30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant


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30 weeks pregnant is how many months? It's the 7th month or the 3rd trimester

What to Expect at 30 Weeks Pregnant

By the 30th week of pregnancy, all the important changes in the baby's growth have already occurred. The premature birth is not dangerous for the baby. He already gained weight (average 1400 grams) and a sufficient amount of adipose tissue skin. The baby is larger than 40 cm.

However, a child still needs increased attention from his mother. The baby actively responds to changes of the conditions of the environment. He is very sensitive to the action of external stimuli, such as a sharp noise and bright light.

Therefore, you must not attend a party with loud music or bright light. The child begins to breathe evenly and deeply. When having an ultrasonography, a woman can see the movements of the chest and the opened eyes, if you are lucky, in the monitor. During this period the hair of the baby has already grown, so you can save the first hair lock.

The skin is not smooth yet. Its red color and wrinkled texture are caused by amount of adipose tissue contained under the skin: the more tissue you have, the smoother is your skin. However, the beauty (especially for women) will come with time. The most important thing to do at this stage is to support your mental health.

The touch and embrace have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the child. Such communication may occur not only after birth, but also before it. Due to the increased sensitivity of nerve impulses, the baby is able to feel the mother's abdomen through the skin and tactile contact, so future parents must should take it into account.

As the already born baby, the fetus can stay awake. When he is tired, he goes to sleep, creating a daily routine. It is important to mention that you will not be able to move with the same ease. The pressure on the lower back muscles is growing, and you can feel a lot of pelvic pain and tiredness.

To reduce such syndromes to a minimum, a woman should not slouch. To maintain the musculoskeletal system in good shape, a future mother should do feasible gymnastics. If you want to choose the optimal exercises, you can consult with your doctor. It will reduce discomfort and help to prepare the body for the birth.

What Happens to a Baby (Fetus)

30 Weeks Pregnant 1What does my baby look like at 30 weeks pregnant? After the 30th week, the respiratory system of the baby is rapidly improving he can breathe freely. Thanks to the development of a special substance (surfactant), the lungs do not stick together during exhalation. The nerve cells are developing: their fibers are coated with a special insulating membrane, which helps to transmit signals. The brain develops rapidly, increasing the number of grooves and convolutions. The relief of the brain becomes sharper.

The skin is also changing. Protective grease remains on the child's body, and soft fuzz (lanugo) gradually disappears. Sometimes the babies are born with this cannon, but it disappears during the first month of fetal life. The heart of the baby runs evenly. The boys have more quiet and rhythmic beats, and the girls – more quickly. The liver actively accumulates iron, which is necessary for the production of blood cells in the first year of life. The child occupies a particular positions in the uterus (usually upside down), from which he will born. The baby variously behaves himself: yawns, smiles, blinks.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, the day of birth is very close, which will change the life forever. This is a very critical time - a final preparation for giving birth. All the attention of the future mother is put to the developing fetus. The installation of the contact with a little man starts. Severe toxicity and powerful hormonal changes are left behind. Upon reaching the 30th week of pregnancy, a woman goes on maternity leave and can devote herself entirely to the precious tiny creatures, which she carries under her heart.

If the Birth is Occurred

In some cases the baby can born before the deadline. It is caused by various factors. The birth during the 30th week is qualified as premature. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. The life of the baby is not in danger. Modern technologies and medical expertise can cope with this contingency without consequences.

Experts guarantee that the baby which was born at this time will survive 100 %. It is believed that children who were born prematurely, have a weakened immune system. Ideally, a child should continue to develop in the womb, but he already has a completely formed body and can exist outside of this favorable environment. All vital organs and systems are functioning: kidneys, intestines, and lungs. The baby has arms, legs, genitals. He is already able to see.

Mandatory Tests

The woman should visit the doctor every two weeks to check her health. To eliminate possible threats, she has to take a blood test for HIV and Rh factor, and the urine test, as well as a smear on flora.

Ultrasound Images at 30 Weeks

From this period the specialists carefully monitor all indicators of a future mother. The doctor regularly checks the woman’s pressure, her belly circumference, determines the position of the child and the height of the uterus (with the help of ultrasound images), and constantly listens to the heartbeat of the fetus.

30 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

30 Weeks Pregnant 2

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

30 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

30 Week Ultrasound Boy

30 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

30 Week Ultrasound Girl


If a woman just got registered in the hospital, the ultrasound should be on the second plan. This procedure, as well as other studies, monitors the proper development of the fetus. Typically, ultrasound is performed at the 32nd week, but it may occur at the 30th week, if necessary.

