregnancy at Home

Most often young girls come to the decision to terminate their pregnancy at home using alternative methods. The reason of such behavior lies in the fear to doctors and medical procedures or they simply want to keep the pregnancy in secret. Interruption of pregnancy at home is strongly forbidden and such ignorance may result in severe consequences for the health.

So, the first and well-known method of pregnancy termination is hot water with mustard power dissolve in it. In fact, this procedure strongly enlarges the vessels of the small pelvis. It results in the pressure exerted to the womb that provokes bleeding. Finally, the embryo is rejected with the blood.

It is almost unfeasible, however, to stop bleeding at home. So, there is the risk of fatality for the woman. If the fetus is alive, its organism is destroyed with such a procedure and the baby will have health problems for the rest of its life.

Another popular method is the tansy liquor. This is the plant that contains substances to kill the embryo. In its turn, the fetus is sphacelated in the wame itself which is responsible for general intoxication to result in fatality.

Relatively Safe Methods of Pregnancy Termination

Herbal tea is thought to be relatively safe to interrupt the pregnancy. Herbal tea is uterotonic which provokes spontaneous abortion. However, care should be taken since herbs may be toxicant to negatively affect the kidneys and liver.

Wise Advice — Wise Action

If you intend to interrupt your pregnancy you’d better seek for medical help and see the gynecologist. It’s only in competence of the qualified professional to do that without negative consequences. “Home-made” abortion is risky for the destroyed health and which is more tragic, to lose the chance to have children in future.

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally Tips

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  • Donna says:

    If you have made a decision to make an abortion, you’d better go to the hospital to do it. Usually, abortions carried out at home have really disappointing results for your health.

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