6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant


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6 weeks pregnant is how many months - this is the second month or first trimester

What to Expect and What is Happening to My Body at 6 Weeks Pregnant

On the 6th week of pregnancy the nervous system of the fetus fortifies. On the end of the nerve tube the brain forms. The fetal placenta becomes more solid. The arms, hands, legs and head form as well. The space occupied by the amniotic fluid rises to 3 ml. The eyes of the fetus are not yet developed - they are small and delicate. The heart, however, starts working. It looks like a small tube. A good ultrasonic device can already detect the heartbeat.

The way a woman feels changes. She becomes more irritable (due to the influence of the hormones), starts to feel pain and pricking in her nipples. The way food tastes is also now different. Actually, it can become rather unpleasant. The smells are distorted. Salivation may become more excessive.

While in this condition, it’d be better for a woman to calm down, start drinking more clean water, begin grazing on foods and avoid stressful situations. All this will really decrease the load on the digestive system. In order to relax and get rid of stress a woman may start practicing meditation.

It’s better for a pregnant woman to avoid unpleasant and displeasing smells that cause sickness. In order to get rid of this truly unpleasant phenomenon a woman may start practicing chinese gymnastics. Drinking lots of water also helps to get the excess of salt that provokes the sickness out of the body.

Information Which May be Useful at 6 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

Usually, this is the stage when the majority of women understands that they are now in a new status. This happens due to the fact that they notice the changes in the body. The pregnancy becomes real. A future mother is constantly reminded of the fact that she now needs to take care of herself and her future baby, the health and development of whom depends fully on her.

The main companion of all women, toxicosis, very often appears on this stage. Most frequently, feeling of nausea appears to happen in the morning. However, it may continue through the whole day. In order to avert the morning sickness it’s necessary to crunch a biscuit, a rusk or rink a cup of tea. Keep in mind that this should be done first thing in the morning, when you woke up but are still lying in bed.

6 Weeks Pregnant 1A pregnant woman feels tired and weak. She feels a loss of strength and her head may be dizzy. Her mood frequently changes. Some women are not that good when it comes to keeping their emotions under control. As a result, such women may become very capricious and irritable. Here, the family and relatives will have to be very patient.

The woman is bothered by haunting smells, the taste of food changes and salivation becomes more excessive. All these happen because of hormones’ work. The hormones’ aim is to alter the woman’s body in accordance with her new role. Although, there are women who manage to get through the period of pregnancy feeling fine. They even don’t have toxicosis.

One more, major symptom of pregnancy that becomes quite evident is the changes that happen with breast. The breast swells and becomes more sensitive, painfully sensitive. Nipples and aureoles around them become darker; a woman may feel a slight prickling. The weight of the woman won’t yet change. The belly is flat. Only waist may become a little wider. In some cases, blood pressure may decrease and some problems with digestive system such as epigastric burning, constipation or intestinal colics may occur. Since the hormone balance has changed, some problems with skin may occur. Situations when skin starts looking loose or acne appears are not rare.

On this stage, a gynecologist is already able to determine pregnancy. Even though the uterus of a woman is yet not bigger than a plum it already can press the urinary bladder quite hard. As a result, the urination happens more often. You should neither be afraid of such like symptoms nor mix them up with cystitis. If there aren’t any painful sensations, cramping and cramps your urine is clear and transparent, everything is all right.

In order to exclude the case of extrauterine pregnancy and make sure that the course of pregnancy is going normally the doctors, as a rule, make a woman undergo some tests to define the level of HCG and progesterone in blood. Both the hormones play an important role when it comes to having your pregnancy going normally. Progesterone averts the uterus’ contractions and the situation when the tonus of the uterus becomes high. Usually, the level of the progesterone is rising gradually until the end of the pregnancy.

Hormone HCG (chorionic gonadotropin), that is produced by placenta, should be rising during all first trimester. In case the level of these hormones in blood is low, the doctor may prescribe your medicine in order to keep the pregnancy. Besides, if a future mother decides to register and get under the supervision of a gynecologist, the gynecologist prescribes her a number of tests to undergo.

The placenta starts to actively develop on the stage of 6 weeks. This process is extremely important since placenta provides the fetus with nutritious substances and oxygen. This is also the time when the bag of waters starts developing actively. The bag of waters protects the fetus from mechanical effects. The umbilical cord forms gradually. The placenta attaches to the uterine wall. Until the placenta fully ripens, the main function of providing the fetus with the necessary nutrition is carried out by the yolk-bag. Later on, it disappears.

