5 Weeks Pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant


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The fifth week of pregnancy is the beginning of the second month of pregnancy or the first trimester

What to Expect at 5 Weeks Pregnant

The fifth week of pregnancy is characterized by changes of both outer and inner birth membranes of embryo. Now it resembles an elongated figure, in which you can observe the shapes of spine, hands and even the head of the fetus. At this stage, the nervous system is actively developing, so it needs an abundant flow-in of vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients, and especially of vitamin B9.

All the body systems begin to grow and evolve at the same time: respiratory and cardiovascular systems, muscle tissue. All internal organs also do not fall behind. The embryo begins to grow and increase in size, and this process affects mother’s behaviour.

In the fifth week of pregnancy, a woman feels all the most unpleasant effects of pregnancy. In particular, she suffers from nausea and headache: that is why her behaviour and mood change constantly. She may start to cry, to laugh her psychological behaviour is unstable, so, at this point, it is better not to irritate her. As for her sleep, the woman in a delicate condition will be sleeping anywhere, she is constantly sleepy, and she has no energy for doing something. She wants only one thing: to go to bed.

If pregnancy is literally turning your life into hell, contact your gynecologist, she will definitely help you and tell you all you need to know. If necessary, she will also prescribe you medication to help you calm down.

Information Which May be Useful at 5 Weeks of Pregnancy:

What Happens to the Fetus

5 Weeks Pregnant 1This period is very important for your future baby, as most of its organs and systems are rapidly developing. In the fifth week of pregnancy, you should not get nervous and you should take vitamins, as the embryo’s central nervous system, spinal cord, brain and circulatory system are developing, and the developing of circulatory system leads to the beginning of the heart beating. In this particular period the “base” of babies is being made.

The embryo is surrounded by amniotic fluid, where the exchange of substances between the mother and her child takes place. Now, mother and her unborn child are the whole entity, they share the same way of life, nutrition, and this will last for 35 more weeks.

The size of the embryo in the fifth week of pregnancy is tiny: it is only about 4-7 mm long and weighs about 3.5 grams. Its reproductive system is being formed, as well as respiratory system, pancreas, and also the liver. You can already see the tiny hands, feet, fingers, ears, eyes and many more. But it is still difficult to imagine that in a few months, this embryo will become a little long-awaited baby.


The uterus is a hollow organ, the purpose of which is gestation. The uterus in this period is not really big, it has an elongated shape, but it is gradually increasing in size. In this period, the physician can definitely tell you that you are pregnant. From now forth, the uterus will be very actively and quickly growing. Do not be afraid, it is absolutely natural process. Day by day, you will feel it more and more.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Investigation

Unfortunately, in the fifth week of pregnancy you cannot have ultrasounds scan. The only exception is if the multiple pregnancy is suspected. In this particular week the heart of the embryo starts beating, and the physician compares fetal activity, heart rate, and in the end makes a conclusion. Due to its small size, the fetus itself looks like a small brown spot. Your baby’s heartbeat - now beating 80 times a minute.

5 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

5 Weeks Pregnant 2

Pictures: gestational sac 5 weeks pregnant.

5 weeks ultrasound photo

5 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

5 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Symptoms and Signs at 5 Week Pregnancy

The first you notice is the absence of the menstrual cycle, the second – you often need to go to the toilet, this is because the bladder is increased by the fact that it has to perform the double duty. The breasts increase in size twofold, sometimes even threefold. And then comes the "fun": nausea, vomiting, no appetite, strange reactions.

Hormones cause fatigue, headaches and dizziness. But all these symptoms are individual, one woman may have all of them, and the other one may have none of them. In the fifth week of pregnancy the pregnant woman can say nothing, because of the small size of the embryo.

HCG Levels at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Hormone levels in 5 weeks of pregnancy depends on the woman. As it is known, any rules are quite subjective and HCG levels are no exception. They may vary not only depending on the term of pregnancy, but also on the lab and its norms.