Thanks to ultrasound, the doctor receives information about the position of the fetus in the womb, the child's growth, placenta and amniotic fluid state. Some birth defects can be seen only on the thirtieth week: obstruction of the urinary tract, heart defects.

Specialists can offer a woman to undergo additional examination - Doppler. With this procedure it is possible to determine the nature and rate of blood flow in the uterus, the placenta and fetal vessels, diagnose hypoxia (abnormal development of the fetus due to lack of oxygen) or a violation of the function of the placenta.

Diarrhea at 30 Weeks Pregnant

During pregnancy almost all women have to fight constipation and diarrhea. Certainly many future moms question themselves - when you can be treated at home, and when to see a doctor. It is worth noting that it is always better to be on the safe side and to visit a specialist.

If the diarrhea does not appear often and is not accompanied by a fever, impurities of the blood and mucus, as well as other unpleasant symptoms, don't worry. Mention this when visiting a doctor the next time, because maybe he can suggest something or will ask to have additional tests. Remember that in any case it's not worth getting upset, because it affects the baby.

The Growing Belly

A special care at this time requires a pregnant woman's belly. The significant increase in this part of the body not only changes the feminine gait, but also leads to the undesirable stretching. As the fetal grows, the abdominal muscles are stretched and weakened, and the skin is strongly pulled. You can avoid stretch marks by regularly lubricating the skin of the abdomen with vegetable oils (citrus, olive, almond), or use special gels and creams.

After the birth of the baby, it will be very difficult to normalize the sagging folds of flabby stomach and return it to its former shape. Therefore, this issue is better to prevent. Do not forget to be careful with your movements: do not make sharp turns and lean. Change the position slowly - rise slowly from the chair, for example. Before you get out of bed, turn to one side.

30 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

30 Weeks Pregnant 3

30 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 30 weeks 4 days pregnant.


The uterus starts to reduce from time, and the woman is experiencing minor pains, cramps and cramping. These phenomena have received the name "Braxton Hicks" (the name of the English gynecologist). They prepare the mother and child for future birth. If contractions become regular and rhythmic, and later the bloody or profuse watery discharge joins them, you need to call an ambulance. This may indicate the beginning of premature birth.

What a Woman Feels

By the 30th week, the uterus is significantly increased (it is close to the navel at a distance of 10 cm), and its pressure on the internal organs make a woman experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms: constipation, frequent urination, heartburn, dizziness, nausea, sleep disorder.

Fortunately, joyful moments nullify frequent ailments. The life of parents is continued in their baby, for which, as it grows, the temporary living conditions are becoming increasingly close. He used to swim freely in the mother's belly, and now he cannot even turn around. So, he rests on the uterine wall, pushing his hands and legs.

Mothers need to follow all the perturbations and pushes of the baby in the belly. The fetus should move at least 24 times per day, and per hour - about six times (a period of increased activity). If there are strong and sharp sounds, bright light, or the lack of oxygen, the fetus moves frequently. Reducing the number of perturbations may indicate a disturbing process.

Possible Pain

The pregnancy in this period has its own symptoms. A pregnant woman is often in pain, especially in the back and waist. The pain has a cause. Increased belly softens the joints, the ligaments are weakened and stretched, and shifting of the gravity center takes place. You need to alternate rest and moderate exercise to weaken or eliminate the discomfort. Permanent straightening of the spine can also help.

Abdominal pain may occur by uterine contractions. Discomfort in this area arise as a result of improper diet or eating foods that are poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

Due to the restructuring of the body of a pregnant woman, the pain can be localized in the head. Despite the fact that the symptoms are regarded as normal, they do not affect the state of health of the pregnant mother, and it is better to prevent their appearance. You need to have frequent walks and strong long sleep for the prevention of headache. When it occurs, it is recommended to relax and lie down in a dark ventilated room. It is also useful to make a light massage, or make a cool compress. You can only use approved medications, which are recommended by your doctor.

Fight With Edemas

During pregnancy, the amount of liquid in the body is increased, thereby worsening your health. That is how edemas appear. This unpleasant phenomenon typically occurs precisely in the 30th week. The main method of dealing with edemas is to control your diet. It is necessary to limit the use of salt, avoid salty, fatty foods, sweets, soda. The amount of liquid consumed per day should not be more than 1.5 liters. If you comply with these recommendations, the liquid will not delay in the body.

A woman should not be in an upright position for too long, and when she lays down, it is recommended to lift the legs. It is better to remove rings, wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing, in order to facilitate the circulation of blood.

If edemas does not decrease in more than a day, you need to consult a doctor. This may indicate preeclampsia (complication of pregnancy), the development of which must be stopped promptly.