Now your baby is only 4 weeks old and it’s a very important and significant period. Your baby is yet only a fetus that forms and develops actively. It looks like letter “C” – it’s only a cylindrical body with a small tail that is, in fact, the lower part of the spine. The fetus is very, very small. Its body is not longer than 1 cm.

During this period the rudiments of arms and legs appear. They look like small tubercles. The head gets a certain shape and cartilaginous tissues for future bones, tendons and muscles start to form. The face changes, nose, mouth, eye-holes and ears appear on it.

There is the process of formation a basis for future organs of all important systems:

  1. Digestive system (intestinal tube develops, the basis for liver, stomach and pancreas forms);
  2. Respiratory system (lungs, trachea and bronchi);
  3. Blood circulation system (first blood vessels and a bilocular heart appear);
  4. Immune system (thymus forms);
  5. Nervous system (the nerve tube closes up, nerve cells actively divide, brain bubbles appear – they will serve as prototypes for right and left hemisphere of the brain).

The baby is already trying to react to stimuli and even move. The baby rocks in the side direction. A future mother cannot yet feel all these movements.

6 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

6 Weeks Pregnant 2

6 weeks pregnancy photos

Pistures: showing at 6 weeks pregnant.

It’s really important for the woman to be extremely careful and attentive because any negative factors can harm irreparably not only her health, but also the health of her baby. It’s very advisable to take volic acid. Vitamin B9 is extremely important when it comes to having your pregnancy course go normally. The vitamin is necessary for the fetus’ cells to divide. Besides, it takes part in blood-forming processes, in the forming of placenta and transferring of the hereditary features.

Pregnant women are rarely said to undergo a ultrasonic investigation on this stage because there isn’t much information to get. However, the doctor is already able to detect a multiple pregnancy and hear the heartbeat of the baby. It’s impossible to define the sex of the baby. The external sexual characters are not yet developed. There is only a basis for them.

What Symptoms May Occur?

The most alerting symptom that can occur in the course of pregnancy is pains in belly. If you experience from time to time persistent pain that is accompanied by bleed discharge, this may be a threatened abortion and you urgently need to visit a gynecologist. Sometimes pains in belly may occur as a result of uterus’ bunches tension. In this case, the pains are not that intense. More often, they feel more like labor pains. You don’t need to be worried about that. If the pains are regular and occur in the evening, after some physical activities, you’d better get a doctor’s advice on that. The doctor will identify the reason of the pains and take necessary precautions.

The majority of pregnant women experience intense pains in the small of the back. If your pregnancy is going normally, such like pain may occur as the consequence of progesterone effect and the enlargement of the uterus in size. There’s no need to treat them. They will go away by themselves. This usually happens until the 20th week. In case there’s a pathology, possible reasons may include an extrauterine pregnancy, infections that affect urogenital system or it may be a warning of a future threatened abortion.

Miscarriage at 6 Weeks

As a rule, at this term of pregnancy, a woman already knows that she’s in a delicate condition. She has already noticed that her periods are late, there is a change in the way she feels and in her mood as well. She may suffer from morning sickness and painful sensations in breast. It’s quite hard to define the exact term of pregnancy on your own. A gynecologist is able to define it better. He/she does it based on the time when a woman had her periods last time. The 6th week of pregnancy is considered to be a risky period due to the fact that there may occur a miscarriage. Even the slightest ailment may serve as a reason for this awful event.

The reasons for miscarriage:

  • A cold, ARVI, angina, influenza etc.;
  • Too high body temperature (higher than 38 °C);
  • Increased physical loads;
  • Infections of the urogenital system;
  • Stress;
  • Chronic and inherited diseases;
  • Taking antibiotics, strong composing and other drugs.

Symptoms and signs of miscarriage:

  • Vaginal discharge of brown color;
  • Sharp nagging pain in the lower part of belly;
  • Painful sensations in the small of the back;
  • Chilly sensations;
  • Periods.

You should know that there may be periods on this term of pregnancy. However, this is an exception to the rule and it happens very rarely. If a woman notices a discharge that looks very much like periods, gynecologist recommend her to consult her doctor as soon as possible. It’s important not to pit the visit to the doctor off. Besides, you’re not recommended to try to treat yourself by yourself.

