Cervix Position In Early Pregnancy

Cervix Position In Early Pregnancy


Position of the Cervix in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy shows signs of the presence of ovum already from its inception. The changes relate primarily to the reproductive organs. It is therefore natural that during early pregnancy the cervix becomes different than before. So the changes occurring with it are some of the many symptoms of an event awaiting the woman.

Signs of Change of Uterus After Conception

The uterus itself begins to markedly vary from about 4th week of pregnancy when the grown ovum causes the bulging of its walls, increasing the size of the organ and asymmetry. A specialist is also able to detect it. What is the cervix in early pregnancy depends on time from its beginning.

But the increase in progesterone that occurs immediately after fertilization of the ovum causes the body changes even visually. It is easy to notice during the gynecological examination. An experienced doctor can unerringly set a time past from the moment of conception.

Cervix in pregnancy in the early stages has the following differences from the former state:

  • The color of its mucous membrane becomes cyanotic, and before fertilization it was pink. It is not worth to be frightened by these changes, they are caused by the growth of blood vessels, activation of metabolic processes. It is necessary to improve the blood supply in this area, since the formation of fetal membranes and their nutrition requires a lot of oxygen;
  • Its position is changed relative to the main part of the organ;
  • The tissues touched during the examination become different in consistency.

How the Location of the Vaginal Portion of Cervix Changes

Reproductive organs with the appearance of the embryo adapt to it in such a way as to ensure the normal development, comfort and protect it from probable dangers. This is which dictates the new position of the cervix in early pregnancy. It is impermanent before it and varies at different stages of the cycle. But in general, this part of the organ, with respect to the vagina is situated relatively high enough.

This is especially noticeable when you ovulate and when the body strives to facilitate the penetration of sperm to the female reproductive cell. The position of the cervix in early pregnancy is below normal. It falls under the influence of progesterone, preventing slipping out of an ovum. From the position, high or low, your cervix is in early pregnancy, depends the flow of the process.

How to Check for Cervical Position

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