Shoes For Pregnancy

Shoes For Pregnancy


Best Shoes for Pregnancy

As doctors say, pregnancy is not an illness. However, a pregnant woman still has to change her lifestyle in some way. This also means that a woman should change her attitude to drinking and smoking, think over once again her daily regimen and nutrition and, of course, clothes and shoes she wears. Nowadays many famous brands and fashion houses produce sets of clothes and shoes for pregnant women. That’s why it’s possible to stay in trend even if you are on the late stages of pregnancy.

Fashion and beauty are important, however, you also need to think about how practical your clothes are. This is the first thing to think about when choosing clothes. Your clothes and shoes shouldn’t be too tight. Pregnancy is usually accompanied by legs swelling. Therefore, beautiful future mothers are, very often, unable to wear the shoes they loved wearing before the pregnancy.

Why is it Forbidden to Wear High-Heeled Shoes?

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Pregnancy and high heels are impossible to combine for the reason that such shoes are quite unsteady. Apart from the risk of falling down and harming your baby, a future mother that wears high-heels risks deforming her own foot. During the course of pregnancy, there is an excess of progesterone in the organism of a woman. It makes the tissues of a woman’s body more elastic. Consequently, your leg is unable to stand steadily keeping to the location in which it usually is when you wear high-heeled shoes or boots.

Besides, your belly with the developing baby in it increases the load on the spine. A heel makes your spine bend more and your pelvis bend forward more. This may lead to the situation when the fetus will choose his location and move into the front part of the belly. This contributes to the stretching of those muscles that are there. As a result, a woman that really loves wearing high-heels has a chance to get ugly stretching marks on the belly and a flabby belly after the labor. These unpleasant things will be much harder to get rid of.

Moreover, pregnancy is always accompanied by the shifting of the gravity center because there is now a big belly that wasn’t here before. This leads to the disorder of coordination. If you wear high-heels, this feeling of “instability” will only get worse. As a result, the risk of falling down increases. This is very dangerous for the fetus and its safety. There are such professions, according to the dress-code of which you should come to work wearing high-heels. In this case, right until a pregnant woman takes a maternity leave, she has to wear high-heels. Here, you need to try spending as little time wearing these shoes as possible (of course, if it’s possible). For this reason, you need to have one more pair a shoes to change the ones on high heels.

You also need to give up wearing high-heeled shoes when you’re not at work. When you’re at home or somewhere admiring nature during summer, it’ll be better to walk barefoot. However, even if you know that high heels are considered to be an “enemy” of pregnancy, you shouldn’t forget that completely flat shoes can also harm you. Due to such like shoes tour legs may swell even more. That’s why you’d better choose shoes or boots that have a small heel. This will be a kind of a compromise.

What Shoes are Better for Pregnant Women to Wear?

A pregnant woman is better choose a wide heel the length of which is 4 cm. In order there isn’t practically any danger to fall down when you’re walking on the street you’d better buy shoes with ribbed sole. The shoes itself should be made of natural materials since artificial leather shoes contribute to legs swelling. This provokes the occurrence of plantar callosity and callus. Fully closed shoes also contribute to swelling.

Very “complicated” shoes, that gave too many clasps is dangerous because in order to take such shoes off you’ll have to bend too much. Consequently the belly will be pressed. Only that pregnant woman to whom her husband helps putting on such like boots, shoes or sneakers can wear them. Various open-toe sandals may provoke a woman to fall down if the heel is not supported. That’s why you’d better buy shoes or sandals with a closed heel.

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