Lying on Your Back During Pregnancy

Lying on Your Back During Pregnancy


When Should You not Lay On Your Back During Pregnancy

Starting from the third month of pregnancy, the uterus where the baby grows gradually increases in size, and in the lying position begins to put pressure on the spine and adjacent major blood vessels. It is for this reason that doctors do not advise expectant mothers to sleep on the back.

Let's consider this issue in detail:

  • While the size of the uterus is still small, in the first half of pregnancy, a woman can lie in all positions, even on the belly.
  • In the second half of pregnancy, the growing uterus begins to put pressure on the spine and major blood vessels, which reduces blood flow to the heart and causes in expectant mothers condition resembling swoon.
  • At this moment, the child also suffers from reduced blood flow and lacks oxygen.
  • The safest sleeping position lying on your left side. In this case, a pregnant woman needs to listen to herself, choosing the position based on her sensations and reactions of her child.

What Happens in the Body When the Expectant Mother is Lying Down on her Back?

Especially strong pressure the increased uterus exerts on the lower hollow vein, where blood rises from the lower body to the heart.

When it is squeezed, the blood flow to the heart is reduced, as a result, future mom may feel the lack of air, breathing becomes intermittent and quickened, she has darkening of vision, starts feeling dizzy, her pulse quickens, and she starts sweating. In such circumstances, she should roll over on her side, and her state will come back to the normal quickly.

How does the Position of the Mom’s Body Affect the Child?

Permanent or long compression of blood vessels can affect the baby's condition, not in the best way. As a result of reduced blood flow, the child receives less oxygen and nutrients, which can cause various complications.

What Position is Safe for the Pregnant Woman?

To reiterate, the doctors do not advise to lie long on the back in the second half of pregnancy due to the pressure of the increased uterus on the gut, the spine and the lower hollow vein responsible for blood flow to the heart. This situation is fraught with the advent of back pain, increased blood pressure and problems with breathing.

Normally, in the late stages of pregnancy, women feel discomfort when lying on the back, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position during sleep. The safest option is to lie on the left side. To feel even more comfortable, you can cross your legs or put a pillow between them.

If the pregnancy goes normally, a woman may lie in any position, not arising unpleasant sensations, but it is better anyway not to lie on the back.

It is noticed that comfortable position during sleep is often determined by the current location of the child inside the uterus. Therefore, when choosing the most comfortable and safe position, try to listen to your body and be sure to consult your doctor if you have a concern.

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