31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant


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31 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the end of 7th and the beginning of the 8th month or the 3rd trimester

What to Expect at 31 Weeks Pregnant

In the third trimester of pregnancy the kid has finally is more often head down, more rare the pelvic end. Even more rare, but everything so happens that the kid is located across uterus. To 31 weeks fatty tissue has collected in huge number therefore it is not possible to make out vessels under the fetus skin. Except white fat, the child accumulates brown which does not allow the kid to freeze. By this time kidneys of the child are completely created and he masters business, new to himself - urination.

Stronger load of uterus, forces it to work more actively. The uterus and placenta pass not less than 600 milliliters of blood via veins. The organism of the woman prepares for clearing blood of toxins, for the baby. At this age the child becomes more sensitive not only to sounds, but also to visual irritants as it development visual perception. He can show concern now, at sharp change light and darkness.

During this period the pregnant woman feels discomfort because of back pains. If earlier it did without special bandage, now it is desirable to start using it. So to this duration of the gestation the woman recovers approximately on 8 kilograms, large volume of amniotic liquid and weight of the kid enters this weight. If you have added much more, it is worth reviewing your diet.

Because of that that the uterus rises in above and considerably adds in the amount of, attacks of heartburn and nausea as there is pressure upon internals can be aggravated. To avoid unpleasant feeling it is necessary to adjust the food correctly. Is it is desirable in small portions, better to eat 10 times, than 3 but is dense. The woman is psychologically prepared for childbirth that and its organism too prepares for them. The relaxin hormone, operating weakening image on haunch bones is developed.

To 31 weeks parents even more often reflect on name of the kid. The place for the kid is actively prepared. Now, before childbirth still there is time, the pregnant woman already in maternity leave it is possible carefully and without hurrying to choose bed, carriage. Even if you are superstitious and have decided not to buy things before childbirth, it is worth preparing the list for relatives. To tell or show what exactly you want.

What Happens to the Child (Fetus)

31 Weeks Pregnant 1Your baby every day comes nearer to meeting with you. It actively grows, now the kid weighs about 1600 grams, and its growth can reach 40 centimeters. In mother's stomach, the child becomes closer. He tries to reach position, convenient for himself, most often crosses handles and legs.

As places for the kid less, and its physical activity increases, even the father can feel stir of the kid with ease. Stir by this period rather different. It can be hardly noticeable, notable only for mother, it is dream stage, and at active stage, stir is visible also to people around. And you can notice that already now at the fetal certain sleep pattern and cheerfulness are developed. Mummy has to watch if stir is not present more than three hours, it is worth addressing to the doctor. The doctor will listen to heartbeat and whether will tell everything as it should be.

If during this period to go for ultrasonography, it is possible to make out not simply outlines, and to see lines of face, ears, nose. All this gets thinner and accurate lines. The skin which is still wrinkled also has red color, such it remains practically before childbirth. Now under the skin fat which and will promote then its smoothing accumulates.

Already now the fetus is capable to be nervous or rejoice. It means that the size of brain increases. Gyruses form, nervous cells work for the full.

Already now your future kid shows discontent on loud sounds, can even be frightened to something, or on the contrary you feel that it likes certain music. The child is quiet at this time. You can notice that on voice of the father and mother, the kid reacts differently. Of course, your voice to him is familiar and usual, and here he can answer voice of the father or grandmother with stir. The kid is very sensitive, he feels when to you it is bad when you are angry or when laugh. Do not forget that all your emotions are transferred also to the child therefore you need more positive emotions. Try to surround yourself with harmony and to clean, whenever possible, all stressful situations and if such nevertheless happen, to try not to be nervous.

The organism of the pregnant woman every month get tired quicker. Therefore it is better not to refuse to rest. Because of that that the child actively grows and does not allow you to breathe full lungs, you can notice at yourself asthma. The movements become clumsy, and when walking you can bring in sides. You have to get used to go slow step, without hurrying, and differently the kid can fall and get much harm. Pregnancy well affects on health of hair, nails, they will look live, and the pregnant woman becomes more womanly.

Because of intensive metabolism, despite the fact that you are in the warm room or on the street, you can have feeling of heat. It leads to plentiful sweating, it helps your organism to get rid, from harmful substances.


