3 Months Pregnant

3 Months Pregnant


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How many weeks is 3 months in pregnancy, the 3rd months of pregnancy is the 9-14th weeks.

All Information About the Third Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting and significant period in life of a fair sex representative and her relatives. The considerable changes not only outside but also within a woman's organism take place with an active speed during pregnancy. The formation of the placenta, which soon will become a source of the baby's and the mother's contact, has already almost completed by the end of the second month.

The placenta will provide the baby with necessary for him nutrition and oxygen. Frequent urinations of the future mother are observed during pregnancy, the reason of which is the functioning of the baby's already formed kidneys. Toxicosis, which troubles a pregnant woman, can frequently be observed only in the first trimester, afterwards it disappears completely.

There is no reason to fear, if in these terms you observe sleepiness, increased fatigability, abstraction, forgetfulness from your side. All these signs are normal for the woman, who expects a child, because they will disappear immediately after the birth of a baby. Moreover, constipations can be observed rather often in this period. Drink more water or any other liquid and eat more vegetables and fruits in order to avoid them. Do not forget about the complex of vitamins, which is intended specially for pregnant women. The vitamins sate with useful substances not only your organism, but will bring all the necessary substances, which the child development needs.

Medical Supervision

3 Months Pregnant 1

On this stage, one must register in order to keep your pregnancy under continuous supervision. You will get a prenatal record, where your state, your surveys by doctors and all the analyses until the labor will be fixed. You will keep this record during the entire period of your pregnancy. Your obstetrician will appoint days of visits, as a rule, this is one visit in two- three weeks. One should not miss visits without a reasonable excuse. One needs to treat pregnancy and your doctor's instructions in a responsible manner. Already in the end of the first trimester, some women's abdomen becomes significantly visible.

Examinations, which one must undergo on this stage:

  • measurement of blood pressure, weighing, control of body mass;
  • urinalysis for protein and sugar. It is prescribed and provided two-three days before a visit to your doctor;
  • survey of limbs for a possibility of swelling and examination of legs for a revelation of varicose diseases;
  • at each visit, the supervising doctor tests one`s abdomen with a special apparatus in order to control heartbeats of your baby;
  • proportions of the uterus are compared to the standard sizes typical for each stage of pregnancy, in order to determine the correct stature of a fetus being inside;
  • the doctor measures the height of the fundus of uterus.

3 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 3 months pregnant belly

3 Months Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

3 Months Ultrasound Boy:

3 Months Ultrasound Boy

3 Months Ultrasound Girl:

3 Months Ultrasound Girl

3 Months Ultrasound Twins

ultrasound of twins at 3 months

Pay Attention

On the stage of 13-14th week, the child bearing becomes very dangerous, especially, if you expect to bear a boy, if a pregnant woman has adrenal cortex dysfunction. Just on this stage, the male hormone testosterone is discharged abundantly. There is a real threat of a miscarriage.

If pains in the bottom part of the abdomen or backaches often worry you, do not wait, just inform the supervising doctor about this. It is because usually normal pregnancy must not be accompanied by any pains. You should also inform your doctor if any suspicious discharge started to worry you. Never postpone a visit to the doctor, because now it is the time, when the health of your baby entirely depends on your state. In this period, one must just give more attention to oneself, to sleep more and not to worry because of trifles, be delighted by each detail, keep yourself off any negativity.

Fetal Size and Development at 3 Months Pregnant

3 month pregnant symptoms

Picture: Fetus at 3 Months Pregnant.

The first trimester is very important for the formation of a fetus's organs, the further development depends on it. Therefore, one should thoughtfully treat oneself, having found out about this state. Closer to the second trimester, the baby is already able to do many things. He moves his hands, can double his fists, moves his legs, opens his mouth, sucks his finger, which one can easily see during ultrasound. The liver and the intestinal tract function to the full, first fecal masses are formed, which consist mainly of bile. Red bone marrow is responsible for the circulation of blood function. Your baby has grown to 9 cm for this stage.

Causes for Concern at this Time of Pregnancy

3 Months Pregnant 2

Reasons of pregnant women concern on the last month of the first trimester. Some sensations, which are not pleasant at all and cause a little discomfort, appear with the beginning of pregnancy. They last during the entire pregnancy, and new sensations appear as well. It refers not only to physical changes, but also psychological ones.

The signs causing strong uneasiness to pregnant women:

  • a striking down weariness; a continued desire to sleep;
  • very frequent trips to the toilet; urinations;
  • abundant saliva discharge, nausea and even vomiting are possible;
  • bowel movement worries much, particularly heavily pregnant ones. These are often constipations;
  • the problems with digestion, awful heartburn, bloat and swelling of the abdomen;
  • a disgust, which can even be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, to some food stuffs and their smells;
  • breasts are changed considerably. They became more firm, heavy and bigger in proportions, the nipples became darker and a blue grid appeared under the skin;
  • there is a significant magnification of the veins, which is well seen on the abdomen and legs;
  • the abdomen begins its growth;
  • there are frequent headaches;
  • there are mood swings, sentimentality, nervousness, a desire to cry because of any trifle;
  • the internal calm is a new sense for a pregnant woman, which appears in the third month.

Recommendations for Women

Under no circumstances you shouldn`t lose the time, when the doctor sends you to undergo the first ultrasound on the 12-13th week. Precisely this stage will be able to show some problems for the fetal development. The Down syndrome and other diseases are defined only on this stage. This is a very important examination, when the doctor can clearly detect all defects in formation of a child if, of course, there are any. One can learn the precise date of a conception of a baby plus minus two-three days, having undergone an ultrasound on this stage.

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  • Happiness says:

    I am 3 months pregnant and I haven’t felt most of the morning sicknesses and UM stressed because my belly haven’t start to grow

  • Ntebo says:

    I have been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms for the past three month, what worries me the most is I haven’t seen my periods since then,n whenever I go to a doctor for test it remains negative confused?????

  • onyi says:

    Pain on the right side of belly is it normal

  • Naomi hara says:

    am also three months pregnant but i havent experience any of morning sickness and also the movement of the baby

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    I experience the symptoms but that of the movement I haven’t felt it yet. reply

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    I hve also three months pregnancy little feeling f someone under me

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    Hello Iam 3months pregnant but my belly have grown bigger than I expected and it feels do so heavy this worries me a lot

  • mahera says:

    Plz tell me how to know its baby boy or girl becoz Ă­ hve 2 girl

  • Zama shabalala says:

    Hi, i’m 13 weeks pregnant have been sleeping with my back and front, that eas the only comfortable way for me to fall asleep recently found out it wrong m worried since i don’t damage have happened already toy baby.

  • princess michael says:

    hi i am three month pregnant but i dnt feel any movement i also feel pains on my lower abdomen, this is my first pregnancy is it normal

  • Maureen says:

    Im 8weeks pregnant im always hungry i sleep alot and always sick

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    hy am three months pregnant bt i have pain on my womb.its like a period pain

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    Hi.am also 3months pregnant my belly not growing and am sick most of my morning vomiting a lot.

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    Me too am teird

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    Hi I am three months pregnant and sometimes I have brown dischargedon’t knw why if anyone knw abt tat pls reply It would be appreciated

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