Preventive measures against miscarriage:

  • Stay positive. Do not overthink it and fight against bad thoughts. The fact of being pregnant should make you happy. You should feel on top of the world.
  • Avoid stressful situations and take care of your health in terms of emotions.
  • If you smoke, quit it. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most risky. Smoking may provoke either miscarriage or advanced labour.
  • Try to cut down on the amount of coffee you drink. There are two reasons for why you should do it. The first is that caffeine increases toxicosis. The second one is that coffee is a strong diuretic drink and it has a negative impact on the stomach of a future mother. Coffee interferes in the process of iron absorption. In other words, it doesn’t let iron to be absorbed by your organism the way it should be absorbed.
  • Toxicosis is not an excuse if you don’t want to go for a walk. Walk and breathe fresh air as often as it is possible.
  • Once you notice the first symptoms of pregnancy, go to your doctor so that he/she keeps all the course of it under control.

6 Weeks Ultrasound Scan Pictures

6 Weeks Pregnant 3

Pictures: 6 weeks pregnant yolk sac.

6 weeks ultrasound photo

6 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

6 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Pictures: ultrasounds twins at 6 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Except for the pains in belly and in the small of the back a pregnant woman should pay attention to the discharge itself. Any, even the smallest one, amount of bleeding in it or pink spotting, should put on her guard. These all are the signs of spontaneous miscarriage. For this reason, it’s not advisably to refuse getting in the hospital, especially, if a gynecologist says you to do so in order to keep the baby.

Changed hormonal balance provokes an increase in the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the vagina. That’s why normal, non-alarming discharge should be either whitish or transparent, without any specific colour or smell. If the colour of the discharge is changed, the discharge is greenish, brown or yellow and has an unpleasant smell, it’s most likely that there’s an infection in the organism of the woman.

Very often pregnant women face the situation of the so-called milk thrush or moniliosis. This is the illness that’s caused by Candida fungal infection. It’s not dangerous for the baby but very unpleasant for the mother. The symptoms of this illness are abundant light discharge that looks like curd flakes and redness as well as swelling of the mucosa that are followed by burning sensation and itching. Many pregnant women try fighting the problem on their own. However, you should keep in mind that the majority of milk thrush drugs are forbidden to take during the first trimester. Vagina irrigations are strictly non-advisable.

The situation may be much more dangerous if a pregnant woman has abundant non-transparent purulent or mucous – purulent discharge. This may be calcite – an infection that provokes the inflammation of vagina mucous shell. Leucorrhoea (a specific discharge) may be caused by the provocative that has to be identified because it can infect the fetus and labor waters, provoke serious complications in the course of pregnancy. If you don’t treat calcite, it will develop into a chronic form where the symptoms are not that evident.

Any harmless illness including a cold may influence the small organism that is developing in mother’s body. The first trimester is a rather hard period because the majority of drugs are strictly forbidden to take on this stage. That’s why a future mother should be very attentive when it comes to her health and try to keep herself safe. This is her great responsibility.

If something goes wrong, any kind of cold that the mother had on an early stage of pregnancy, may result in complications and even termination of pregnancy. It may also lead to fetus’ failure of development, complications that’ll make the course of pregnancy and the process of labor more difficult.

Any drugs, that a future mother takes, should be discussed and approved by the doctor. Even if they are empirical remedies. There’s no danger in rinsing a nose with salt solutions, eating products that contain a lot of vitamin C or drinking lots of tea, water or fruit drinks. You should try to treat yourself on your own. If you have a high temperature, this may lead to serious complications, even to missed abortion.

6 Weeks Pregnant: A Complete Guide on Fetal Development

Taking drugs without having discussed them with a doctor beforehand is even more dangerous. Such a rash decision may harm your baby even more than a viral infection. Irrespective of the fact that viral infections are dangerous and quite unwelcome in case of pregnant women, approximately 80 % of pregnant women catch such an infection. There’s no surprise about that since the capacity of pregnant women immune system drops sharply so that a mother is able to carry a baby. At the same time, it makes her organism vulnerable. Therefore, the case of illness is quite common and, in the majority of cases, there’s no serious consequences involved. In order to avert possible risk you need to breathe in fresh air more often, go for a walk, take vitamins, rest more and try not to attend places where there are usually crowds of people.

If the temperature of your body rises, it doesn’t always mean that you’re ill. The temperature of a pregnant woman’s body is always a bit higher on the early stages of pregnancy. It may be a bit higher than 37 °C. This may be caused by active production of progesterone or just overheating. If high temperature of your body worries you, you should tell your doctor about it so that to get help.

On the 6th week of pregnancy you can keep your basal temperature under control and note any change in it in your notebook, building a specific scale. If you did such thing before, you may make sure that exactly a rise in your basal temperature was the first evidence of your pregnancy. If the temperature decreases, this may be a sign of a threatened abortion and thus should be a thing to be concerned about.


