33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant


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33 weeks of pregnancy how many months? It is the middle of the 8th month, or 3rd trimester

What to Expect at 33 Weeks Pregnant

The child's movements at this point are very restricted. The bigger and the heavier he becomes, the less room he has for his moves and turns. The major part of time he spends being in a calm state or sleeping. It relieves his mom's well-being significantly, because she can have a rest from the pushes and active movement inside her abdomen.

During this period neural links are formed in the child's brain, he becomes interested in what happens around him, and begins to explore the environment. Patterns start to appear on the baby's skin. The child's weight at this period reaches approximately 2 kg.

There are also some changes in the mother's organism. Physiological anemia gradually fades out, since the ratio of platelets and the amount of blood plasma becomes normalized. A slight discomfort appears; it is related to an increasing uterus pressure on the bladder. The pregnant woman's nervous system is constantly in a slightly agitated state. Such state can cause unusual dreams you have not had before. You need to spend more time relaxing, communicating with your family, doing things you enjoy, and collecting useful information on how to take care of a newborn.

If pregnancy goes normally, on an average it lasts approximately 40 weeks, or 280 days. 33rd week of pregnancy - is a period of 231 days. Doctors also have a certain term called an obstetric month, which lasts 28 days. Such an unusual calculation is due to feminine menstrual cycle, which more often equals 28 days, instead of 30. Calculating this way, you figure out that pregnancy period lasts about 9 months.

What Happens to the Baby (Fetus)

33 Weeks Pregnant 1As was noted before, the child continue to grow actively, and he can be up to 44 cm tall. Once he is through the period of 33 weeks, he can no longer turn in his mother's womb.

The fetus can stir a bit, move, push with his legs and arms, but his positions remains the same. The baby has gained strength, his beats and pushes grow stronger. The brain finishes its formation, the child himself feels a whole range of feelings and emotions, can smell, distinguish tastes, and can hear and see everything that surrounds him.

The baby can not only pick up sounds and smells, he can as well express certain discontent if he does not like something. The baby's nervous system has just formed, but already actively functions. During this period the baby can see his own dreams, can play and entertain himself, can worry and rejoice.

The baby's body actively forms and acquires proportional shape. Body functioning systems are formed; those are: cardiovascular, thermoregulation, endocrine, digestive, and immune system. Pulmonary system is still developing, but is not ready yet for functioning independently. The skin is getting rid of lanugo cover (thin hairs). Excretory organs are ready for independent functioning.

The Condition of the Stomach

At the pregnancy stage of 33 weeks the abdomen is quite high up, presses the lungs and digestive system organs. It affects the mom's well-being negatively: shortness of breath and heartburn appear. Getting closer to the end of pregnancy, the belly gradually lowers and becomes a little lighter.

The child, steadily developing, gains about 20 g daily. One type of unpleasant feelings gradually changes another, for the spine it gets harder and heavier. The heavy belly pulls pregnant woman forward; you need to be careful to not lose balance. The belly skin stretches strongly during pregnancy; to avoid stretches, it is better to moisturize it with special creams.

You should consider your choice of clothes for your wardrobe seriously on last months of pregnancy. The clothes must be casual, comfortable, it should let your body breathe and not press the belly. During an examination the doctor examines the abdomen, checks the work of the baby's heart, and weighs his patient. By the circumference of the belly and the change in the mother's weight a gynecologist can make certain conclusions about the size of the fetus. All the methods listed above help objectively estimate how pregnancy goes.

33 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

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33 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 33 weeks 4 days pregnant.

The Results of the Ultrasound at 33 Weeks

The results of a US in this period enable doctor to estimate the child's state, his activity, possible complications or developmental disorders, and congenital diseases. A ultrasound diagnostics allows to define the precise size of the baby, if umbilical cord neck entanglement takes place or not, and to estimate the work of the baby's heart and other organs.

If it did not appear possible to identify the baby's gender by the earlier US, this time such examination allows it. However, the fetus's position may even now interfere with attempts to figure out the gender of the baby that will soon be born. The doctor who does a US necessarily pays attention to the amount and clarity of the amniotic fluid, and also to the state of cervix, uterus, and placenta.

