Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy


What Are the Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

We associate fruit only with the healthy food necessary for women in the family way. But, it turns out, that not all fruit are good during pregnancy.

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Many fruit have plenty of sugars and can do harm to health if a person who has obesity and diabetes, as well as some fruit can be dangerous for future mother and the baby.

Exotic Fruit

If you have never eaten any exotic fruit before pregnancy, it is better to postpone the acquaintance to them for the after breastfeeding period. Isn’t excluded that anaphylactic reaction can appear and it can be very dangerous for mother and the baby.


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The use of pineapples can cause increasing of a uterus tone because fruit contains one of organic acids. Therefore if you have had miscarriages or the increased uterus tone earlier, it is better to leave pineapples and pineapple fresh for later.


The unripe papaya can also provoke miscarriage. And if fruit have been gathered before the due time, they contain the substance causing miscarriage.


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You shouldn’t be keen on your favorite and useful water-melon too - as kidneys don’t manage to process a large amount of liquid. As a result the pregnant woman suffers from hypostases, the increased arterial pressure and just feels sick.


Grapes contain a large amount of sugar therefore it isn’t recommended to eat a lot of grapes, otherwise sudden changes of sugar in blood and putting extra weight are possible.

Remember that fruit – are one of the main components of our nutrition, but it is necessary to use everything reasonably and moderately!

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