Pregnancy From Precum

Pregnancy From Precum


Chances of Pregnancy From Precum

The modern medicine suggests new contraceptive methods constantly. Couples need only to choose them. But it makes them all look more and more departed from the easiest and free way to prevention of unplanned pregnancy which is called rejected sexual intercourse. This action is usually fulfilled in that way: the man takes out his penis from the partner's vagina directly before ejaculation. As you understand it, in that case the spermatozoon doesn't "meet" an ovum. So, how can conception ever be with such a way?

Those couples which actively apply such method of prevention of undesirable pregnancy often address gynecologists with the following question: Whether it is possible to become pregnant by male’s discharge?"

Types of Male’s Discharges

In response to such specific question that has been raised – whether male discharge can cause pregnancy, and telling how exactly it can occur, we will mention physiology and anatomy. So, such discharges are divided into two types: lubricant (or, in other words, «pre-ejaculate», or «precum») and smegma.

  • Precum is emitted from penis during sexual arousal, in the form of transparent liquid. This lubricant contains some spermatozoa. Therefore the probability of pregnancy by male’s discharge is very possible. So, it is not the best and reliable method of contraception for the couples, which doesn't want to have children yet. Even if at first you have a sexual intercourse with protection from undesirable pregnancy, for example, by means of condom, and through some time you have again indulged in the act of love, but already without above-mentioned rubber article, then it turns out that it is possible to become pregnant after all. Each sexual intercourse has to be reliably protected if you don't want to become pregnant yet. It should be noted that if the previous sexual intercourse has happened shortly before the next one, then an opportunity to become pregnant sharply raises. Because only a single spermatozoon suffices for fertilization of female’s ovum.
  • The second type of male’s discharge during sexual intercourse is so-called smegma. It has rather unpleasant smell and white moist texture. Both sexes, female and male, can produce smegma. In males, smegma is a combination of shed skin cells, secretion of the apocrine glands, and moisture. It can collect under the foreskin. And so, it is impossible to become pregnant with this smegma.

Pregnancy from Male Secretions: How and Why it Occurs?

Chances Of Pregnancy From Precum

First of all, a quantity of spermatozoa, capable to fertilization, is in the lubricant which is emitted during your sexual intercourse from the moment of penis excitation. That is why it is possible to become pregnant by male’s discharge, but the probability is small. And that is why most of gynecologists oppose such method of undesirable pregnancy protection.

Secondly, a certain percent of spermatozoa can remain in urethra after ejaculation and what is more, there may be some quantity of discharge on penis. During the following sexual intercourse they can easily get into vagina if the man hasn't occasionally taken a shower after previous sexual intercourse. Therefore pregnancy which happens by means of male’s discharges is a little more probable during the second and the next sexual intercourses which aren't followed by taking a shower before them.

Thirdly, the rejected sexual intercourse can be quite dangerous not only due to probability of pregnancy by male’s discharge. Each man has to be very sensitive on the point. You shouldn't think that to seize the necessary opportunity before ejaculation it is too easy. By the way, it is prevents the man from relax and deriving the maximum pleasure from sex. And even if the man has an excellent ability to catch the most responsible moment, there is a probability of pregnancy as spermatozoa from hands or even from bed linen can easily get into vagina. It is worth to remember that the spermatozoon lives about 3 days.

It is possible to become pregnant by male’s discharge. That truth can be confirmed by each gynecologist who directs the pregnant woman, which does not plan pregnancy at the given moment, to get an abortion because of a delusion about reliability of the rejected sexual intercourse. Today, very many people use interruption of sexual intercourse as contraception, but this method misfires approximately in half of cases with young and healthy couples. And that is not most terrible yet. Much more awfully is if one of partners in such couples is a carrier of some certain infection. In that case condom must become only the most reliable protection.

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