39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant


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39 weeks of pregnancy how many months? Is the end of the 9th month or the 3rd trimester.

What to Expect at 39 Weeks Pregnant

The kid has changed his position, having nestled knees on chin, and very soon to be going to start out separate of mother. The child continues to gain body weight, being in absolutely immobilized position of body. The main functional processes in organism proceed as well as at the independent adult, however the kid still remains very weakened.

Future mother continues to transmit through umbilical cord to the child necessary useful substances and microelements, however at this stage of growth of the fetus there can be trouble if there is twisting of umbilical cord in node round neck of the kid, thereby having blocked it oxygen. In practice, not exceptional case, fortunately, of dangerous effects it does not bring it.

Mummy does not feel any considerable changes with health, besides that desires to urination and bowel emptyings becomes much more often. The woman is overflowed by emotions, nervous vulnerability, tearfulness increases, but, fortunately, it is not connected with health problems, and depends on experiences before the forthcoming difficult process of birth of new life. During this period releases of blood can be formed of mother's vagina. You should not worry as it is caused with that the neck of uterus quite often is narrowed and extends, thus the mucous stopper preserving fetus gradually vanishes.

Also, during this period, there is gradual lowering of the child below to patrimonial ways, in this regard at mother breath improves and facilitated, so and digestion that can cause liquid chair is accelerated. If the woman feels that the kid quickly enough falls down, it with bigger probability means fast approach of the childbirth.

Information Which May be Useful at 39 Weeks of Pregnancy:

What Happens to the Child (Fetus)

39 Weeks Pregnant 1Fine time of pregnancy comes to end, childbirth has to begin any day. The child already cannot wait to be born, start out separate of mother.

On this week at the kid the respiratory system was completely created and lungs are ready to accept air. The pancreas makes production of the enzymes necessary for normal functioning of the alimentary system. Internal environment of intestines for the present remains sterile, beneficial bacteria will populate it after the first feeding by breast.

Physical activity of the child considerably decreases. This phenomenon is caused by decrease in volume of amniotic waters. Their updating is as usual carried out once at three o'clock, however it is not enough place for the movement of the fetus. The main ability of the kid now is the sucking reflex developed now is the most active. The chewing reflex to appear after the birth, to be exact, after the first feedings of the baby.

Rhythm of small life of the fetus on the 39th week is the same as at the newborn. The kid can react to light and darkness, sounds, touches to mother's tummy. Sight focusing, at insignificant distance, will become possible only after the birth of the baby. Smile and thank the kid, after all for him it is huge work.

The central nervous system develops much more difficult and more long than other systems, during pregnancy and even after process of the birth of the kid. The woman needs to be steadier against stresses, personal experiences as all this is strongly transferred to the baby, being negatively reflected in its development. Young mother has to protect the mentality, avoid negative emotions and try to observe tranquillity.

The increase in body weight of mother on the 39th week is not obligatory though the child still continues to grow. Growth and weight of the kid is individual, but, as a rule, do not exceed 50 cm and 3.5 kg. Fatty deposits under skin of the fetus smooth folds, doing skin smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The Baby Has Hiccups

Many expectant mothers in the last couple of months of pregnancy notice that the baby hiccups in the womb. Sometimes the hiccup attacks are more frequent, sometimes they are less frequent, and often expectant mothers are very concerned because babies can hiccup for 30-60 minutes, during day and night. Woman worries, cannot sleep, and the doctor may scare her even more, saying this is hypoxia.

Don't worry, try to understand that hiccup is natural, and most of the babies in the womb hiccup, be patient and do not let any fears bring you down. Better palm your tummy, talk to your baby, it may somehow divert him and he will stop hiccuping.

Belly at 39 Weeks Pregnancy

During incubation of the child the stomach of mother can fall in 7-14 days prior to childbirth. If the woman gives birth for the first time, lowering can happen in day. At repeatedly giving birth stomach may not go down at all. When the woman feels stirs of the kid to 10 times in 12 hours, it means that the kid is ready to be born. At the correct provision of the fetus the head is sent to basin area, the tone of muscles of press of the woman in labor decreases.

Stomach volume at this stage can seem to the huge. Skin becomes not elastic and there is pigmental strip. Fortunately, the itch and peelings on stomach can be eliminated with highly effective medical drugs, and after the delivery these indispositions will pass finally. The uterus starts working actively, the stomach at pains can become very firm and hard. Rest will help to eliminate indispositions. As a rule, for the last weeks, the kid behaves more quietly though its stirs are still strongly notable mother.

39 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

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39 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 39 weeks 5 days pregnant.


