Essential Oils And Pregnancy

Essential Oils And Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Essential Oils

A baby bearing and giving birth to the child are matters of great importance and transformative points in each woman’s life. It is impossible to deny the fact that it brings new unpleasant sensations and pain therefore we always try to find answers and provide solutions to these problems. Whether it is possible to use any essential oils in pregnancy or even in childbirth?

The majority of them are absolutely contraindicated, however some not only help a woman to live through these exciting events, but also to anesthetize and revitalize mother during the birth of her baby.

Women in a delicate condition need to be careful of themselves and use each aroma only after consultation with the expert. You won't be mistaken if you would brew herbs which grow in the area where you are living. It is, for example, chamomile, raspberry leaves, cowberry, bilberry, cherry, wild rose, calendula, currant, mint collected with your own hand. Cocktail from these herbs perfectly helps you from toxicosis and nausea. It cheers you up and could add energy in critical conditions. Essential oils lighten mood and induce a calming effect.

Some Rules of Application

If you were fond of house cosmetics and essential oils before pregnancy, it doesn't mean that it is necessary to limit their use sharply. It is the sort of hobby, of which you ought not to deprive yourself, as well as of an opportunity to look more beautiful. You’ll only hurt yourself, unnecessarily. Essential oils have been so effectively used in colds in contrast to medicinal preparations. It, for example, could be inhalations with essential oils. They are used for the treatment of thrush, which is rather specific and is preferably carry out without medical supplies.

If you want to use essential oils at pregnancy, follow some rules:

  1. Be convinced that you are completely healthy and your baby develops normally, otherwise you ought to refuse aromatic oils anyway.
  2. Use only those essential oils of which high quality you are sure.
  3. Surely dilute them with transport oils.
  4. Do not try to drink those oils.
  5. Reduce habitual doses at least by a third, and it is better half.
  6. Refuse the weakening bathtubs with essential oils. You may indulge yourself with that only occasionally.
  7. Try not to use essential oils during the first several months of your pregnancy, especially it concerns concentrated oils.

The Essential Oils Permitted or Forbidden During Pregnancy

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The following essential oils are permitted during pregnancy: neroli, sweet orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, sandal-wood tree, pink tree, Maral root, lemon, lime, bergamot and orange. Of course, the individual intolerance of such aromas can also take place. It often happens that pregnant women have difficulty tolerating any persistent smell. Care must be taken in choosing essential oils of geranium, jasmine, lavender, calming incense, mints, Damask rose, Roman camomile or pines.

It isn't recommended strongly to use such "rigid" essential oils as oils of cypress, anise, sage, thyme, odorous fennel, dill, sharp rosemary, wormwood, juniper, myrrh, melissa, juicy cinnamon, cedar, hyssop, marjoram, carnation, basil, arnica. Use of these absolutes could have unpredictable consequences. What can you expect from using the "forbidden" oils?

First of all, use of inadmissible essential oils during pregnancy can provoke the beginning of monthly periods (This is especially true of stimulating oils). Besides, there is especially poisonous aromatic ethers which would do only harm to mother and her baby. And there are essential oils which force uterus to contract, but it is better to use them directly at the time of delivery.

Planning your pregnancy, never forget that some essential oils shall not be resorted because their inadmissibility. You may use the forbidden aromatic ethers exclusively in rare instances and in the minimum doses. By the way, if you express a desire that gender of your future child would be predetermined, there is Chinese table of baby gender planning which can help you get started. You can also apply so-called French diet, the ovulations methods or blood transfusion, but essential oils won't be able to affect a desirable gender of your baby in anyway.

How to Use Essential Oils at Pregnancy? Recipes and Recommendations

  • If you feel sick, it is possible to use the cooling essential oil of mint or lemon. You can wear a special aromatic pendant or just open a bottle with an essential oil sometimes and inhale aroma.
  • If leg oedema disturbs you, take a chiller bath: dissolve in 50 grams of sea salt solution several drops of essential oil of orange or lemon, let it be drawn for a while, and dissolve resulting solution in cool comfortable water.
  • For occasional backaches, mix of essential oils of lavender and sandal-wood tree (by two drops on 10 ml of oil jojoba) having been rubbed into a problem area is a good aid.
  • After every evening showering rub into your tummy and breast skin a little gentle oil of almonds with two or three drops of sweet orange and geranium. Thus, you would prevent stretches.
  • For mending of your hair growth and improvement of mood comb your hair with a supplement of aromatic oils.
  • For weakening of muscular tonus it is possible to take a shower with a drop of essential oil of magnificent neroli.
  • For safety during flu epidemics, you can wear a locket with several drops of essential oil of tea tree, eucalyptus or pine.

Could Fragrant Essential Oils Help in Childbirth?

Use of some essential oils during pregnancy period could rescue from many troubles if they could be applied accurately. And at the time of delivery, perhaps, it is possible to afford a little more with them. First of all, it is necessary to understand that, in many cases, the success of childbirth is caused by the favorable atmosphere around the woman in labor. So why not to relax your body and rest your soul by means of essential oils? Use special aromatic lamps and lockets for that your favourite releasing aroma would always be with you.

  1. It is recommend by aroma experts to apply for these purposes incense, neroli or bergamot. They remove painful impulses and normalize mental disorders by which childbirth is always followed.
  2. If the muscle tonus is too high, use essential oils of bergamot, pine, fir, eucalyptus, or citrus aurantium.
  3. The essential oils of geranium, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary may be applied as pain release preparations.
  4. Warm bandages with essential oils of jasmine, sage, lavender, Roman camomile are good for the bottom of a stomach. It expands blood vessels and improves metabolism processes. Dissolve aromatic ethers in transport oil!
  5. A good way to replenish and conserve your energy is to use a towel wetting by water with a couple of drops of neroli or geranium dissolved previously.

Use of favourite essential oils during pregnancy could give you a tangible result, because you shouldn't take medicine in this case. However remember that at the first signs accompanied by indisposition or feeling of weakness, it is necessary to stop use of essential oils! And surely consult with the expert before further using essential oils during pregnancy period.

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