Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird Symptoms of Pregnancy

You carry your baby under your heart. You count weeks from that day when you have seen those two strips on the test… Meanwhile, your state of health that you feel now may not always be absolutely fine. Sometimes you have an attack of panic at the idea that everything is not as good as it could be.

Though actually pregnancy is difficult physiological process to which your organism gets used. In this regard there is a heap of symptoms which are quite often causing deterioration in a state of health of future mother.

1. Nosebleed and congestion of nose. There is a feeling of congestion of nose reminding a Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). At its first symptoms it is desirable to do inhalations with solution of table salt with salt concentration of 0.9 %. The congestion may also be caused by eclampsia, therefore at emergence of this symptom see a doctor immediately.

2. Increase of discharge. Secretory activity of the vagina mucosa increases under the influence of sex hormones. Blood supply to its mucous membrane becomes more intensive therefore discharge increases too. As a rule, increasing release of secretion and change of its coloring is accompanied by unpleasant fishy-smelling that is especially noticeable after sexual intercourse. If color of discharge becomes milky-white, reminding cottage cheese crumbs, consult an antenatal clinic doctor immediately. It can be thrush or candidiasis, which is the inflammation caused by fungi.

3. Sleeplessness. Often happens as a result of overfatigue. Treatment can be a miscellaneous, up to use of preparations. But it is better to follow simple rules. In the second half of a day, avoid the stimulating foods such as coffee, chocolate, strong tea. The last taking of meals has to be several hours prior to sleep time. Before going to sleep you may drink a cup of weak tea with camomile or a small amount of lemon juice. Air your room before going to bed. A good night's sleep is enabled by taking a warm shower and a releasing massage of the head and around the neck and shoulders.

4. Heartburn. The most of pregnant women have it. There is a widely held myth then signs of heartburn depend on the foetus sexual identity and therefore on the presence of hair on the child’s head. Actually, under the influence of hormones of pregnancy there is a relaxation of a muscular sphincter which is a valve of sorts between the gullet and the stomach. In the emergence of heartburn you should better see a doctor. It can be a symptom of serious diseases. And in general in case of heartburn, any food should be eaten more often, but gradually. Take meals without species. It is possible to take preparations, reducing acidity of gastric juice according to the recommendation of the doctor.

5. Constipation. Revise your diet. It has to contain a significant amount of vegetables and fruit. It is necessary to drink enough liquid, especially in the summer. Some juice has laxative effect, for example, plum, apple and pear. is It is efficient enough to drink a glass of warm boiled water on an empty stomach, and it is possible to do it with a piece of sugar or to add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. At the expressed constipations try a light laxative appointed by your doctor.

6. Nausea and vomiting. They are the most common type of unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy usually ceased by the end of the 1st or in the beginning of 2nd trimester. Waves of nausea can be stopped by deep even breathing. In the mornings it is desirable not to get up right after awakening, but to lie a little and suck a couple of salty dry crusts. And you will have no nausea and vomiting then. For elimination of nausea on a journey or at work you could apply several drops of rose or lavender essential oil on your handkerchief and take a few breaths through a cloth.

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7. Pelvis bones pain. It arises mainly during the 2nd half of pregnancy period. For occasional aches and pains in pelvis it is recommended to carry out regular physical exercises such as swimming, yoga or Callanetics gymnastics to improve your health state. It is necessary to balance your work and rest time, to wear comfy shoes. Anyway it is important to consult the doctor without any delay, as the symptom will not go away by itself.

8. Pain in back. The reason of such pain is displacement of your body gravity center forward and increase in a physiological bend of backbone. In this case it is possible to recommend simple preventive measures such as keeping correct bearing and posture, doing easy physical exercises, performance of waist massage, using comfortable footwear, taking a shower, swimming. It is important to remember that appearance of this symptom doesn't mean that you will have difficult delivery.

9. The speeded-up urination. It arises because of increased load on kidneys and because of pressing the bladder by progressively increasing uterus. It is possible to recommend to avoid problematic foods that stimulate kidneys functioning such as sugar, coffee, strong tea, sour products. It would be better to include in your diet more garlic and cabbage.

10. Headache. That is an unpleasant symptom which can be one of signs of threat of life of a pregnant woman and her child. But it also may be just manifestation of a complex of changes happening at pregnancy. Besides, at emergence of headache it is necessary to measure arterial blood pressure. If you have hypertension then see the doctor immediately, if haven’t then make massage around the neck and shoulders and lie down to have a rest. However it is necessary to remember that emergence of headache is a solid reason for seeing the doctor!

11. Swellings or edemas. Their emergence, as well as emergence of headache is the reason for an extraordinary doctor’s appointment. They can be one of eclampsia signs.

When isolated swellings develop it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Choose the golden mean in everyday intake of liquid quantity.
  • Take diuretic preparations.
  • Better don't wear rings.
  • It is desirable to have a rest in the afternoon during 1.5-2 hours with your feet over a roller and it is best lying on left side.

12. Spasms of the muscles of the calf. They arise at 22 or 23 week of pregnancy period. And it most often develops between 4th and 5th hours in the morning. The symptom origin is not clearly defined. Partly it is explained by increase in loading on muscles with the growth of body weight. Massage of the muscles of the calf is recommended as a first aid measure at emergence of such spasms.

13. Syndrome of a carpal tunnel. The so-called median nerve passes through the wrist of hand within a dense fibrous ring. Due to temporary surrounding soft tissues edema, there occurs a squeezing of neurovascular bunch which this nerve enters. It’s first symptom is a numb feeling with tingling. A special method of treatment doesn't exist yet. It is possible to recommend for reducing numbness and pains the following: you should have more breaks for refreshment (especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer) and should have your hands freely in your sleep.

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