5 Months Pregnant

5 Months Pregnant


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How many weeks is 5 months in pregnancy, the 5th months of pregnancy is the 18-22th weeks.

All Information About the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

The interval between 18th and 22th weeks is the fifth month of pregnancy. Some pregnant mummies can feel the first quickening of their babies during this period, which may be figuratively associated with a butterfly fluttering in the stomach.

Sensations and Perturbations

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If mummy is a primipara yet, then she feels the first quickening in period from 18 to 20 weeks and if the child isn't the first one, then quickening will possibly be felt a little earlier. The feeling of a baby moving within makes mummy feel happy, she begins to experience real joy of life. Every day child will stir even more often and more actively, and the stomach will increase together with it and that will create some inconveniences for future mother during sleep.

It is necessary to avoid lying on your back during rest or sleep because this pose may lead to increase of uterus which presses on a sexual vein. It will be better if you begin to sleep lying on your side during the period before childbirth.

It is recommended to reduce the time which is spent sitting at a computer to a minimum. To the first half of the fifth month the future mother puts on the weight by an average of 2 or 4 kg. Don't overwork yourself. Remember that it is necessary to find time for rest. Get into the habit of walking, airing your room and other home apartments. It is necessary to refuse treatment by pharmaceutical preparations and drinking various herbal teas.

One exception is your doctor’s recommendations only. Be vigilant because there is a higher risk of miscarriage or stillbirth due to cervical incompetence during this period of pregnancy. At this time uterus rises above and already reaches belly-button. Its can reach the size of a small muskmelon.

Try to use more products containing vitamins. Give special preference to C-rich foods, because this vitamin deficiency can cause itch, dryness and a dermal thinning. Don't worry if you feel light-headed from time to time. The blood volume increases and it can be the cause of such dizziness. But see the doctor just in case, because there is a risk of anemia, which may lead dizziness during pregnancy, too.

Changes Which Occurs in Mother's Organism

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During the fifth month of pregnancy the woman may have the following changes in psychological and physical health:

  • child becomes more active;
  • discharges, so-called bleach, become more substantial;
  • pain feelings appear in underbelly;
  • constipation is possible;
  • disorders of intestines, abdominal distension and heartburn;
  • dizziness and headache, as a last resort – faints;
  • feelings of stuffiness in nose, nosebleed and rhinitis;
  • ear catarrh;
  • legs cramp;
  • increase in appetite;
  • bleeding of gums;
  • podedema symptoms, face and hands become swollen;
  • back hurts;
  • more rare change of mood;
  • heartbeat becomes frequent;
  • varicosity of shin veins or veins of anus;
  • change of pigmentation of face skin or belly;
  • pregnancy fully understanding;
  • perhaps absent-mindedness and irritability.

5 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 5 months pregnant belly

5 Months Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

5 Months Ultrasound Boy:

5 Months Ultrasound Boy

5 Months Ultrasound Girl:

5 Months Ultrasound Girl

5 Months Ultrasound Twins

ultrasound of twins at 5 months

What Happens to the Child (Fetus)

5 months pregnant symptoms

Picture: Fetus at 5 Months Pregnant.

In the second half of the fifth month the child weighs 280-300 g and has length 25 cm. White vernix caseosa – a peculiar fatty substance, is emitted because of active functioning of sebaceous glands. This lubricant serves as protection of the child against amniotic fluid and it later helps him to pass through patrimonial ways more easily. This lubricant also protects child’s skin from harmful effects of bacteria. The skin becomes covered by «fine down» and is thickened. By that time the skin has a wrinkled red appearance. And the first feces, meconium is produced in the child's intestine.

The immune system of the future newborn is finally formed. The spleen purposefully develops lymphocytes and monocytes which will be protection of the organism later. In addition, muscular system and cerebellum have finished their formation and extremities have almost developed. And there are developing gustatory papillas and receptors on the tongue. The child for the 5th month of pregnancy is already capable to feel a difference between sweet and salty.

Acoustical ossicles, which provide the child with the possibility to distinguish outer sounds, become stronger. Retina of the eye becomes more sensitive. There is more brain and the brain is more active. The vestibular apparatus is formed. There are fundamentals of second teeth under beginnings of milk ones. The small heart palpitates at a rate of 130-150 beats per minute. It is already possible to listen to a heartbeat through mother’s abdomen wall by obstetric tubule, without resorting to use of an ultrasonic stethoscope. From this moment till twentieth week the child will begin to move from 4 to 8 times an hour.

If the child feels badly, then you will feel it, as the child will begin to stir more intensively and more often. Perhaps the child lacks oxygen this time. If you feel too weak jerks, or don't feel any movement at all, then visit the doctor immediately. The child can also react to external disturbance by means of his movements. He already manages to frown and to open eyes. Lungs develop and all endocrine systems begin to functionate, too. In the second half of month, the child will be able to make the first incidental stir by lungs. Kidneys work rather actively already. The most part of organs of endocrine system release hormones. Such organs are parathyroid gland, pancreas, adrenals, epiphysis and hypophysis.

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