One more adverse factor for having a normal course of pregnancy is when a future mother drinks alcohol. especially during the 6th week. There’s hardly any use in talking about a negative influence of the alcohol on the development of a baby. Not a single mother would want to become a reason of her child’s health problems, give a birth to an unhealthy child or provoke a miscarriage.

In this case, the 6th week is particularly crucial because on this stage there’s the formation of all organs and systems of a future child is going. As a result of an alcohol or nicotine toxic influence a prenatal delay in development may occur. Also, nicotine or alcohol may lead to mental or physical disorders, abnormalities in the way the skull is built and external deformities. Cardiovascular system may be damaged or any other serious pathologies will occur.

Nutrition at 6 Week Pregnancy

A woman that is waiting for her baby to come into the world should be very responsible when it comes to the way she eats. You need to thoroughly analyze your everyday meals and exclude every product that’s bad for your health. The list of such products includes smoked or salty foods, spicy sauces and acid condiments, canned goods, strong coffee and tea. It’s necessary to replace fried meals by boiled or steamed ones. If you can’t give up eating all these products fully, you need at least limit the amount of them that you eat.

Curd, other milk products, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, green stuff and non-fat meat are very welcome as the meals of a future mother. These products will provide your organism with all the necessary vitamins and microelements that are necessary for a baby to develop normally. Don’t forget about the fact that exactly on the 6th week there’s the basis formation and formation of all important systems and inner organs of your baby is going.

Very often doctors prescribe additional set of vitamins. This set of vitamins takes into account all the needs of a growing baby and the mother. Some women, when feeling a stronger hunger, start eating double portions of food. This is a wrong strategy to follow. Neither you nor the child need excessive calories. You need to follow the strategy of grazing. This way you won’t overeat and suffer from hunger attacks.

Sexual Life

This is one more important factor in the life of every couple that’s waiting for their baby to come. Many couples get worried and start asking themselves a question: “How safe it is to have sex on the 6th week of pregnancy? Maybe, we need to put an end to it for some time while it is necessary?”.

Gynecologists firmly stick to one opinion here. If there’s no contradictions and sex doesn’t cause any discomfort, then it’s rather welcome. If the pregnancy is going smoothly, there’s no way you may harm the baby. That means, of course, that a woman feels well, doesn’t experience any pains, doesn’t have any blood discharge when i wipe, is not faced with a possibility of a threatened abortion. Overall, if she doesn’t have any other health problems.

It is very important that sexual life brings happiness and satisfaction. You shouldn’t be afraid of harming the baby physically. Your baby is safely protected by the walls of the uterus and the labor waters. The entrance to the uterus is covered by the mucous plug. The contractions, that happen in the uterus while a woman is experiencing an orgasm, won’t influence the baby in a negative way. Most likely, it will turn out to be a preparation gymnastics for your uterus’ muscles.

A Useful Piece of Advice

Six weeks is only the beginning of pregnancy. They seem to be too little when you consider the whole period of pregnancy. However, this period is extremely important not only for the mother, but also for her baby. It is necessary for a future mother to take vitamin sets, the important element of which is folic acid.

Recommendations for Women

It’s really important that you register and get under the supervision of a doctor on the 6th week. The earlier you do it, the better. The doctor will write all your data, tests results and changes that will happen down in your medical chart.

Your doctor will give you a prescription for tests and give a piece of advice on what other doctors you should visit. Instable work of thyroid gland during the course of pregnancy can be quite dangerous. When the amount of hormones drops down or goes up sharply, it can lead either to a spontaneous abortion or have a negative influence on the brain of the baby.

Talk to your relatives and members of your family. Ask them to try not to make you nervous and help you in any way they can. It is very important for you to feel safe and loved. Give up eating all the unhealthy products, as well as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Take vitamins, drink fresh squeezed juice, avoid eating unknown or exotic products. In order to reduce toxicosis you need to exclude products that have a highly irritating smell and put aside all the items that have a strong smell. Dress up according to the weather, avoid noisy and crowded places and try having a walk and breathing in fresh air more often.

Video Guide: 6 weeks pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy at 6 Weeks

If a woman’s periods start regularly, then, by the time the 6th week ends, a woman will already know that she’s expecting. By this time, the periods are 2 weeks late.

During these period the babies continue growing with every passing day. If you undergo a ultrasonic investigation, you’ll be able to see the eye-holes that are starting to form. Doctors always show the beating hearts of the babies to a future mother. This is the moment she’ll remember for all her life. As for the legs and the arms of the twins, they look like flipper formations on this stage.