Course of pregnancy on the 39th week one of the most heartrending and tiresome experiences for young mother. Any movement of the fetus is felt rather strongly inside. About 8-10 kg of weight press on urinary system of the woman causing constant desire to descend in toilet. Every day pressure upon pelvic bones becomes stronger. Mother is disturbed by the aching back pains, cramping and cramps, the movements are slowed down, movement becomes complicated.

In order that the child feels well, without feeling discomfort and loadings, it is necessary to create for him Wednesday with enough oxygen. Mothers need to see off, as much as possible, time in the fresh air in parks, squares, gardens. It is necessary to do it regularly and for a long time.

The way "nestings" will help to overcome physical fatigue, slackness, weakness. It is the so-called period when young mothers bring order to the apartment, buy clothes to future child, prepare place of care of the newborn. However it is worth keeping forces for childbirth and to resolve only organizational issues, having shifted all cares to the father or other assistants to a young mother.

The neck of the uterus starts revealing and be shortened in the amount. Normal dilated at 39 Weeks Pregnancy 1-2 cm, is not bad. The head of the child falls below and starts pressing on haunch bones of mother. In this like period it is important that mother did not feel pain at the moving, thus not the long discomfort and prickings are considered as the admissible. For night sleeping and sitting it is necessary to choose the most favorable poses.

Weight Gein at 39 Weeks Pregnancy

The nature has provided everything that childbirth of the woman was easier therefore before preparation for the birth of the kid mother to become more movably and flexible. The woman can lose 2-3 kg, you should not be frightened it as the child as it should be, and the lost weight is simply removed excess liquid from mother's organism.

The general increase in weight on the 39th week makes 10-15 kg, but also here too all individually. At regular weighings and fixation of data on weight, sharply dumped kilograms can be signal that the childbirth is already close. Often women in labor before birth of the kid face loss of appetite or frequent to campaigns in toilet, however these complaints meet not at all.

39 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

39 Weeks Pregnant 3

Ultrasound at 39 Weeks Pregnant


For many years physicians were against sexual intercourse in the last weeks of pregnancy of the woman. It was explained by that at reduction of uterus during orgasm future mother could have premature pains, and then and childbirth. Today these assumptions and guesses are completely disproved. All people are individual, and it is only necessary to listen to himself and the body. If the woman feels discomfort or fatigue, cannot relax and feel inclination to the partner, it is not necessary to force it to make love.

However, if a future mother wishes proximity with the husband, feels need for caress and tenderness, sex will become good preparation for the childbirth. It is connected with that containing in man's secretion, prostaglandin increases elasticity of internal women's bodies, thereby preparing the woman for the forthcoming childbirth. The orgasm also promotes active trainings of uterus, stimulates productive patrimonial activity.

Sex as stimulator of regular contractions accelerates process of the first stage of childbirth practices in many countries. Supervision have shown that the uterus reveals quicker, and pain becomes not such acute.

Despite the fact that the child is reliably covered by natural blankets, it is necessary to have sex in last weeks very accurately. If there is pain, sexual intercourse should be finished. Categorically it is not allowed to make love in inconvenient poses when the stomach is squeezed, it is better if it is in free situation.

Pains at 39 Weeks Pregnancy

Most often at women of abdomen pain on the 39th week have chronic character. The fetus pressing on haunch bones of mother causes the aching pains in the bottom of stomach. At discrepancy of haunch bones of pain are felt in sacrum and waist. Not seldom these pains develop into the pricking and sharp forms. For simplification of these indispositions, young mothers have to know respiratory gymnastics and ordinary technicians of relaxation of body. It will help and at childbirth.

False labor before childbirth is a rather widespread phenomenon. You can't avoid them as it is some kind of training of uterine muscles before childbirth. False labor are rather expressed on pain, not on differing from the menstrual pains many. Pregnant women need to protect the forces and not to load organism with cares and affairs. The best assistant, in overcoming of prenatal pains is a rest in quiet and cozy conditions. Mother needs to find the most convenient for it pose and it is simple to relax, having recovered quiet and even breath.

Last weeks at future mothers breast pains begin, it means the beginning of production of colostrum. The organism to prepare for important process of feeding of the baby.


If on the 39th week mother began to notice increase or swelling of breast, it means formation of colostrum. At this moment there can be excreta from nipples. You should not be frightened it, everything is natural and normal. More attention should be paid to hygiene of breast, to protect from cold and injuries.

As it was mentioned above, during pregnancy the neck of uterus is protected by layers or mucus stopper. On the 39th week it starts departing parts, in the form of not plentiful releases of dense slime of yellowish, white or cream color. Also you should not be frightened if at excreta there are small streaks of blood.

Peeling of mucous stopper does not mean the beginning of childbirth, so to hurry in maternity home or hospital is not necessary. It is necessary to consider that lack of stopper does neck vulnerable to infections therefore it is necessary to exclude sex and bathings in the contaminated reservoirs. If there were plentiful blood excreta in the form of spots it means the childbirth will begin in the next some hours.