30 Weeks Pregnant: Know the Fetal Changes at 30 Weeks Pregnancy

Control Your Weight

By the 30th week, the fetal’s weight increases significantly. This figure is increasing not only thanks to the growth of the embryo, but also due to the amniotic fluid, changes in the placenta and uterus. Normal growth by this time should be 10-11 kg, and for the entire period of pregnancy 16-17 kg. Extra kilos can complicate pregnancy and the childbirth, so the calories should be monitored.

Healthy Food

It is well known that it is prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol during pregnancy, but few people have comprehensive information on proper nutrition. In the 30th week, both before and after this period, it is important for a woman to have a balanced diet. At this time, the value of the proteins and complex carbohydrates compounds entering the body is increasing.

It is better to forget about the passion for confectionery and bakery products, because they increase blood sugar. The milk and dairy products should be included in the diet with more vitamin-rich cereals (especially whole grains), fruits, and vegetables. It is better to limit the intake of fatty meat (it is better to replace it with lean) and to increase eating fish and seafood.

It is necessary to strictly control the quality of the food, adhere to the technology of its preparation and primary processing rules: boil the food for a long time, boil the milk and water, and thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables. Pregnant women are forbidden to eat half-baked dishes, raw fish (including sushi), and meat with blood. They should reduce the intake of potentially allergenic foods (honey, caviar, eggs, chocolate, orange and red fruits, berries).

All About Secretions

It is necessary to monitor the color of the secretions. Normally, they have to be milky-colored. If the secretions has a grayish, greenish or yellowish tint, the consistency has become cheesy, or the sour smell has changed, it is a sign of the presence of infection in the body. If you have such symptoms, you should immediately consult with a doctor.

Calling an ambulance is needed in the following situations:

  • The presence of blood in the secretions;
  • Availability of smearing brown allocation;
  • Any bleeding.

The appearance of watery discharge shows leakage of amniotic fluid due to the depletion of membranes.


At this stage of pregnancy, you can continue an intimate relationship, if they are allowed by the physician and the sex will not be rapid. In general, women have less need for sex. If you have enough energy and there are no contraindications, sex is allowed, but you need to implement your desires carefully, without a lot of zeal. Now is not the time for bold experiments. All movements should be calm and gentle. Active sex can lead to complications in childbirth: the fetus will born with legs forward, not the head.


  • Careful monitoring of the changes will help to prevent the possible dangers of late pregnancy. On the 30th week of pregnancy, you should be very attentive to the problem of Rh incompatibility, if you have it. Women who have established a rhesus conflict, should make the necessary injection.
  • In this period placental abruption can occur. It can cause bleeding, and the danger of failure of pregnancy is very high. In this case, you should immediately call the ambulance. The woman will have to be hospitalized.
  • To avoid flatulence and indigestion, it is recommended to remove the products from the menu, which are causing fermentation and flatulence: grapes, cabbage, fresh bread, sweets and beans.

Recommendations for Women

What should i be doing at 30 weeks pregnant:

  • Women should try to rest more often. It is well known that during pregnancy it is prohibited to sleep on your stomach. The only recommended posture is on the side. This situation can lead to the early formation of wrinkles, but when a woman has a new life inside, all of its actions are directed in favor of the long-awaited "guest". You should withdraw from the other poses, too. British scientists believe that if you sleep on your back, you (and thus your child) are poorly supplied with oxygen. Therefore, such a posture is fraught with asthma and heart problems. Fetal position is best left to the fetus because the mother in this position carries the risk of migraine and cervical spine problems. Hugging pose can cause pain in the back, neck, legs, and arms.
  • The movements should be smooth, and steps - slow and cautious. To relax the back and legs, it is recommended to massage them.
  • Since then, the pregnant woman should always carry a card with the records of all analyzes, which she has actually passed. Earlier, you put it in a handbag when visiting a doctor, and now you may need it at any moment, since the longer the duration of pregnancy, the higher the probability of the birth. Any doctor will be able to learn the history of your pregnancy and figure out how to act in case of premature birth.

Video Guide: 30 weeks pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy at 30 Weeks

How much should my baby’s weigh at 30 weeks pregnant? Both children are already weigh about 1.200 kg each, while the belly of the mom becomes bigger and bigger, so it is very difficult for her. The kids are getting closer, and they start to move actively, creating «dancing movements». By this time, the twins take a definite position - upside down, but one can still stay wrong. It is not subject to surgical intervention, but such a woman has a permanent control of doctors.

This week, the possibility of unexpected birth is very high. There is little reason to worry, because today even premature twins are nursed and soon sent home, becoming strong kids. Hands, feet, and bodies become rounded. The cheeks are rounded first, due to the sucking reflex. The children being in the womb are also actively feeding.

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