So, if the future mom wonders what should be HCG levels, you should indicate the following numbers for the 5th week of pregnancy:

  • If it’s 5 obstetrician weeks from the conception, the level of HCG is from 1110 to 31500. Because of this substantial difference in numbers, it is not easy to say what exactly it should be.
  • If it’s 5 calendar weeks from the conception (7 obstetric weeks) HCG levels can range from 2560 to 82300.

Progesterone Levels at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Progesterone levels week by week in pregnancy The hormone content in the blood of a pregnant woman may vary depending on numerous factors. However, there is a generally accepted figures, which it shouldn’t surpass.

what is a normal progesterone level at 5 weeks pregnant

Abdominal Pain

You may feel abdominal pain, cramping and cramps after sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time, because this way you have squeezed all the internal organs of the abdomen, including the intestines. Another reason of abdominal pain is stretching of the uterus, which is accompanied by a strange feeling. But if you have abdominal pain, you should stop having sex, stop wearing high-heeled shoes and have more rest lying down.

Since it may also be the hypertonicity of the uterus, if you noticed a spot of red fluid, you should worry, because it can cause miscarriage. The hypertonicity of the uterus is no exceptional case, and this affects many women, regardless of age. In the case of any threat, it is necessary to go to the hospital to avoid the tragedy.

Miscarriage at 5 Weeks

Causes of Miscarriage

Miscarriage at 5 weeks occurs for a number of reasons, among which are:

  • Genetic disorders;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • Hormonal imbalances of the body;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Physiological peculiarities of the structure of the uterus is the presence of synechia (adhesion of parts) in the uterine cavity, bifid uterus, septum in the uterine cavity, etc.;
  • Immunological violations.

Symptoms and Signs of Miscarriage at 5 Weeks

Symptoms of miscarriage at 5 weeks are:

  • Pulling, stabbing, cutting pains in lower abdomen;
  • Stabbing pain in the ovaries;
  • Pulling back pain in the lumbar spine;
  • Cramps;
  • Spotting or heavy bleeding;
  • Allocation of tissues and clots from the vagina;
  • A sudden easing of symptoms of pregnancy;
  • Increase in body temperature;
  • Dizziness;
  • Loss of consciousness.

The consequences of miscarriage at week 5 are:

  • Various diseases of the reproductive system of a woman (adnexitis, adenomyosis (germination of endometrium in other layers of the uterus), endometriosis, endocervicitis);
  • Inflammation of adipose tissue of small pelvis and abdomen;
  • Hormonal imbalances;
  • Menstrual irregularities (oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea);
  • Sterility.

Every woman planning pregnancy should carefully monitor:

  • Duration and regularity of the menstrual cycle;
  • Any changes in the body, characterizing pregnancy.

5 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

5 Weeks Pregnant 3

5 weeks pregnancy photos


From the very beginning of pregnancy, breasts begin to grow in size. Your husband will like it for sure, and it will draw the attention of people around you as well. Breasts become as large as the transparent apples. On the other hand, the breasts augmentation results in an additional burden on the chest, periodically it becomes very uncomfortable to breathe.

At the same time, breasts become very sensitive, they itch, and tingle, but this is all temporary. After some time, these symptoms will go away. In this period, you should pay special attention to the nipples, which require hygiene for the sake of your unborn baby.

One more thing: you breasts now may also begin to interfere with your sleep, so you will need to choose the comfortable position. You should buy special underwear that supports breasts. The right underwear will keep your breasts in shape even after the childbirth.

Feelings at Fifth Week Pregnancy

The woman in an interesting condition may behave in a strange and unpredictable way: at one moment she is nice and kind, and in a minute she becomes grumpy and dissatisfied. She may feel sleepiness, fatigue, mood swings, even her taste in food changes now. In this period, you should have plenty of rest and sleep, it is desirable to sleep even in a daytime or at least just lie in a horizontal position.

