Fish During Pregnancy

Fish During Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Fish

As shown by recent studies conducted in Britain, women who consumed fish during pregnancy give birth to much more smart kids, rather than those limiting seafood consumption. This is because seafood and fish contain minerals, proteins, amino acids, as well as trace elements, hence, it is quite difficult to imagine a menu of a pregnant woman without them.

In addition, shellfish, mussels, shrimp and oysters practically have no fat, the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body, they are rich in iodine and blood-forming substances. Seafood is also a rich source of various vitamins so needed by the pregnant women. But first things first.

River Fish in the Diet of Pregnant Women

Fish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The most important of these is docosahexaenoic acid, which not only strengthens the immune system and inhibits inflammatory processes, but also largely determines the development of the brain and the sight of the fetus. Interestingly, only the marine fish species are rich in the fatty acids, and the river species almost do not contain them, because they do not feed on seaweed.

In addition, river fish can be contaminated with parasites, which are not so easy to destroy by means of the heat treatment. Therefore, such a nuisance, as helminthiasis could overshadow the pregnancy (causing nausea and vomiting) or even lead to an undesirable outcome (such as miscarriage). If your desire to enjoy the lake fish is so large, we recommend to include carp or pike, bought from a verified supplier, to your menu.

Sea-Fish in the Diet of Pregnant Women

As shown by recent studies conducted in Britain, women who consumed fish during pregnancy give birth to much more smart kids, rather than those limiting seafood consumption. Therefore, excluding seafood from the diet, women deprive their children of essential substances that help develop the nervous system.

By the way, the saltwater fish will be also useful for a woman herself, because the iodine and vitamin D promote good mood. Besides the protein contained in fish, is not less nutritional than meat, but the harmful fats in it are totally absent. Of all the species of fish, the preference should be given to codfish, hake, navaga, seabass, icefish. But it is better not to have too much caviar (red or black) it is desirable to leave it as a festive treat.

Vitamins in the Fish

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Vitamins should be in the menu of every pregnant woman. As you know, seafood contain large amounts of these organic substances. Vitamin B6 will help to get rid of nausea, vomiting and convulsions gastrocnemius muscles during pregnancy. Haddock and chun salmon are especially rich in pyridoxine. Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy a woman should pay special attention to the vitamin D. About 10 milligrams of calciferol will relieve a child from rickets.

This vitamin is contained in herring, salmon, sardines, as well as in fish oils. Starting from the 17-th week, in addition to the vitamin D the future mother will need calcium, which will strengthen not only the teeth, but also bones. In addition, foods rich in this organic matter, reduce the risk of hypertension in pregnant women. Among the sources of calcium there are such varieties of fish as sea bream, horse mackerel, saffron cod, as well as oceanic pilchard.

Is Every Fish Useful During Pregnancy?

Many doctors advise pregnant women not to eat shark meat, fish-sword and the royal mackerel that could contain mercury methyl, dangerous to the nervous system of the fetus. For the same reason, doctors do not recommend to include tuna in the diet.

During pregnancy it is advisable to exclude sushi from the menu. Few know that raw fish can cause dangerous disease such as listeriosis (infection transmitted from mother to child).

How to Cook the Fish Properly?

It only takes minutes. Pregnant women should bear this rule in mind when cooking fish. Measure the thickest place of the fish and cook it in the following way: 10 minutes for every 2.5 cm at a temperature of 200 °C. As for the seafood, you should cook it in boiling water for 4-6 minutes.

Is it Safe to Eat Fish During Pregnancy?

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