1 Month Pregnant

1 Month Pregnant


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How many weeks is 1 month in pregnancy, the 1st month of pregnancy is the 1-5th weeks.

What Can You Learn From a Gynecologist During Your First Visit?

The first consultation and check-up at a gynecologist will provide a large amount of information for the future parents. You should make a set of tests aimed at identifying and detecting any complications at an early stage. In general, doctors stick to one scheme with some variations. At the first visit, the doctor should confirm or deny the fact of pregnancy.

Symptoms and calculations based on the date of the last period will contribute to this. It will also help to determine the approximate date of the birth. During the first examination, the doctor assesses the condition of the uterus and cervix. If the doctor isn’t sure about his patient being pregnant, he may advise to make another test to confirm this fact. Such tests are sold at almost any pharmacy, they are very popular and quite exact.

It is very difficult to determine whether a woman is pregnant on the external factors in the early stages. This can be explained by the fact that in early pregnancy, women don’t put on weight and the tummy is not growing fast.

1 Month Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 1 month pregnant belly

However, the pregnancy immediately triggers other body functions. They include increased blood flow, intensive work of the lungs, heart and kidneys. Most expectant mothers find out that they are pregnant even before a missed period. According to the statistics, approximately 30 % of women were aware of their pregnancy due to the increased sensitivity and swelling of breasts. Breasts may be quite painful and increased in size. Some women notice a strange pulling pain in the lower abdomen.

The implantation may cause little bleeding. In the first month of pregnancy women don’t have nausea specific for the first trimester. Notorious craving for salty food – one of the popular signs of pregnancy, occurs due to an abrupt change in eating habits. The pregnant may also develop sensitivity to perfumes and have a metal taste in the mouth. Often women cannot stand certain food and drinks’ smells. Usually in early pregnancy, women may feel increased sleepiness and tiredness.

1 Month Ultrasound Pictures

ultrasound at 1 month pregnant

1 Month Ultrasound Twins

ultrasound of twins at 1 month

Fetal Size and Development at 1 Month Pregnant

1 month pregnant symptom

Picture: Fetus at 1 Month Pregnant.

At the end of the first month of gestation, the embryo (fetus) looks like a tadpole. Within the next fourteen days, the fetus will form the spine and spinal cord, esophagus, heart, leg and shoulder ligaments, blood vessels. Chromosomes that are responsible for the transfer of genetic information from the parents are located in the sperm and the egg. Each of these microscopic particles contains over 2000 genes that determine the height, weight, blood group, eye color and hair of the baby. A chromosome transferred by the sperm determines the baby’s sex.

About a week after fertilization the egg moves in the womb actively dividing. On the second week, it attaches to the uterine wall. During the third week of pregnancy, the fetus develops basic features of the main organs, the heart is forming. First, it is unicameral. Only in the end of the second month, it will resemble a human heart.

By the second week the formed nervous system begins to transform into germs of the brain and the spinal cord. In the beginning of the fourth week, you can distinguish eye pits, the extremities of the baby, the internal organs are under formation. The fetus is not longer than 4mm.

Basic Analyses and Examinations at 1 Month Pregnancy

1 Month Pregnant 1

After a registration in the nearest clinic, the pregnant ought to undergo the following tests and procedures:

  • blood and urine tests;
  • transvaginal ultrasound performed with a special vaginal probe.

Screening is a minor procedure allowing to identify abnormalities in the fetus at early stages of development. Ultrasound scans involving external probes are conducted between 10 and 14, 20 and 22, 32 and 34 weeks. All other tests and consultations are appointed by your gynecologist during scheduled check-ups.

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Pregnancy test show negatuve ultra sound show im 4w6d. Is it normal?

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I am think that i am pregnent because my belly is coming out

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Know about 1 month missed period reason what I'm pragnant

olonibua maureen says:

well how can i under go fertily test

Hilda says:

I have my periods for 2 months and have no signs of pregnancy plis help worried teenager

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Did you take a pregnancy test?

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Test said am pregnant but to am not feeling anything

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Wait for the 2nd month and get a scan done to confirm

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am feelin strange feelin in my body and i mised my period i go 4 pt and negative bt stil feelin abdomen pain wat hapned

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My 3months injection expired yesterday but haven't seen any blood to date, i dnt knw the problem, coz the other time i do start flow on expiring date, can i be pregnant? plz help

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My 4 to 5 week running of pregnancy my belly increase 28 to 32 its getting tighten thn usually it is symptoms of pregnancy

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Can I be pregnant and still do my periods.

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Hello pls am still a virgin but av been feeling movement in ny stomach, tho i do av romance lead to release between my laps, pls am so scared right now, av done pt twice and pelvic scan nothing seen


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