2 Months Pregnant

2 Months Pregnant


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How many weeks is 2 months in pregnancy, the 2nd months of pregnancy is the 5-9th weeks.

All About The Second Month of Pregnancy

I think, that it’s not a secret that the second month of pregnancy is crucial for the fetal development, as at this time all organs are actively developing. In the second month the baby’s head size is equal to 1/3 of the total body length, the heart starts beating. The cartilage tissue transforms into the bones. You can see all this in ultraviolet light. For example, it’s already possible to tell legs from arms and see the baby’s fingers.

2 Month Pregnant Symptoms

Changes occur not only in the baby, but also in the mother, she experiences new sensations. For example, from time to time, she may suffer from headaches, she can have a different reaction to some products. In the second month the moms-to-be can witness an increase in the waist, the pants may fit little tight. In addition, the expectant mom can observe a change in emotions becoming more irritable, kind-hearted, weepy or sentimental, very often the waist increases in size.

Moreover, pregnant women may also have their face features alternating and emerging veins on the breasts and belly. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the body expands its blood vessels in order to increase the blood supply for a better oxygenation of the fetus. On the hip appear “spider veins” that is a sure symptom of pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, they are likely to disappear by the end of the pregnancy.

2 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

pictures of 2 months pregnant belly

2 Months Ultrasound Pictures

ultrasound at 2 months pregnant

2 Months Ultrasound Twins

ultrasound of twins at 2 months

Fetal Size and Development at 2 Months Pregnant

2 month pregnant symptoms

Picture: Fetus at 2 Month Pregnant.

Don’t worry, problems with veins are quite normal in pregnancy. Similar signs appear in the second month, which highlights the fact that it is a very important period of the pregnancy. During this time, veins begin to protrude on the legs or near the genitals. It is caused by the increased blood supply in the body. It is quite easy to discover these signs as the woman feels heaviness in the legs, a kind of aching pain around varicose veins. By the way, veins also tend to thicken, it’s easy to notice.

You can avoid these problems if you follow our recommendations:

  • do not cross legs in sitting position;
  • control your weight. Don't let yourself put on too much weigh;
  • do not lift weights and avoid this kind of physical activity;
  • move as much as possible and spend little time sitting and lying;
  • lift your legs higher when sitting. This will alleviate tension in vessels;
  • don’t limit your vitamin C intake as it contributes to maintaining vessels’ elasticity;
  • as for the clothes, it is recommended to wear special compression tights, they improve blood circulation and support the legs’ muscles. By the way, be sure to not to wear tight clothes, as for the shoes, in the second month opt for comfy models;
  • physical activity will do you good. However, don’t overdo, you shouldn’t sign up in a gym. It is quite enough simply to walk 30-40 minutes a day;
  • do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke.

Any surgical interventions during pregnancy are prohibited. You can fix any problem after the baby is born, if it doesn’t arrange by this time. Although usually after the birth, women manage to get in shape and varicose veins problems vanish.

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  • Teneil Fletcher says:

    Am having all the symptoms apart from the tenderness of the Brest

  • Hailey says:

    Me too! I am 2 months pregnant and I have all the signs but my Brest feel the same…:)

  • Zelda says:

    I last went for my prevention in !March 2017 I had unprotected sex from 22 September 2017 now I have a big belly my breast are larger tender niples r black ad wen I squeeze sum milk appear I have cravings I have done 5 test all negative wat the problem I have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman the same thing happen with my first child.

  • hemapriya says:

    Im 2 months pregnant but no fetal ,no e/o in my scan reportWhat im do pls tell me

  • funmilayo says:

    I saw my mestration on the 1st of january how many month is my pregnant now

  • Emeldah says:

    I saw my mentration on 26 february den how many weeks am i niw

  • Sonia says:

    I m 24 yrs old and i had unprotected sex wit my bf on 1st june 2018 but nw i feel my stomach is bloating n my nipples are larger and itching..sometimes my lower abdomen is paining so much..i have done the test twice but it came out negative….but feels like m pregnant ..

  • Chloe says:

    Am i pregnant cause last month june i dont have menstration until now its july and i still dont have so pleaseeee someone answer my question.????And my stomach is bloated and i have headaches.

  • Precious says:

    My last period was on may 16,how many weeks pregnant am i

  • Keith says:

    Same here Sonia. Me and my partner had sex once on June 2. We use withdrawal method. I test PT June 25 once, June 30 twice, July 1 once, July 15 twice and July 18 once came all are negatives. I don’t feel anything in my body. Im stressing out right now.

  • dupe says:

    pls me and my partner have sex on 12 of June. since den av not been feeling well and i still c my period nd the pt test trice and is negative nd i keep avin headache. wat sud i do

  • aida says:

    me also my last period is june 21 2018 but july and august now is not yet but my belly is big now and sometimes i got meanstrition delayed

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