5 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Bloated

Bloating is a common nuisance but it becomes a real problem during the 5th week of pregnancy; bowel function slows down causing the food move slower and that leads to bloating. That is caused by hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. Increased blood filling the vessels of the abdominal cavity causes swelling of the intestinal walls.

The uterus is still relevantly small during this period, but it starts to grow, putting some pressure onto the surrounding organs. The uterus is preparing the space for its future growth, making the intestinal issues during this period unavoidable. Along with bloating usually come heartburn and constipation.

How to Avoid Bloating at the 5th Week of Pregnancy?

Check your meal plan. Many future moms notice a rise in their appetite, which causes them to eat in large amounts whatever foods they can find. As we mentioned above – bowel function is slower now, so you still can eat frequently but make sure that your portions are small.

Now, look at the foods that you eat. Reduce eating spicy, smoked and salty dishes. Don’t combine foods that don’t go well together. Fruit should be eaten separately from other foods, 1 hour before or after a meal. Potatoes and eggplants are incompatible with cucumbers, dairy products and fruit.

Eating dried apricots, bananas and dates can reduce bloating. The balance of bacteria in the body can be another reason for bloating. Including probiotic yogurts in your diet can help not only to balance the flora in your gut, but also manage the increased appetite.


During pregnancy, every woman is filled with hormones, they affect her greatly and she sees things differently, even sex is different, both for you and for your husband. If you have no problems, no threats, no weird fluids, and you have a great desire to have sex, it is not necessary to refrain yourself from having sex, even in this early period.

The only thing that may prevent you from having sex is morning sickness, because in this case you will for sure have no desire to be sexually active, as you will not even be able to eat. Well, certainly you should not “overwork” in this matter, you must still know the limit and when you have to stop. Enjoy these moments, as they may never happen again.

Lumbar Pain

In the fifth week of pregnancy the woman may be even unaware that she is pregnant, but she may also feel lumbar pain. At that she may think that it is cause by the coming menstruation, as such lumbar painful is quite similar to the one occurring during pregnancy. In addition, there may be brown vaginal discharge, which are smeared, and then the woman is sure that she is on her period.

But if you know that you may e pregnant and the pain lasts for quite a long time, you need to make an appointment with a gynaecologist, as this pain may be a symptom of something serious. Try to keep the right posture, load your back less, because if you do not, the lower back pain may occur.


Bleeding may occur along with abdominal and lumbar pain, it is a very bad sign. Bleeding and spotting suggests the possibility of miscarriage, so you need to go to the hospital and go to the bed rest. If you do not assume measures, the result may be tragic.

Often, such problem occurs to women with heavy body constitution having lots of body hair, as they have high level of male hormones. Such women should be particularly cautious during their pregnancy, and register the pregnancy in hospital before 10-12 weeks, they should visit a doctor in their eighth half week of pregnancy.

Body Temperature

5 Weeks Pregnant 4

In the fifth week of pregnancy the body temperature may vary and it can go as high as 37.3 degrees. Typically, such body temperature is accompanied by body aches, sleepiness, the woman becomes very lazy, and she has no energy for doing something, even some elementary things.

Do not confuse pregnancy symptoms with the common cold. If the temperature is accompanied by coughing and runny nose, then you have cold. In the beginning of pregnancy, doctors forbid doing anything without their approval, especially taking unknown drugs. And in any case do not apply to traditional medicine; remember that you are now responsible for the life of a little human.


The absence of the menstruation is the first sign of pregnancy. It is natural that pregnant women do not have their periods. However, 20 % of women continue having menses, even during their pregnancy. This so called "washing of the fetus" is rather an exception to the rule. Because of this, woman may be for a long time unaware of their condition and what happens to their bodies.

Sometimes women for a quite long time have no idea that they will have the baby. Therefore, it is useful to get tested sometimes and get analysis. Vaginal discharge during menstruation is different from bleeding in duration and consistence. Pay attention to yourself and to your body, if something goes wrong, your body itself will tell you about it.