Throughout all pregnancy it is important to watch the food. It has to be vitamin-rich. At this stage of pregnancy have to be present at your diet, spicy and smoked food. As the kid presses on stomach, you can feel weight in the bottom of stomach, and because of pressing on diaphragm, heartburn attacks become frequent.

Breast milk will approach after the delivery, but now you can already see drops on breast. Be not frightened, it mammary glands prepare for feeding and start developing colostrum, the predecessor of breast milk. Colostrum happens not at all so if at you it is not observed don't worry, with breast milk which will appear after the child's birth, it is not connected.

Weight Gain

Every day your kid becomes bigger, puts on weight. You grow together with it. From the moment of your first visit to the doctor there have passed 31 weeks, in each appearance the doctor watches that as weight increases. Amniotic waters, weight of the child, placenta, uterus increase, even the breast of the pregnant woman increases on weight. Also subcutaneous fat increases, don't worry at the time of delivery it all will leave.

You should not be mistaken and think that now you have to eat for two. Of course, the child demands the portion but if you eat much, it will not do good neither to you, nor the kid. The excess increase in weight will negatively be displayed on yours health, there will be such symptoms as weight, hypostases, heartburn, locks. The pregnant woman needs to watch food carefully.

Weight, in comparison with initial, can increase by 8 kilograms, at everyone differently. It is influenced by different factors. All different, at those who on the first months had toxicosis, increase can have appetite much less. If your doctor considers that weight needs to be adjusted, he will tell you about it. Without control of the doctor do not take any actions.

The increase in load during pregnancy of organism provokes jumps of the arterial pressure. Can be observed both increasing and lowering. At appearance on reception the doctor measures the arterial pressure but if you have noticed its jump out of hospital, it is necessary to report about it to the doctor. If he considers it necessary, he will appoint to you analyses and will try to find out the reason in changes of pressure. Already proceeding from inspections, the doctor will appoint drugs, but remember - no self-treatment.

You have to know that pressure jumps can be provoked by such products: strong tea or coffee, strongly salty food, diuretic drugs. In the third trimester load of haunch bones and joints, of backbone increases. It occurs at the expense of increase in weight and the sizes of stomach. It is best of all to get chair with back, to have a rest more and to walk less.

31 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

31 Weeks Pregnant 2

31 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 31 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Diarrhea at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Diarrhea is not the most terrible phenomenon during pregnancy, but it is still worth to pay attention to it and be sure to clarify all causes of diarrhea during pregnancy, as it can be a very important sign of processes in the body. For a start, it is worth to understand all the symptoms and determine their connection with certain abnormality or disease.

For example, here's a list of symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • high temperature;
  • meteorism;
  • intestinal spasms;
  • pressure;
  • migraine;
  • extreme thirst;
  • heart palpitations;
  • excessive sweating.

In the case of all of the above symptoms you must act carefully, so as not to cause harm to yourself and unborn baby. It is necessary to determine the nature of the discharges, to inform the physician about them.

Treatment of Diarrhea

The utmost caution should be exercised with methods of treatment of diarrhea during pregnancy, following the doctor's recommendations and safe ways not to harm yourself and your child. The use of authorized medicines is acceptable, if diarrhea is the result of any illness. In other cases, at the 31st week of pregnancy diet is the best option.

The diet includes large quantities of drinking water elements, such as: purified water, vegetable broth, stewed fruits and natural juices, which prevent any hint of dehydration. You should limit drinking coffee and carbonated drinks, it is also worth to abandon milk products. In the battle with diarrhea soup on rice broth helps a lot.

They are cooked as follows: a tablespoon of rice per a liter of water is calculated and is prepared for 50 minutes over low heat. The broth is put through a fine mesh and is drunk every 2 hours by half a glass. It is best to refrain from eating within the first 24 hours after diarrhea.

To lean soups you can add some white breadcrumbs. You can then slowly add cereals in the menu, such as oats and buckwheat. Exclude from the diet all fried and fatty foods, because it irritates the already defective bowels. If the diet does not help, it is possible to treat diarrhea in pregnant women using drugs.

Ultrasonography Diagnosis

At the end of 31 weeks to you will appoint planned passing of ultrasonography. On it the doctor will define the positions of the fetus, depending on presentation the issue as will pass childbirth will be resolved: Caesarian section or natural way. Ultrasonography will show whether there are some deviations at the fetus.