US diagnostics in this period is a very important component of monitoring development of the child and of pregnancy in general. In case any pathology or complication is identified, the decision to give premature birth is made. Each ultrasound corrects and clarifies the supposed time of birth. Having done the examination, the doctor sets how the parturition will go and whether surgery if needed. In most cases, when pregnancy goes without any complications, all the aforementioned measures are of just a supervisory nature.

33 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

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33 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

33 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

33 Week Ultrasound Boy

33 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

33 Week Ultrasound Girl

Sex Life

On the week 33 in some cases it is allowed to have sex life. If the gynecologist, who is in charge of the case, does not have any serious fears about it, and the pregnancy course is normal, there is nothing to worry about. It is important to know and consider some nuances. Man’s sperm can affect a pregnant woman’s uterus in such way that it provokes the beginning of labor.

This effect must be prevented; condoms will be useful for it, blocking the way inside the uterus for the sperm. Such sperm property can play a positive role as well, if there is a parturition delay, which requires stimulation. Sexual intercourse is possible, but you have to follow certain conduct and be careful towards yourself and your child: no sharp moves, no strong pushes or beats, no painful impact or discomfort.

Discharge From the Genital Tract

At this stage of pregnancy it is necessary to especially avoid letting any dangerous infection in the uterus. If, while having sex, you note a discharge of amniotic fluid or an evident mucus discharge, you have to see a doctor urgently. Do not ignore an occurence of any kind of blood discharge.

Such discharge can be a wake-up call, warning you about detachment of placenta in the uterus. Watery discharge should also alarm you, it can be a way of discharging amniotic fluid. If the fluid is discharged abundantly, it indicates the beginning of labor.

You should carefully watch for any discharge from genital tract in this period of pregnancy. It is not normal if the discharge has cheesy, cloggy, or flaky structure, yellow, white, grey, or green shade, and an unpleasant smell. During pregnancy, aggravations of some infections, like candidiasis, are possible.

The therapist must correct and eliminate such problems in due course. If mucus is discharged in large amounts, it is an evident sign that you will soon need to go to maternity hospital. Some discharge from mammary gland is normal, it precedes the appearance of milk. Breast needs protection and absence of any power impact.

Pain and Cramping at 33 Weeks

Be attentive and wary to any soreness you have. If abdominal pain is not intense and goes away quickly, there is nothing to worry about, it is normal in such situation. But if the pain is strong, continuous, and resembles labor pains, you should not postpone it and see a doctor urgently. If the reason for the pain is an infection, it can be followed by unpleasant discharge, itching, and burning.

Along with that there can often be high temperature and leukocytosis. Women who suffer from hemorrhoids may feel pain in the problematic zone followed by bloody discharge. In any case, it is necessary to get the therapist's consultation.

During the last months of pregnancy the load on the woman's musculoskeletal system increases sharply. The expecting lady constantly has heavy feeling and pain in her back, in the spine area, and in joints. Towards the end of pregnancy the effect increases maximally cumulate the mother's sharply increased weight.

There are a few useful rules you should follow as a prophylactic. First of all, do not forget about active lifestyle; secondly, control your posture all the time. Have regular motion, but not for long: alternate it with relaxing. It is better to rest lying on your left side. Choose your footwear very carefully; it must not be tight or uncomfortable. To support your stomach muscles, you can use a special bandage.

Baths and special exercises (raise legs and fix them against the wall) can help get rid of weariness and high tension in the legs. All moves must be smooth and slow. Swimming is also not forbidden for the pregnant. Soreness often appears in the pelvic area, it indicates that the organism is getting ready for labor. Muscles relax, pelvic bones start to diverge.

The child becomes more and more active every day, abuts the uterus wall, and his movements can cause pain in the upper quadrant. To gain strength before parturition, protect your sleep in every way, and air your room more frequently. Poor sleep and non-compliance may provoke a headache. Walks in fresh air must be regular, and positive emotions, too, are of a great significance.

33 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening at 33 Weeks Pregnancy?

Your Weight Gain

It becomes more difficult to control your weight on the last months of pregnancy. On the 33rd week the weight gaining should not exceed 9-13 kg. A slight excess will cause no serious complications, but you must strictly control it. An excessive weight gain may be a reason for such complications as preeclampsia.