Vaginal Discharge at 5 Weeks Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge in the fifth week of pregnancy are no different than previous, they are simply more abundant. After all, you are in a delicate condition, and your hormones change. But the very concept of pregnancy means to pay attention to everything that happens to your body and around you. You should worry in case if your vagina discharge is bright red, brown or light pink, in this case you have the threat of premature birth and you need to go to the hospital immediately.

But the “bad” vaginal discharges are not only those of red colour. You should also worry if they are of green or yellow colour, resemble cottage cheese or have very unpleasant fishy or beer-like odour. Bad signs are also itching, burning and uncomfortable feelings during urination. All these signs indicate the presence of infection, which hit the genitals.

Only a doctor can prescribe necessary medications and tests. In any case, it is necessary to take a proper care and hygiene of your genitals. During pregnancy you should choose only natural hygiene products, as the chemicals can hurt you and cause irritation and itching.

Common Cold

During the first weeks of pregnancy everything is changing in a woman's body, the immune system weakens, so you can catch any infection, virus or just a common cold. In the fifth week of pregnancy all the important organs and systems of your child are being formed, that is why you need to take care of yourself, dress warm, take vitamins, have a lot of walks in the fresh air, gargle your throat, wash nose and drink warm water.

Since, when you are ill or have caught any infection, you have to take medication, but at this stage of pregnancy it is better to do without medicines. Common cold or sore throat may have serious complications, and in the result you will need to go on bed rest. These complications may also affect the development and growth of your baby.

5 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect at 5th Week of Pregnancy?

Alcohol Consumption

If a woman decides to have a child, she must give up the bad habit of alcohol consumption in advance. In the fifth week of pregnancy, alcohol as well as medications may adversely affect the growing body of a child. Moreover, the certain medicines that are based on alcohol are also forbidden. Alcohol may cause the stop of the baby's development and lead to a tragic end. In this period, the mother and the fetus are the whole entity, so your baby gets everything you take.

Nutrition at 5 Weeks Pregnancy

Yes, the fifth week of your pregnancy is the beginning of your proper and healthy diet. You need to eat fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cereals, milk and milk products, cheese, nuts every day. Always take an apple or yogurt with you, so you can eat, as in the fifth week of pregnancy you should never feel hunger.

The nutrition should be balanced. Do not divide your ration into three meals, have five meals a day, for example, but in smaller portions. And food that contains a lot of fat, sugar, salt and everything fried should be removed from your diet. It is better to eat baked, braised or boiled food.

To solve this problem, you may buy a double boiler, it will be your assistant in the kitchen during pregnancy and after childbirth, and even then, when you will start teaching your baby to eat adult food. In the fifth week of pregnancy you may sometimes want to combine some products that do not fit together, and the people around you may not understand you, that is absolutely normal.

As for the drinks, they should foremost quench your thirst. You need to drink, as a human is composed of water. But it is better to restrain yourself from drinking saturated juices, as they are hard for your stomach to digest. Except pure water, you need to take vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and folic acid.

Tests at 5 Weeks Pregnancy

Many women want to know as soon as possible whether they are pregnant or not. To know for sure, you can have a first test that will determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood. This hormone in the blood can show you the results beginning from the twelfth day after the alleged conception. It is the most reliable and proven pregnancy test. Another way is to have a standard pregnancy test strip, this test is made using urine. If you are pregnant, this test will shows a positive result with 99.9 % accuracy.

Going to gynaecologist in the fifth week of pregnancy is not obligatory in case if nothing bothers you and you feel great. You may register your pregnancy in hospital beginning from twelfth week, but if you are worried about something, you may do it earlier. Accordingly, you will have the tests earlier. Every pregnant woman need to have urinalysis, complete blood count, tests for hormones, blood clotting and many other tests.

