The False Pregnancy

The False Pregnancy


Pseudocyesis in Women

The false pregnancy is a psychophysical condition of the woman at which she absolutely really feels as a future mother, both in physical, and in psychological sense. At this time at the woman the menstrual cycle can stop, grow stomach and especially sensitive "pregnant women" even feel the movement of the fetus in a womb. Strangely enough, but everything is just an illusion, and it will be confirmed to the "pseudo-pregnant" woman by any gynecologist on the first reception. How the false pregnancy shows itself at women and what are reasons of its development?

False Pregnancy at Women: Truth or Fiction?

Physicians still puzzle over phenomenon of false pregnancy at women and its subtleties therefore completely this phenomenon is not studied yet. The false pregnancy at women happens extremely seldom, but is characterized by quite difficult mental deviations.

At syndrome of false pregnancy at the woman all signs by which future mothers are influenced are shown. It is a lack of menstrual cycle, hormonal failure, and nausea, toxicosis, growth of stomach, but actually any pregnancy is not present and in mention.

Today the modern equipment allows to distinguish quickly false pregnancy, unlike former times when women were hospitalized "with pains".

The young, not giving birth women till 35 most often are exposed to risk of manifestation of the false pregnancy. But it does not exclude those cases when the false pregnancy is shown at women at mature age and repeatedly giving birth.

Symptoms of the False Pregnancy

The False Pregnancy 1

The false pregnancy is called that way because symptoms at real pregnancy and its "analog" very much and are very similar. Therefore it will be very difficult for inexperienced woman to mix symptoms, the truth before the first visit of the gynecologist who will quickly dispel all illusions about it.

The most typical symptoms of false pregnancy at women are:

  • small excreta during menstrual cycle or its total absence (and the menstrual cycle in itself will not be recovered until doctors interfere with business);
  • at women mammary glands often increase, morning nausea and even vomiting are shown;
  • at false pregnancy also as well as at the real the woman's weight starts increasing, the stomach grows and there is typical bend of backbone called by lordosis;
  • in rare instances the woman at false pregnancy feels the movements of the fetus;
  • at the woman the mood often changes, she starts being capricious and quickly is tired.

It should be noted that fact that at false pregnancy the woman deceives nobody because she really considers herself being pregnant. The test for pregnancy can even confirm its false pregnancy.

Despite that the false pregnancy is more mental disorder, you should not forget and about physical component. It is necessary to study each special case together with the gynecologist, to establish origin of phenomenon of imaginary pregnancy and jointly to begin treatment. But in this case complexity is that it is very difficult to disabuse the woman of such state that it has no pregnancy. Here consultation with the psychotherapist is necessary already.

Reasons of the False Pregnancy

The main group of risk for the false pregnancy are the hypochondriac and susceptible women who have felt strong mental and emotional shocks. Also such women can have very sensual attitude towards the thought of pregnancy, they or too emotionally in positive sense think of possible incubation of the child, or, on the contrary, this thought causes in them indignation storm.

Women aged from 35 which throughout long time cannot conceive the child in any way are subject to such emotional jumps and on it there are some reasons of false pregnancy:

  • the woman madly wants to have the child, but all its attempts turn into nothing;
  • the reasons of false pregnancy at the woman can be covered in the abortions which have happened in the past or death of already been born child;
  • the woman wants to become pregnant to rescue the relations with the husband;
  • in its environment the girlfriend of her or even several girlfriends could become pregnant at once that has emotionally very strongly shaken her;
  • reasons of false pregnancy at the woman can consist in the coming nearer menopause to which she wants to become mother by all means;
  • seldom, but such phenomenon as terrible unwillingness to have children, fear of incubation of the child and the subsequent efforts with it meets;
  • among the reasons of false pregnancy there can be also exclusively physical deviations. So, diseases of endocrine system or development of tumor in ovaries can be mistakenly accepted for the false pregnancy.

The false pregnancy can be observed as well at animals, at women such phenomenon is observed quite seldom, but is regular. If you notice that at some of your acquaintances or relatives there are symptoms of false pregnancy, handle it at first to the gynecologist, and then to the psychotherapist.

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