Diet and proper nutrition are a guarantee for the mom’s and child’s health during pregnancy. Lots of things depend on nutrition; correctness of the diet, amount of calories, and ration must be controlled. You should better refrain from fatty and fried food, from pastry and sweets. Spices, canned, and pickled food will also not be healthy. Salt can hold fluids in the organism. Excessive consumption of salty foods can cause appearance of edema.

Being Pregnant

Getting closer to its logical end, pregnancy becomes harder and harder for a woman. Her whole body feels the load. The only thought that comes to her is: when at last the long-awaited parturition comes? The mother's organism has to work for two.

Preparing for parturition, a woman needs to rest sufficiently, because she will need a lot of strength. When the baby is born, the organism will feel relief, shortness of breath and heavy feeling in the stomach will be over. However, other worries will appear, and they will take up at least as much strength - infants require much attention, frequent nutrition, and his mother's constant presence and care.

The fetus’s pressure on the bladder is the reason for frequent visits to a restroom, including those at night. You must necessarily regulate the amount of liquid consumed, because the pregnant woman’s kidneys are exposed to a high load.

Occurrence of preeclampsia can lead to increased blood pressure. In some cases of preeclampsia hospitalization and constant monitoring is recommended. On the 33rd week of pregnancy there is high vascular bleeding, and it is easily provoked. Leg swelling, numbness and cramps can often occur.

Childbirth at 33 Weeks

If parturition begins about 7 weeks earlier than the supposed time was, it is considered premature. However, the baby is developed enough and viable. He is still not ready for an independent life, but hospital setting is quite capable of helping the child gain the necessary weight and continues his development without close contact with his mom’s organism. Respiratory system is not 100 % developed yet, but already can function independently. Sometimes they cause premature parturition artificially, if the examination discovers such necessity.

However, you should not get upset, because, under certain medical conditions, further staying in the mother’s womb can harm the child. With the normal course of pregnancy there is no need in premature birth, you should for the right time. In cases when a family decides to have partnership childbirth, not only the mother must prepare, but the father must as well. He should go through an examination and get a special permission to be with his spouse during childbirth process. The future mom should prepare all the necessary documents and belongings for the maternity hospital beforehand. The support of her nearest and dearest is very important for her in this period.


When symptoms of toxidrome, such as fatigue or nausea, appear in late pregnancy, you need to see a gynecologist to get examination urgently; you may possibly need a US. With such complications hospitalization is recommended.

In cases of recurrent uterine tonus, it is obligatory to get the doctor’s consultation. Since liquids are excreted from the pregnant woman’s organism not so well, soreness can occur in the limbs and all over the body.

Recommendations for Women

Doctors offer using additional methods for a more detailed and precise examination of the fetal development and of the pregnancy course. They may include cardiotocography and Doppler ultrasound. In some cases, when some pathologies are probable, additional examinations can help collect the necessary information.

Video Guide: 33 weeks pregnancy

Pregnant With Twins at 33 Weeks

The childbirth time is closer and closer, it can begin at any time. In order not to miss the possible complications and late toxidrome, you will get doctor’s consultation weekly. Control of your and your children’s health requires constant monitoring.

On a US your babies already look like usual newborns, but skinny. Nevertheless, they gain weight intensively and weigh about 1800 g. and, of course, they grow. Nails grow on the tiny fingers, the head already has hair, and light fluff on the body gradually wears off.

Brain activity and the senses actively develop. The twins already can see, especially the bright light directed to your tummy. Avoid sharp careless moves and loud sounds, babies feel it all. Sucking reflex actively develops. That is why you can see how the babies suck everything. They not only actively move, but also sleep tight and even see some kind of dreams.

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I’m on the 33rd week of pregnancy. I’m feeling great. The baby is kicking. He’s lying with his head down

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Get ready for C-section operation.

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33 weeks,head first but the placenta is anterior but not low lying,any cause for alarm?

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I'm 34 weeks 5days pregnant, but yesterday in scanning reports it was 33 weeks 2days pregnant.. How...??

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33weeks pregnant too.. Cant wait to see and hold my first little baby. Feeling a bit anxious and having shortness of breath lately.. Otherwise both baby n me are doing fine and healthy.

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