Castor Oil To Induce Labor

Castor Oil To Induce Labor


Correct Application of Castor Oil for Labor Induction

If the natural labor process has not yet started on the 41st – 42nd week of pregnancy, the method validated in folk will help – it is castor oil for labor induction. This is an effective method, which demonstrates a resistant evacuant effect and prompt coming of contractions as a result of a forcible contraction of the uterus in a woman's organism. The result comes promptly and poor labor activity occurs just several hours later or the next day.

How Does it Work?

Castor oil for the labor induction is prescribed on the 40th – 42nd obstetric weeks, when there are no signals of the labor. After acceptance of a one-time portion, a loosening happens as a result of contractile effects of the intestine. The woman visits ladies' room with abnormal regularity, and the internal swings of gastrointestinal tract organs provoke contractions of the uterus, on the backdrop of which poor labor activity is launched. The uterus contracts, contributing to passage of a fetus through the birth canal, and the period of expulsive pains ends by coming-into-being of a new life.

It is important not to overdo a single dose here, because the cases of overdose result in loose bowels and micro elements, vitamins, organic compounds and nutrients are washed off from women's organism. This state is already dangerous for a pregnant woman, therefore before the start of this folk therapy, it is important to define in a mandatory manner with a physician, how to take castor oil for the labor induction. Superficial self-medication can only harm the mother and the child, provoke the pathological labor with a threat of some congenital diseases.

How to Intake it Properly?

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There is a number of options of the immediate start of labor activity's succeeding as the answer to the question, how to take castor oil for the labor induction. Drink two table spoons of oil on an empty stomach and wait for 1 hour until the purgative effect coming. But this method suits not all future mothers, because often castor oil causes sense of acute disgust.

And there is a way out in this situation:

  • it is recommended to dilute the proposed mixture with water or juice and take once in an amount of 100 mg. It is desirable to choose orange juice. The drug in concentrated form can only provoke the vomiting reflex without any result;
  • before the castor oil intake for stimulation of the labor, the brown bread, on which one can apply 10 drops of drug, must be bought. Already an hour after this meal, a loose bowel happens, and two more hours later, contractions with the further delivery can start.

Special Instructions

Not all the patients bearing a child are permitted to use this method of the labor induction. The testimonials about castor oil are very contradictory and some of them report about adverse events and the breakdown of general health of a pregnant woman. At increased sensitivity of an organism, the allergic reaction on the skin can appear, it is accompanied not only by a small rash and urticaria, but also by dermahemia, swelling and itch.

If a woman's organism is resistant to this natural component, one can apparently use it when massaging nipples or during stimulation of them. But all these nuances are discussed individually in order not to complicate the prolonged pregnancy. The feedback about castor oil for stimulation of the labor reports that this ancient method accelerated entry of contractions in the majority of clinical cases, but the physicians still use it with great caution and even with apprehension, preferring to opt for drugs specially intended for the case, such as Miropriston.

Video: Castor Oil Induction.

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