Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins

According to statistics, each 80th woman is announced to have multiple pregnancy. Nowadays such cases have become even more common, as the average age of pregnant women has increased along with the chances of having multiple pregnancy. The miracle has happened and you are pregnant with twins. What to do: feel double joy or double anxiety? First, make sure that you have a multiple pregnancy.

First Signs

It’s quite common that ultrasound at the seventh week clearly displays two embryos while on the 12th week you already see one fetus. Vanishing twin syndrome may confuse, disappoint the mom-to-be, as during all these weeks she has already got used to think that she’ll have twins. Doctors should warn you about this phenomenon.

However, things may be the opposite: during all the pregnancy a woman was thinking that she’d have twins, and in the end she gives birth to triplets. Modern medical technologies practically exclude such incidents, still it’s very pleasant to get the expected result in the end of the long road. Therefore, a future mom should carefully listen to her body.

There quite a lot of multiple pregnancy signs:

  • the control strip on the pregnancy test is fat and bright, as the woman has increased HcG levels in blood – it’s the main sign of twin pregnancy.
  • severe toxemia;
  • during the first weeks of pregnancy your face skin may cover with pigment spots, acne and other rashes;
  • twins start moving in the womb much earlier than one fetus (around the 15th week), they lack free space and are located tight to the uterine walls, thus the mom-to-be is likely to feel them moving quite early;
  • large belly;
  • severe shortness of breath;
  • one of the parent’s relatives has had twins;
  • varicose veins;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • ultrasound shows two kids;
  • measuring the fundal height your doctor revealed considerable uterus’ enlargement;
  • AFP blood test shows very high results;
  • a professional physician will hear two heartbeats via the Doppler system.

Medical Signs

  • The results of the ultrasound.
  • Abnormally high AFP blood test results.
  • Two heartbeats diagnosed by the Doppler system.
  • Significant uterus enlargement, which is determined during fundal height measurements.

Some of the mentioned above signs can be detected by a woman herself, while the others should be identified by a doctor. After making sure that you will have twins, you can follow their development using a special calendar. Thus, the future mom will be calm, as she will be travel this complicated intrauterine development path together with her children from the first till the last week.

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