In case when together with slime there is bleeding, it is immediately necessary to go to hospital, it is the main symptom of premature peeling of placenta and start labour.

The transparent liquid emitted last weeks to pregnancy can be the beginning of bursting of waters which can be observed long time. Happens so that the bubble bursts at once, then it is impossible to pass this harbinger of the childbirth. Pain, as a rule, thus is not felt and can suddenly occur. As soon as this process has begun, it is necessary to go urgently to hospital, because the childbirth will begin very soon.

In practice there is everything on the contrary when pains proceed with certain regularity, and the bursting of waters does not occur, procedure of piercing of bag of waters is carried out. It is absolutely safe and is not harmful, you shouldn't worry.

39 Weeks Pregnant: Get Ready to Celebrate - Watch Here!

Harbingers of the Childbirth

Above the facts about harbingers of the childbirth were more than once stated.

Let's repeat highlights:

  • strengthening of pain in the bottom of stomach, waist and crotch;
  • gastric disturbance and intestines;
  • loss of appetite, owing to what loss of 1-3 kg;
  • simplification of breath, because of lowering of stomach.

Mothers who have well learned the educational lessons of pregnancy and childbirth, will never pass the moment of their beginning, will not be afraid of some processes which are taking place in organism. Prenatal groin pains are very painful, but difficultly not to notice bursting of waters. Before childbirth it is necessary to adjust positively the inner world, to have a rest in breaks between pain, to save energy and forces. Therefore all has put also problems, for example collecting in maternity home, it is better to solve in advance that nothing to forget and not to miss important points.

Childbirth at 39 Weeks Pregnancy

All bodies of small organism have been created a long time ago, it is already ready to the birth. The weight of the kid increases only at the expense of fat, his derivative skin (hair and nails) strenuously grow therefore many are surprised that after the birth they quite long.

So, let's imagine a situation that the childbirth has begun. At these main moments it is necessary to show consideration for the correct breath of the woman in labor in convenient situation. Listen and follow all instructions of medical specialists, life of your child and your health depends on them. It is better to transfer time of pains most long standing, it is not recommended to sit or lie. At peak of feeling of pains carry out breathing exercises - deep equal breaths which will save forces before the following stages of the childbirth.

Further the second patrimonial stage begins - emergence of attempts. Many women confuse them to desire to descend in toilet or to be emptied. It is necessary to make an effort only at the command of the doctor, differently energy will be spent in vain. After the woman in labor reaches convenient position in chair and the organism will be ready to attempts after full disclosure of uterus, it is necessary to listen only to the doctor. Try to direct breath of stomach down, as much as possible putting diaphragm as it considerably will help the child to move ahead into operation. During the termination of attempts, at the command of the obstetrician, relax muscles, have a rest, recover all spent forces.

Do not think of pain, it is necessary to think only of the kid, how to help it to be born. Know that the child too spends forces, it is not less of you. Important will be to gather, remember everything about what you have learned by preparation for childbirth. A lot of things will depend and from your internal emotional state - be not nervous, be not afraid, after all the nature has already taken care of everything. Childbirth on the 39th week of pregnancy - physiological, the kid is ready to be born, simply help him with it.

After birth of the baby there comes the third stage - the afterbirth. The organism continues patrimonial activity, and meanwhile the child examine neonatology, the obstetrician will cut not pulsing umbilical cord. The uterus of the woman in labor is reduced, the placenta separates, the fetal membrane and remains of the umbilical cord come to light. The most pleasant and emotionally touching moment - applying of the kid to mother's breast which happens in the first half an hour of life of the newborn. The first feeding by breast is required for the final stage of childbirth, all because is force, health and immunity of the baby. Also, important physiological point is the putting of the kid on mother's breast, the heat of her body warms the child and gives a little time for adaptation in a new world.


39 weeks of pregnancy is dangerous by a prenatal depression. Mother can feel unpleasant internal feelings and sore, nausea and  heartburn, frequent run in toilet, feeling sick and extremely tired. Women are frightened at this time by uncertainty, fear to give birth to the unhealthy child, to lose own health. At these moments important that nearby there were close people: parents and husband.

Norm is availability of transparent excreta from the crotch. The real pains which proceed painfully at regular intervals can begin. If you see pink, brown, bloody and thick milky white colored discharge or leakage of amniotic fluid are not the norm, report them to your doctor.

Recommendations for Women

Manage to visit together with the husband or close people favorite shops for newborns and for future mothers. Buy necessary linen and something pleasant just for fun. You will do it better, than the husband who will hurry and be nervous for certain before childbirth. Besides shopping always is good for the mood, and it is very important, especially at the last moments before arrival of the kid.

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