Preparing For Pregnancy

Preparing For Pregnancy


How to Prepare for Pregnancy

We spoke about importance of preparation for pregnancy many a time. What you ought to do before conception to be kept from troubles already in a time of waiting for a baby or after his birth. We will try to specify all these questions in our article.

10 Steps of Preparation for Pregnancy

1. The very first step that a woman needs to make is to visit the gynecologist and to have a gynecologic examination. It is necessary in order to reveal precancer or cancer diseases of genitals. At the same time you have to make the following analyses: bacteriological tests, PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ultrasonography of organs of small pelvis. And a future father has to be seen by the urologist at that time.

2. Consultation with the therapist. It is necessary to discuss with the therapist all questions concerning the high or low arterial pressure, causeless body temperature increase and your chronic diseases.

3. Consultation with the expert depending on need. It means that if a woman is healthy, then it isn't necessary to meet any doctors except the medical professionals who are listed above. If there are any problems with your health, then you must visit some other doctors only in accordance with the therapist’s or gynecologist’s directions. Today, with the benefit of the significant progress of medicine, a woman can bear and give birth to the healthy child, while about 9 or 10 years ago all delights of motherhood couldn't be felt at the same diagnosis.

4. Standard laboratory analyses: urinalysis and fecal culture, the general clinical blood test, biochemical blood test and others according to the expert’s directions. Definition of a blood type and Rhesus factor. Blood test on sugar levels.

5. Analysis of the immune system condition. Tests for HIV, AIDS, rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, hepatitis B. It is desirable to carry out vaccination before conception if the woman doesn't mind. It is also very important to check clamidiosis because this disease is dangerous to а newborn baby.

6. Consultation of the geneticist which should be involved in the following situations:

  • if relatives have hereditary diseases, for example, hemophilia, a Down syndrome,
    cystic fibrosis, fibrocystic congenital heart disease, splitting of an upper lip or hard palate, dwarfish growth, spinal hernia and others;
  • if even one from a pair has got any of above-mentioned diseases;
  • if there are blood relations between lovers;
  • when a future mother is more than 35, or a future father is more than 40 years old;
  • if one or both parents worked in a harmful business or lived in adverse ecological conditions long time;
  • if future parents had children with malformations in anamnesis or premature infants, or there was long infertility, abortions, or the child's still birth;
  • when parents want the child of the defined sex.

Preparing For Pregnancy 1

7. A pregnant woman has to visit the stomatologist surely. It is undesirable to do an X-ray scan and to use the most widespread anesthetics during pregnancy. During pregnancy period teeth can abruptly begin to spoil, so it is necessary to cure all symptoms of caries and to get rid of other stomatological problems even before conception.

8. Need we say about obligatory refusal of addictions? Sperm refreshing happens approximately at one time in 3-4 months therefore you must refrain from alcohol and smoking there much earlier than conception has to be. Smoking women have a triple increased risk that the child would lag behind in prenatal development.

9. The various and adequate food is of great importance for state of health. It is desirable to make good changes to your diet a year before pregnancy. Don't abuse certain foods, especially characterized allergens. Whenever possible, get a professional consultations of the nutritionist. It is desirable also to take 0,4 mg of folic acid for prevention of diseases of a nervous tube and other disorders.

10. Moral and psychological training. It is important to discuss with the partner all possible situations of pregnancy period and joint life during it. Remember that pregnancy isn't a disease, it is just a new stage of your relationship development. It is natural to feel fear, anxiety or depression. If you see that you can't cope with the emotions independently, then visit the psychotherapist.

These are 10 simple steps which will help your baby to be born healthy in your safe family. Just one more small household advice: make a renovation of the room where there will live a child in advance. The matter is that contacts of a woman with construction materials and paint or varnish materials needs to be fully canceled during pregnancy.

Important Facts!

  • A future father has to avoid a hot bath before conception.
  • It is necessary to talk to the expert about taking vitamins, do not try any self-help methods or independent actions. Most often the course of vitamin therapy is appointed a month before a planned conception. Vitamins are used to be taken by both partners.
  • The gymnastics and some not heavy loading is very useful to future parents. Physical exercises help to adjust an ovulation. If future father jogs about 50 km a week, then his ability to conception will increase several times.
  • Don't overeat! For overweight woman ability to conception considerably decreases. Try to enter your pregnancy period with a normal weight.
  • In 3 months before conception it is necessary to remove an intrauterine spiral or a hormonal implant. This is so there will be regular menstrual cycle for a woman afterward.

In the past, people could foresee character and a sex of a newborn in advance. Today, before you begin doing this, it is necessary that your menstrual cycle would be stabilized. After you decide whom you want (the boy or the girl), determine which character of the future child is desirable and begin to work on such creation in certain days.

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