Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy

Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy


Tdap Vaccine in Pregnancy

The pregnant women are considered the most health-conscious patients, and it's quite understandable – any medical manipulation in pregnancy should have a good reason. Vaccination are the prevention of dangerous diseases. Usually they are not done in pregnancy. However, scientists affirm that even the pregnant ladies should undergo a tdap (anti pertussis) vaccination. Recent studies have proved that the vaccine is safe for both the woman and the fetus.

Why is Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Dangerous?

Pertussis is an infectious respiratory disease; the main symptom is a strong cough. Uncontrollable long coughing fits have no evident causes. Pertussis is especially dangerous for infants. Complications of the disease can lead to serious consequences including death, while the baby receives the first vaccine against pertussis in the age of two months. This means that the unvaccinated baby is exposed to a risk of getting infected.

The scientists concluded that pregnant women should get vaccinated in the third trimester. Typically, the expectant mother is administrated with a pertussis vaccine between 27 to 36 weeks. After the vaccination, the blood of the woman develops antibodies to the injected pathogen. Through the placenta, they get to the baby and provide him a defense against the infection.

To Whom is the Pertussis Vaccine Contradicted?

In any case, the expectant mother will not make the vaccine on her own. She will be prescribed a vaccination by the women’s clinic therapist, who has full information about her health.

Contraindications to the vaccine include severe allergies (eczema) in the pregnant woman or her close relatives, the history of a special (negative) reaction to the vaccine in the family. The doctor will study all the data about the pregnant woman before sending her to vaccination.

Vaccination and Pregnancy

The experts strongly recommend that pregnant women should be vaccinated against whooping cough in pregnancy to protect the newborn baby from this disease. A new study has confirmed that the vaccine is completely safe for pregnant women and doesn’t increase the risk of a premature birth or low birth weight of the baby.

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