42 Weeks Pregnant

42 Weeks Pregnant


42 weeks of pregnancy is the middle of the 10th month or the 3rd trimester.

What to Expect at 42 Weeks Pregnant

The long-awaited final stage of pregnancy comes at last. Both joyful and disturbing premonitions are connected with it. And there is something to fear, because the child grows actively and in a connection with this the labor can become complex, there is risk of sensations of pain increase. The placenta went through its term and grows old, therefore the child's hypoxia can develop, it is not worth being frightened, the doctors will not assume complications and regenerate the child's respiration after the labor.

As soon as the baby grows up and develops, his skull bones strengthen, and as a consequence, the head deforms less while passing through the birth canal. One is to know, that due to a long stay in amniotic fluid, the child's skin begins to peel, his nails and hair grow.

Necessary Measures

On this stage, one needs to certainly turn to the doctor, go through necessary procedures. The predelivery ultrasound is an obligatory procedure, while which the doctor looks at volume and quality of amniotic fluid, which can contain different amount of the child's discharge, its color changes from it. If everything is in order, wait quietly actions on the part of the baby. But, if the doctor sees fit, he will insist on stimulation. One should consider his opinion, because the postmature child often gets health problems after the birth later than the due term. The mother should fall back upon the Caesarian operation. The fetus grows large and thick, accordingly, his free passage through the birth canal becomes troublesome. If the doctor prescribed you to take the castor oil, or to give enemas with it, it is done to make softer the uterine walls and to relax the bowels.

Your spouse must already determine by this time if he will be present at labor process. He must pass survey as well in order not to infect the baby, who is still very fragile. Anyway, the husband`s support is very influential at that moment, who else knows how to calm and cheer up. Do not fear the pain, it will pass off, the main thing is to listen to instructions of doctors and follow their guidelines. At least, they seem strange at times.

Of course, when all terms went by, relatives and friends call every day, pouring oil on flames, each strong movement, false pains are necessarily taken as the beginning. Here one needs to remember, nobody yet stayed there, on their own or with help of doctors, your baby will necessarily appear and sing his first song. If you waited until the 42nd week, the doctors will insist on stimulation and they will have to do it.

42 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

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Ultrasound at 42 Weeks Pregnant

Labor at 42 Weeks Pregnancy

Record term. Only 10 % of women get to this week of pregnancy, the rest parturiate earlier. Even if you rank among this women, do not worry. Of course, the 42nd week is like the prolonged pregnancy, but is there any possibility, that the terms are simply inaccurately calculated by a doctor?

If you want you bearing yourself without a surgery, the 42nd week is your last chance. If there are no contractions, the doctors will start stimulation. One needs to be ready, that the child is big, the birth canal passing is difficult and, as a rule, the postpartum period is burdened with unpleasant implications. If the calvarial ossification occurred, the mother can have ruptures.

The placenta functions as supply of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients for the child. The term of its operation is not intended for a long while and by the 42nd week it stiffens and grows old, accomplishing its mission worse and, as a consequence, the baby can be in short oxygen supply. The excretions of the child are excreted worse, their quantity becomes excessive, they can accumulate and spoil amniotic fluid. But it is not worth despairing, most likely everything suits the baby since he does not hasten to be born.

Look at the statistical data, specialists set correctly the term of the labor only in 4 % of cases. Officially, only 10 % of pregnant women walk until delivery on the 42nd week. Most often the mistake is made in the very beginning. Different factors influence the term of carrying and calculation of the labor date. Few exactly know the date of conception, menstrual cycle can shift, especially, if there were moves, a change of climate, emotions, stress. Malfunction in the endocrine system impacts, after all, heredity, the age of the mother, as well as the order of the pregnancy matters. It is better to be guided by the date set by the doctor at the first ultrasound.

A lot of the napkins are ironed, the diapers are bought, all the articles about the pregnancy and labor are read. The surrounding people wait and hang out for a baby, fidgeting you even more, sowing grains of alarm in your soul. Do not worry in any case, all your emotions transfuse to your child, who can begin to worry and shift around, but it does not belong to do this. How to help oneself? Ask the baby, talk to him. There are walks on foot, feasible housework, gymnastics for pregnant women. The husband can also contribute, intimacy, the massage of breasts, concretely the stimulation of nipples, stimulates the uterus. For example, the hormone prostaglandin, which is contained in men's sperm, will make the uterine cervix moist and more elastic.

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Recommendations for Women

The passive lifestyle, to which many women are prone on the last terms of pregnancy, is categorically contraindicated. Do not retire into yourselves, distract, walk, read, communicate with friends, with young mothers, who passed this stage, they will share experience and cheer up. One needs to listen to the fetus, but do not be carried away, he stirs, which denounces everything is excellent, he behaves quietly - the child sleeps, the main thing is that activity should not deteriorate relatively to the previous days.

If you did not attend courses for young parents during pregnancy, it is recommended to read or watch video about features of newborn care, how to bathe a baby, how to swaddle him, how to put on a diaper, what to do in this or that situation. Perhaps there are still some not resolved issues, seize the opportunity, there will remain at all no time on them after the labor. Visit your attending physician, share your worries and alarms, perhaps he will assign additional survey, if the apprehensions are confirmed, he will offer to go to the hospital and prepare for stimulation of the labor.

If you have prolonged pregnancy, you are to prepare morally for the fact that the child will somewhat differ from the born on time ones. The skin of such babies is dry and wrinkled, the color can turn gray or yellow. The baby is excessively active and restless. His eyes are wide opened. Moreover, the labor of the woman is very hard, the following complications can take place on the post term: birth traumas, internal and external ruptures, bleedings, long contractions and labor.

But the 42nd week of pregnancy is not always genuinely the 42nd, as more often this is the incorrectly set term. And, if it is just the case, probably, you will be calmed by the fact that hardly anybody bears a child 43 or even 44 weeks. Nevertheless, if the doctor saw signs of protracted pregnancy, one is not to disregard his recommendation, agree to stimulation.

In any case, these are last days, when you can enjoy your exceptional situation. You are so close to the moment, when the baby will make you happy by his long-awaited appearance. It was severe, but pleasant burden, you will perhaps miss this state, because it is unique. Remember all the efforts and the sacrifices worth the fact, that this little creature will bring luck to your house and let it be so.

Arlenna says:

To us it is 42 weeks. I can't give birth in any way, already the stopper has departed, and still - nothing…

Iulia says:

I gave birth to the son for 42 weeks and everything went well. Simply doctors cannot to tell precisely your term and can be mistaken a little. I gave birth that day which I have calculated by myself.

Elizabeth says:

I’m lying in the maternity hospital waiting for my little precious baby to make a decision and get out of the belly. It’s the 42nd week. I’m waiting for a girl

Lebo says:

I am 42 weeks pregnant but no signs of labour. When I went to scan it says I am 36 weeks but that is not correct because it doesn't correspondent with my last dates.

Jess says:

I am 42 weeks pregnant booked in for induction tomorrow. Not showing any signs at all

leigh says:

i am 42 weeks pg and i am bleeding ighting to day and i am having some pains in my pevise is that a sing of me going in to labor

abbie says:

im 42 weeks pregnant and feeling strong crampping since morning. and I spotted blood this same morning tho after sex, im I getting into labour?


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