Useful Advice

  • You need to know exactly whether you are pregnant or not. If you are not sure, you are better to have the appropriate tests, and do not delay having the results.
  • In this period, start to teach yourself and your unborn baby eating healthy, you must eat in small portions. Avoid hunger; keep in mind that you should eat for two persons.
  • Start spending more time in the fresh air and walk more.

Recommendations for Women

  • Visit your gynaecologist, she will determine the term of your pregnancy and prevent early miscarriage.
  • You need to know the genetics of your relatives, in order to prevent the genetic diseases that may occur to your unborn baby.
  • Nutrition should be healthy and useful. If during toxicosis you cannot eat, balance your diet, and make it lighter.
  • Do not get too nervous and do not worry, remember, your peace of mind is the peace of mind of your baby.
  • Taking vitamins and gymnastics have a good effect on the overall condition of the body, in the future it will make childbirth easier, and even after the childbirth your body will be restored quicker.
  • It is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs; all of these habits will cause diseases and defects in your body and in the body of your future child. Remember about your child and his future.
  • Take care of yourself in the cold time of the year, dress yourself warm, drink only warm drinks, as the illness can negatively affect your baby.
  • Visit your doctor on schedule, consult him, and do not hesitate to ask him questions, remember your doctor is your friend.

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Emma says:

I constantly feel sick, dizzy and all the time mood changes. I can shout at first at the husband, and then start crying because of it. Thanks to the husband that suffers it everything to calm and understands me. Girls, we will be able to sustain everything. God grant forces to our beloved husbands) Everything will be okay ^^

Karla says:

I’m exactly on the 5th week of pregnancy now. 3 years ago I lost my baby exactly on this term of pregnancy. However, I believe that this time everything is going to be fine and I’ll have a great baby.

Kaith says:

I'm 5 weaks pregnant but the doctor said he dnt see anything in my stomuch

Besa says:

Hi, I'm in the same situation, he saw just a sack but not the fetus, he said that maybe your baby is not developing but we have to see again after a week, because it'll be the possibility that it's to early yet and maybe for that reason we can not see anything.

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Same thing happened to me today. They're going to watch my levels for the next week,

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Same thing me happening

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Im having the same situation Im 5 week pregnant But doc said she cannot see anything in my ultrasound not even a sac.. well that's alarming

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I should be 6 1/2 pregnant had heavy bleeding and cramping for a week took another pregnancy test which was + went for a internal ultrasound and was told the sac is very small for 6 weeks and i must go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to see if there is a heart beat. I'm very worried got not reassurance.

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im 16, have weird bloatingand no period, im constantly tired, but I've had similar symptoms before. can there be some assurance whether im pregnant or not?

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Hi,my last menses is on the 23rd march. base on my calculation its already the 5th week since then and i'm 5 days late. i experience cramping on the 17 & 18 april which i assumed my period is coming but it doesnt. i had backaches and cramping again yesterday. i took a test on 20th april but its negative. am i testing too early or i should check again sometime next week?

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Hi how did it go? We have the same exact story and dates but I spotted today..trying to stay hopeful.

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I went for an ultra sound today after i missed my period for 5 weeks a the doctor say he is not seeing anything on the ultra sound what should i do

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I missed by period about 13 days ago.. did a test on a Sunday and Monday and it was negative.. I suffer from a blood disease so as a precaution I went to see the nurse.. sent a wee sample to path lab and waiting for results! Iv been trying for 2 years and nothing.. I have lower back pain bloating and I'm tired all the time. I'm have period like cramps but not as bad as the Ones I get on my period. It comes and lasts about 3-6 seconds every few hours.. I hope and pray to god I am and me and my partner can have our own little family.. good luck ladies I wish you all the best!

Kaith says:

If im 5 weeks pregnant when did i conceive?

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The first.day of my last M.C was April 23rd 2017 I have missed my may one took a hpt on May 25 26 28 also a blood test the 28th but all came.back negative my doc said it was too early for the test to be done so I am.asking when.should I take a test today makes day 12 missed

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