Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage


How Long After a Miscarriage the Test Will Show a Positive Result

In our time, identifying of a possible pregnancy is an easy job. Pharmacies abound with various tests, ranging from the most affordable tests-"strips" and ending with more expensive "high-accuracy" midstream sticks. The principle of operation of the rapid test is well-known: take a first pass urine and "dip" test into it up to a point. The emergence of one strip means that pregnancy is not present, and the positive test will be "striped" twice.

Thus, the test responds to the presence in the urine of the pregnancy hormone-  chorionic gonadotropin, which starts to be produced after the ovum attach to the uterine wall. However, women often wonder why the test indicates pregnancy after miscarriage? If there is no embryo in the uterus, why does test "generate" two strips instead of one? Let's take a closer look.

Causes of a False Positive Test Result

The Presence of HCG

Each interruption of pregnancy is always a stress for a body. Miscarriage "hits" hard the female hormonal system that simply does not have time to "regroup". The hormone HCG continues to be produced "by inertia" for some time, and its level may not fall so quickly. Therefore, it often happens that the test shows pregnancy after miscarriage.

Incomplete Removal of the Ovum

In such a case, the emergence of two strips can be explained by the fact that a part of the ovum is present in the uterus because of miscarriage.

On the basis of the above-mentioned reasons, a pregnancy test can show a false positive result. The hormone HCG is the reason of everything. Its level goes down slowly, consequently, the "remnants" of the hormone are still present in the body sometimes for months after miscarriage.

Other Causes of "Two Strips" After Miscarriage

  • Woman adheres to a diet.
  • Test was conducted on the background of an undertake of medical drugs containing the hormone HCG (Pregnyl or Profasi). The fact of the matter is that "traces" of effects of these drugs remain in the body for approximately 10 or 14 days after the end of the intake.
  • The presence of kidney disease, when protein is secreted into urine.
  • The miscarriage did not over with the death of the embryo. In such a case, a woman is actually pregnant since ovum is still in the uterus. Therefore, the emergence of a positive result in the form of two strips of the test is quite understandable.

What to do if Test Shows a Pregnancy After Miscarriage?

First of all, you should not take any medicines arbitrarily. It's best to wait 2-3 days and make a pregnancy test again using tests from different manufacturers.

If doubt still haunt, you can pass a laboratory blood test for HCG. This analysis will determine not only the presence or absence of the hormone in the body, but it will also indicate its level for the moment. The more time has elapsed after a miscarriage, the lower the level of HCG will be. HCG test should be conducted after a couple of weeks after miscarriage.

It is clear that the lower the concentration of HCG hormone is, the weaker the second strip is.


Well then, if the test shows the pregnancy after miscarriage over a long period, visit to the doctor will be the best solution. All the above-mentioned reasons for a positive test result may be "nothing" and it means that the case is much more serious. The correct and well-grounded diagnosis can be made by only an experienced physician after a thorough examination.

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  • Shanz says:

    Well I had a miscarriage at 5weeks….my period only run for 7days……I saw ah few clots…..BT am not sure if it’s really a miscarriage……I don’t feel pregnant no more……only ting is my breast them are still very heavy

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