Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy Body Pillow


Body Pillows for Pregnancy

A lot of manufacturers constantly work on developing various useful devices for pregnant women that could help them to overcome some temporary illnesses and complications, caused by pregnancy and the upcoming childbirth. Some of these devices help fighting insomnia – one of the most serious problems that usually bothers future moms in their last trimester.

Good night sleep is extremely important in this period, because future mom’s body experiences serious double stress at this time: it has to provide woman’s life activity and at the same time meet the growing needs of her future child. Woman has to relax a lot and to sleep enough to cope well with these trials without putting baby’s health at risk.

Well-chosen sleep accessories (especially pillows) help to create necessary conditions for this. Scientists wanted future mothers to be able to focus solely on pregnancy and delivering a healthy child: that’s why they developed special pillow for pregnant woman. The appearance of this unique sleep device is the result of long research, conducted by medics and specialists in the field of ergonomics.

Online shops and special sections in shopping malls offer a great variety of these pillows. They differ by colors, by configuration, by quality and types of fabric. Of course, the prices of pillows differ a lot too. So how to pick a really good pillow that will help you to sleep well and won’t cost you a huge amount of money? To do so you’ll have to figure out what exactly these pregnant pillows are and how they differ. It will be much easier to pick a right pillow if you know all this.

Maternity Pillow

How does this wonder pillow differ from the ordinary one? It consists of two movable parts, that are connected with each other with a pretty large strip of fabric. This pillow supports the back muscles and the belly of a future mother, helping her to lie more comfortably in bed and to take a comfortable sleeping position.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

This pillow is quite big: her size is almost equal to human’s height (nearly one and a half meters long). Pregnant woman can easily take the best sleeping position with the help of this pillow by putting her belly on it and facilitating its weight by doing so.

Wedge-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Body Pillow 1

Perfect for future moms who like to sleep on a side. This pillow has a specific shape that helps to support the belly and the back. You just have to position it correctly to guarantee yourself a good sleep.

U-pillow For Pregnant

The size of these devices differs: they can be pretty big or ordinary. You can quickly find a right sleeping position with the help of this pillow: it will support the belly and the back effectively. The load between neck and spine will be distributed evenly because of it and future mom will be able to enjoy comfortable sleep.

Some women doesn’t find it necessary to use special pillow for relaxation during pregnancy. They think that the ordinary pillow will be enough, because it is very similar. But it is necessary to remember that the insomnia isn’t the only problem that appears during pregnancy. Pregnancy pillow helps to solve even more serious problems. For example, during the pregnancy the pressure on internal organs rises a lot and becomes significant in last months. The weight of the belly also strains leg veins and muscles a lot. If you use a pregnancy pillow that has special ergonomic shape, it’ll help you to significantly reduce (or even remove) these negative effects.

And, finally, here’s some useful tips from the experts:

  • pillows made from cotton fabric are considered the best: this fabric is highly breathable, is able to absorb excess moisture and is the most natural and environmentally friendly material;
  • if pregnant woman is allergic, you have to pick the pillow’s filler very carefully – it has to be hypoallergenic;
  • the pillow shouldn’t be too soft or it’ll lose its form easily and will become completely useless.

Moreover, the pregnancy pillow will be useful even later, when you are going to feed the baby. With the help of the pillow you’ll be able to take a comfortable position, to position a baby correctly and to enjoy the process. It’s quite easy to wash and clean the pillow: it dries pretty fast after machine wash.

Choose the right one for yourself and guarantee a good and healthy night sleep for you and your future baby! This pillow will help you to look forward for a long-awaited meeting with your miracle without having any complications and illnesses.

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