Stomach Ulcer During Pregnancy

Stomach Ulcer During Pregnancy


Stomach Ulcer and Pregnancy

The course of stomach ulcer during pregnancy has some peculiarities.

Pregnancy Influence

Physiological features of vegetative nervous system functioning and increased levels of some hormones during pregnancy create conditions for "healing" of stomach ulcer and duodenal intestines. During this period stomach acidity decreases, the amount of mucus in intestines increases, blood circulation of stomach and intestines improves, regeneration processes amplify.

For most of pregnant women symptoms of such disease aren't shown throughout the entire period of bearing a child. If pregnancy comes to an end with normal childbirth, the symptoms of the disease can appear several years after. Miscarrying or pregnancy termination may, on the contrary, imply an impact of this disease.

Exacerbation of Ulcer

However, the nervous tension and eating spicy, fried, salty and fat foods can cause an exacerbation of ulcer. Most often it happens during I or III trimesters of pregnancy. In case if pregnancy is accompanied by gestational toxicosis, the diagnosing of such health problems could be difficult for characteristic symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting are peculiar for both pathologies. Uncomplicated stomach ulcer doesn't exert an adverse effect on the course of pregnancy.


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Such complications of stomach ulcer as bleeding and perforation (with penetration) of an ulcer during the period of bearing a child are rarely met. But they are especially dangerous and can threaten life of mother and child. Symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding are pallor, dizziness, faints, black stool. Vomiting with blood impurity may also develop. Signs of perforation of ulcer are sharp belly-aches, cold sticky sweat, cold snap of extremities, pallor.

Such states demand immediate hospitalization. Heavy bleeding is the indication to the emergency operation, at the same time pregnancy preservation is possible. Insignificant gastrointestinal bleedings can be independently stopped. One of complications of stomach ulcer is anemia. At such pathology identification it is necessary to take iron preparations along with ascorbic acid for its best assimilation.

Diagnostics and Treatment

At any term of pregnancy, inspection of stomach and duodenal intestine by means of the endoscope is applied to detect stomach ulcer and its complications. Many preparations, such as bismuthiferous, cholinergic antagonists and ganglionic blockers can cause harm to future child and raise a possibility of premature birth, because some of them influence uterus tone. Influence of most of medicines on embryo and fetus isn't detected yet.

Therefore treatment of ulcer during the period of bearing a child is carried out only at the acute stage of disease. For decrease the acidity of gastric juices it is recommended to use medications which aren't soaked in blood and herbal calmative preparations such as valerian. Enzymes and other remedies for normalizing gastrointestinal activities are appointed. The diet and taking meals 3-6 times a day are recommended.


Such pregnant women have to be under the dispensary observation by the obstetrician-gynecologist and the therapist. In case if pregnancy is accompanied by gestational toxicosis during the spring-autumn period, and also in 2–3 weeks prior to estimated childbirth, it is recommended to administer preventive antiulcer treatment.

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