If your kid does not turn away, opportunity to see will be provided to you how he is played with umbilical cord or sucks finger. As he moves handles and legs, if it works, that it is possible even to make out his smile.

Also the doctor will attentively consider how internals develops, that there are no aberrations or pathologies. He will measure the size of amniotic waters, their consistence, will check placenta maturity, will look whether there is no encirclement of umbilical cord, also the doctor will check bodies of small pelvis of a future mother. At the end of reception the doctor will issue you the conclusion in which all measured sizes will in detail be described.

31 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

31 Weeks Pregnant 3

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

31 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

31 Week Ultrasound Boy

31 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

31 Week Ultrasound Girl

Condition of the Uterus

During ultrasonography the doctor attentively examines the uterus. It has to reach the big sizes and to be in full order. 31 weeks of pregnancy mean that the uterus is at the level of 12 centimeters over navel. At this stage the woman can start feeling training pains cramps and cramping. Braxton Hicks contractions are a short-term having contractions of the uterus, they can begin after the 25th week.

It is peculiar training of your organism to the forthcoming childbirth. Usually such abdominal pains last no more than 2 minutes. If after change of position of body of fight proceed or repeat within four hours, urgently address to hospital. It is also necessary to take urgent measures if you find allocations from vagina. All these signs can testify the premature birth.

Intimate Life

If during the first two trimesters you conducted active sexual life, by seventh month intimate life descends partially or completely on is not present. At the emotional level it is difficult to woman to think about sex, and at the man the fear can develop that it will do much harm to the kid. About your problems in sexual life it is possible and it is necessary to tell the gynecologist at whom you are observed. He on the basis of analyses, your state and health, will advise what to do.

If nothing threatens your kid, mother does not feel discomfort at intimate life, there is no strict contraindication. Even on the contrary many pregnant women on the seventh month noted at themselves inflow of desire. And about the kid it is possible not to worry, uterus walls well protect bubble in which it is. By the way during achievement of orgasm, the uterus of the woman trains and gets ready for childbirth.

Sometimes after sexual intercourse, the woman can find small bloody excreta. At once you should not panic and be nervous. Simply now such time that you have to be more accurate and choose such pose which will be convenient to all. Better that men was behind and did not put pressure upon stomach. Also it is worth remembering that penetrations should not be too rough and deep.

Discharge from Sexual Ways

On the seventh month vulval excreta can increase. You need to understand what excreta is normal and of what kind it is worth to be afraid of. Often the woman cannot define dribble of amniotic waters from vulval excreta. Normal amniotic waters: transparent, liquid, have also no smell. If you doubt that define nature of the excreta, it is possible to get the special test in shop and to store his houses just in case.

If after all your waters break, it is necessary to call immediately the ambulance or other ways to reach hospital. Remember that it is impossible to hesitate in it cases, the downtime threatens to do much harm to health of the kid.

In the third trimester of the pregnant woman appoint to hand over smear from vagina, for definition of availability or absence of infections. The thrush is found in every third pregnant woman. Its emergence can provoke improper feeding, for example large number of sweet food. The thrush can bring to the woman discomfort, it is followed by cottage cheese allocations and specific smell. At the thrush the woman feels pain in generative organs, strong itch and burning. At detection of symptoms of the thrush it is necessary to consult with the doctor who in turn will appoint the correct treatment. The most widespread treatment is, input of suppositories in vagina.

If you were found in you bloody discharge. Do not panic, think then they have begun: after survey by the gynecologist, after sexual intercourse, and perhaps you formed proctal crack inside. Of course, at strong and plentiful bleedings, you should not hesitate, after all they can testify to the beginning of premature births. Often such excreta are followed by severe pains in the bottom of stomach.

31 Weeks Pregnant: What Every Expecting Mother Should Know

Premature Birth at 31 Weeks

At this stage there can be premature birth, you have to begin already now preparation to trip to the maternity hospital. Bring together all necessary for yourself and for the baby. Will prepare package with things and tell to the husband where you will put it, after all everything can unexpectedly begin.

Remember that for favorable outcome you have to make all necessary that your kid would be in tummy till ninth month. Now bodies of the kid are developed not up to the end but if premature births are inevitable, remember, the child who was born for 31 weeks, will survive. Already on this term the kid is capable to maintain itself body temperature, is capable to meal. He, of course, should spend some time in special incubator, under supervision of specialists. As soon as he gains necessary weight and will reach certain return, the kid will be sent home.

