Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

Kidney Stones During Pregnancy


Kidney Stones in Pregnancy

Every year, the kidney stones have been increasingly diagnosed in pregnant women. The sharp manifestation of the disease is due to the active hormonal transformations taking place in the body of a pregnant woman. If you have found kidney stones, it is better to know in advance what to do and what to expect.

Problems with kidneys happen very often, aggravated due to the woman's child, which is constantly increasing and makes every movement difficult, exerting pressure on the internal structure of mother’s body.


The main task of every pregnant woman is to be able to listen to her own body, so she can quickly understand what is happening at the moment. Kidney stones are not an exception. The faster you identify the symptoms, the earlier you will get the time to improve your health and to neutralize the possible dangers. Things you need to know about the functioning of kidneys during pregnancy (if there are stones in them):

Pain in Kidneys During Pregnancy

If you have even minor pain in the kidneys, you should not ignore this symptom in any case. When you have kidney stones, the pain is distinguished by its progressive nature, which means a significant daily increase in pain and severe attack of fever and cramps.

Apart from the fact that the pain is severe, yet it can be described as cramping. It encircles the first lumbar region, then gradually moves to ureters and can shoot up the genitals. During pregnancy, kidney pain can signal other diseases. In order to accurately identify the stones, you need to know other features of the disease in order to avoid misdiagnosis.

Blood in the Urine

It is also a true symptom of the disease. Stones can move spontaneously, thus destroying the integrity of the surrounding tissues. This is due to the increase in hormone levels in a woman's body during pregnancy, when the muscles of the abdominal cavity, the renal pelvis and ureters are relaxed.

Thus, the movement of stones is eventually triggered. Sand in kidneys is not less dangerous phenomenon, it is also able to irritate the mucous membranes of the body and thus cause blood in urine.

Pain During Urination

The escape of stones is always accompanied by tenderness, especially when urinating. Every time you will be troubled by cutting and acute pain.

Apart from the above symptoms, at the acute stage of disease or neglecting, the temperature often rises. There are also fever, nausea, vomiting and flatulence. If you suddenly feel that you have kidney pain during pregnancy, call a doctor immediately.

The Causes of Kidney Stones in Pregnancy

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It is necessary to find out the cause of kidney stones. Only after that an experienced specialist will be able to choose the right therapy, based on the underlying cause.

Precipitating Factors Of Its Appearance:

  • The disease was formed before the pregnancy, but the first symptoms manifested themselves only after hormone surge caused after conception;
  • Hypodynamia. Because of the immobility during the childbearing, a woman's body can occur calcium-phosphorus metabolic disorders;
  • Poor diet is the most common cause of formation of various diseases, especially urolithiasis. If sausages, frankfurters and other meat which contains purines are consumed, it can bring a negative effect on uric acid.

Treatment of Urolithiasis

Kidney Treatment during pregnancy should be trusted only to specialized doctors (not to "Internet experts" and certainly not to your friends or neighbors).

After treatment in the hospital, you will be assigned a renal ultrasound, colorful samples or thermal imaging in order to determine the overall picture of the disease and prescribe the treatment.

Drug Therapy

To eliminate pain, doctors use injecting of drotaverine, baralgin, papaverine and platifilline. In very extreme cases, narcotic analgesics are used. If the pain does not disappear, the novocaine blockade is assigned for ligament in order to exhaust the urine by a cateter.

Nowadays there are several methods for removing kidney stones, but the best time to do it is before the pregnancy – it will not have any effect on the fetus. Operative surgery may be held only during the formation of open purulent processes or renal insufficiency.


Dietary food is prescribed by the doctor, depending on the stones formed, considering all the features and as an adjunct to medical treatment.

  • Urate – this means that the main component of the food must be of plant and dairy origin, and meat should be limited;
  • Calcium salts – it is necessary to increase the intake of meat products, fruits and cereals and eliminate the eggs, milk, potatoes and beans;
  • Oxalic acid – a ban on milk, eggs, tomatoes and beans.

As for the popular treatments of kidney stones during pregnancy, it is better to postpone «for a better time», because after this «medicine» the unexpected and adverse complications can easily appear.

If there was even a small hint of urolithiasis, especially in pregnant women, it should be treated as closely as possible to the appeared symptoms, comparing them to possible factors which provoke the disease. You must immediately contact the doctor in any case. Only the professional approach and the right therapy will help to support your health state and minimize danger.

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