In the majority of cases, a ultrasonic investigation on the stage of 6 weeks can already detect a multiple pregnancy. The doctor is also able to identify what kind of twins you have: a monochorionic pregnancy (from one placenta) or a dichorionic one (from two different placentas).

On this stage, you may already experience the first symptoms of toxicosis. Unlike a usual pregnancy, in case of a multiple one these symptoms will be much more evident. The course of the pregnancy itself will be more difficult. However, later on, a woman will be rewarded twice for her hard work.

Olivia says:

I did the electronic test, it showed 3+ and well, by my calculations I'm on the 6th week. On Monday I will go to clinic I will hand over blood on HCG and I will make ultrasonography. I hope pregnancy will be confirmed. Good luck to all of you)

Layne says:

I’m pregnant. It turns out that I’m on the 6th week already. I’m so much happy. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow to make all necessary tests and undergo an ultrasound investigation.

uchenna says:

I did not see my period for 2wks and suddenly it started and lasted for 4days.what do I do. should I go for a test though I've done some home pregnancy test but it came out negative. please advice me on what to do

Tumi kekana says:

It is possible that you might miss your periods for two months and not be pregnant.i also experinced it

Diamond says:

Hi guys I took a test on 3-14-17 it came back positive, I am now 6weeks along

EarthAngel says:

Hey Diamond,congrats. I am also 6 weeks.

betty says:

Am so confused on calculating how old pregnant I am, I saw my period 15th of feb 2017, ND haven't seen my period again till date.. How many months could I be?.. I wz once feeling pregnant bt rarely hv such feeling... Is my baby OK???

J says:

Five weeks and five days with baby number two. We are so excited!!

christine says:

I tested last week and the doctor confirmed am 5 weeks pregnant am so excited

flora says:

congrats to d pregnant ladies,I want to say big thanks to the doctor,on this platform, I learnt so many things. but I want to ask,I am 5weeks pregnant, bt am still seeing some brown discharge, for some days na,hope my baby is fine. pls I really need your reply. Thanks.

Serenity says:

Flora- I too experienced this and it's completely normal . You're just spotting . :) congrats

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6 weeks 3 days with second baby..so much excited????

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can playing gate like basket ball cause a miscarriage at four to five weeks of pregnancy????? ??

Alice Obeng says:

please is had my last period 14 July this year so want to how many weeks now

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I was in 7th week pregnancy suddenly I got periods and did scan my midwife said it is miscarriage . Do I need to do something or need to get some medications to recover my health. Because I had really strong bleeding from last 5 days and very bad pain. Plz advice me. Really thankful

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hi my last periods were 22july how many weeks am i

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I missed 2 peiord

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my tummy started 2 grow bigger . so I wander, is it normal ?

latra says:

Hi could a scan not detect pregnancy??. according to.my calculations am on my 6th week of my first pregnancy. Did 3home pregnancy tests and they all positive my doctor agrees I am pregnant but the scan says otherwise. Am worried could something be wrong please advice

latra says:

Hi could a scan not detect pregnancy??. according to.my calculations am on my 6th week of my first pregnancy. Did 3home pregnancy tests and they all positive my doctor agrees I am pregnant but the scan says otherwise. Am worried could something be wrong please advice

okwuchukwu chidinma says:

I luv dis! I saw Mi period last 2 months uptiil now I have not not sure seen any

Praises says:

How would you know that youa now at a certain weeks pregnancy if you had only got tested today for instance and they just told you that you are pregnant. I just went at the clinic last week but i was not sure, i went as a sick person unfortunately i was told that i am pregnant but they didn't mention for how long i have been pregnant. Now iam confused i can not even recal my day of conception because we had tryed maybe two -three times there with protection now i dont know when was the error made. We have done it in a week after a week again. Pls help

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hi I discovered tht am 6weeks pregnant after going to the doctor,was taking pregnant test but there where no showing .

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I'm 6 weeks pregnant I'm so excited but last week I was spotting the Dr said that I am OK

Asra Jafri says:

I am 2months pregnant. I had my 1st ultrasound on 11th may but my ultrasound report says that I have enlarged uterus with anteverted gestational sac with silent foetus of 6week 4days. Dr says I had a missed abortion. But 1don't have any symptoms of abortion. We have decided to take transvaginal screening. I am really very worried. Is there any chance???

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I saw my mensuration on the 15 of last month it last for 3 days but have not seen my period this month so d doctor confirmed am 6weeks 6days pregnant


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