If your kid has decided to be born before considered term, you need to remember that your love and care is simply necessary for it. Be not upset with your kid everything will be good. Now there is necessary equipment suitable for normal maintenance of condition of the child, and doctors will carefully watch health of the kid.


It is always necessary to keep around a package of documents. Childbirth can begin not in the house or you won't have time to look for documents. Prepare the passport, the health insurance, the prenatal record. The prenatal record is issued in clinic for women, it is always important to carry now it with herself. In it they register all important information, since the first visit of the gynecologist.

This document will help the delivering doctor to see timely, whether there are no problems at the woman in labor or the baby. Childbirth can unexpectedly begin, and perhaps you awake to be not in the city. In the prenatal record all analyses made by you, all diseases and other important information necessary for the correct conducting childbirth fit in.

Recommendations for Women

  • do not forget that pregnancy is not only serene time, but also time when you have to listen to the organism, and watch the state more carefully;
  • you should not think that excess weight now will do you good, do not eat too much, eat moderately;
  • excessive weight can serve as increase of pressure. It is worth limiting itself in excess liquid and excessively salty food. It can provoke emergence of hypostases of extremities or emergence of headaches, back pains;
  • remember on term 31 weeks increase between appearances no more than 300 grams;
  • on this term there is big risk of threat of abortion further. Therefore at any pains, allocations or bad health, be reinsured and ask for the help the doctor conducting your pregnancy. For nine months your gynecologist has to become your best friend with whom you share all experiences. The gynecologist surely will examine you and if it is necessary will appoint recommendations. At threat of abortion the doctor can appoint to go to hospital, there to you under supervision of specialists will carry out the necessary help and will do everything possible for preservation and further incubation of the baby;
  • it's your health what is main thing now and your kid therefore leave all cares and problems to your relatives. Now for you such time that you need to have a rest and enjoy more the happy moments therefore your relatives will not deny to you the assistance. And don't forget, a little more time and your pregnancy will end. There you will begin other problems, care of the kid, and there will be no time to have a rest to you. Enjoy a fine time of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy by Twins at 31 Weeks Pregnancy

Twins at you in tummy can already reach weight in one and a half kilograms. More often by this time children have already occupied convenient pose for the birth. Began to moving less than earlier, but each their movement became more painful for you.

Mother has feeling of the obesity. On the 30th week at pregnancy by twins the size of stomach is so big that it becomes painful to breathe. By this time the size of stomach is maximum, to you it becomes bad even to lie on spin. Quite often women feel pain under ribs, but you left to be suffering not so long - before childbirth the stomach falls.

It's only left to pass the last ultrasonography, and perhaps to you it was already made. The main task on this ultrasonography (in the past you have been told the gender of your children) to choose the correct way of childbirth. Independent childbirth is not always possible, it can happen that Cesarean section is the only way. Example of inevitability of Cesarean section: if the fetus is in a cross position in the uterus.

Sive says:

Today my kid is 31 weeks. We went to ultrasonography, they said kidneys is normal, he lies head down, here only it is wound by umbilical cord on neck once. The doctor has told that else there is time and he will be unwound. I worry so much.

Kaila says:

I have beginning of 31st week, I strongly and quickly gain weight. The doctor says that it is very bad and it can cause severe pains in feet and back. And I don't know what to do (I eat not especially much, and still I gain kilograms …

Hillary says:

I am on the 31st week of pregnancy. The level of my hemoglobin has decreased a lot. It’s 60(

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My wife is pregnant with 31 weeks 2 days. The efw is 1689 gms +/-238 gms the cervical length is 38.9 mm. It is ok or any problem here in.

Beatrice says:

I'am 30 weeks pregnant with hypertension.My baby is fine is actually 3lbs already.I just have to do ultra sound visits every week and the obgyn twice a week.I'am definitely overwhelmed, but it is all worth it to have a healthy baby!!!

S Gayathri says:

I m 31 weeks pregnant. Fetal head status : posterior horn of the left lateral ventricle measured 6 mm. I just want to know any problem at fetal head ???

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Hi, My wife is pregnant and baby movement is normal kid efw is 1304 grams. And doctor commented mild IUGR. is this a severe condition .... I'm so much tensed. Please advise what to do in this condition. Thanks,


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