6 Months Pregnant

6 Months Pregnant


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How many weeks is 6 months in pregnancy, the 6th months of pregnancy is the 22-27th weeks.

All Information About the Six Month of Pregnancy

For the majority of pregnant women and for you personally this month of pregnancy will be great regardless of anything. You’ll always have a feeling of unbelievable pleasure and your slightly protuberant belly will only contribute to it. This is exactly the time when you’ve already gained weight and you’re no longer able to hide your pregnancy from people who surround you.

Changes in the Organism

Let’s see what you’re to expect at this stage of pregnancy:

  • a fetus’ movements become considerably noticeable;
  • discharges from vagina become whiter;
  • not that strong pains in the lower part of the belly occur. The reason for it is the tightening of the ligaments that support the uterus. Consequently, the ligaments are now strained more than before;
  • cases of constipation;
  • epigastric burning becoming stronger. The process of digestion is going more difficult, there is an increased production of gases in the belly;
  • headaches still occur. Sometimes, you may feel dizzy. A feeling of weakness is not rare;
    from time to time there is nose bleeding and also gingival hemorrhage. The reason for it are the vessels that are lousy with blood;
  • an increase of appetite is possible;
  • sometimes, your legs may be cramped because of spasms;
  • there is a possibility of feet swelling, sometimes, your face/hands may also swell, especially when it’s hot;
  • outflow of blood from legs’ veins or in the area of the anal office may be difficult;
  • unpleasant itching (scabies) of the belly skin;
  • the muscles of the back start to pain more;
  • the occurrence of pigmented spots on the face/belly. The spots disappear after labor;
  • non-significant increase of the breast size;
  • emotional upheavals that occur not that often. You may be a bit unfocused and feel as if you’re morally tired;
  • the felling of anxiety increases. This is due to the fact that the baby will soon be born.

6 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 6 months pregnant belly

Weight Gain

6 Months Pregnant 1

Usually, pregnant women gain 0.5 kg every week. However, you may gain more weight, especially if before pregnancy your weight was significantly lower than it should be according to the standard. In general, on the 24th week the average gain of weight is approximately 4.5 kg.

Your Baby at 6 Month Pregnancy

At this moment, the fetus may approximately be 0.33 m high and he or she may weight approximately up to 0.57 kg.

6 Months Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

6 Months Ultrasound Boy:

6 Months Ultrasound Boy

6 Months Ultrasound Girl:

6 Months Ultrasound Girl

6 Months Ultrasound Twins

ultrasound of twins at 6 months

New Sensations

By this stage of pregnancy, you gain quite a considerable weight. You can see it by your clothes that have become too tight. On this stage, it’s necessary to replace slinky and too tight dresses with the ones that are more loose. It’s necessary to completely give up wearing synthetics and wear clothes that are made of natural textile – cotton, flax etc. You’ll probably sweat more and it will be more difficult for you to bare heat than usual. That’s why you need to drink more, especially it refers to simple water.

What You Are to Do

6 Months Pregnant 2

  1. You need to consult your doctor on how you should prepare your breast to breastfeeding if you’re going to do it.
  2. When you lie or sit you need to put your legs as high as possible and also put a pillow or a roll under them. This will decrease the possibility of a swelling occurrence or will prevent it at all.
  3. You should do exercise everyday. Relaxing and various breathing exercises contribute to the improvement of your general condition. However, you shouldn’t make too much efforts here.

The body of a baby is quite fragile since it hasn’t accumulated enough fat yet. In the skin of an embryo the formation of perspiratory glands starts. Besides, your baby starts using his or her legs and hands muscles. A mother can very well feel such like “exercises”. The baby is active and still in turns. Non-significant pushes in the belly of a mother may be a baby’s cough or hiccup.

Apart from physical exercises, psychological reactions appear. At this moment of time, a baby is lying in the uterus in a posture of a curled caterpillar. Labor waters support his or her vital activity. Blood provides him or her with all necessary nutrients and oxygen and also eliminates all slags. For now placenta is responsible for all the mentioned processes. Appearance and behavior of a baby at the end of the 6th month fully correspond with the way an embryo should be before labor. There are only eyes that are still covered with membrane. It will disappear on the 28th week thus providing a baby with an ability to see.

There is a gradual development of a baby’s listening ability going on. He or she is already able to distinguish the timbre of your voice and tuneful sounds. Apart from it, he or she is able to react to certain styles of music and sharp sounds.

Placenta is responsible for a baby’s nutrition. He or she is protected from negative factors by labor waters. The waters are renovated every 4 hours. Thanks to them there is always a constant temperature that serves to a baby’s convenience and makes possible pushes feel softer. Also, the waters protect a baby from infections.

Ultrasound examination can show you that your baby is already able to squint, open mouth, frown or puff out cheeks. He or she can move, turn over and clench fists. The sleep pattern of a baby will not always coincide with yours. Very often, his or her activity increases at the time when you have rest.

Starting from the 7th month, the part of the brain responsible for consciousness and thought processes start to develop. This is the period when the personality of a baby starts to develop. He or she may suck at his/her fingers and swallow labor waters sometimes. Too much labor waters in his or her organism cause hiccupping. labor waters get out of his or her organism as urine. When a baby is getting ready for being born, he or she makes chest movements thus practicing lungs. The formation of tongue papilla starts on the 28th week. At this stage a baby can distinguish salty, bitter and sweet tastes.

Examinations at 6 Month Pregnancy

On this stage, you need to undergo the following examinations:

  1. You need to measure your blood pressure and weight.
  2. Make urine tests in order to find out how much proteins and carbohydrates it contains.
  3. A doctor should listen to the heartbeat of your baby.
  4. A doctor should measure the height of the uterus lower part.
  5. When a doctor palpated your belly, he or she defines the size of the uterus as well as the location of the fetus in it.
  6. A therapist also examines your legs in order to see if there is swelling or symptoms of varicose veins.
  7. Apart from all these, you also have an opportunity to consult the medical staff and ask them about everything you’re worried about and discuss possible difficulties.

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