Vitamin D And Pregnancy

Vitamin D And Pregnancy


Vitamin D in Your Pregnancy Diet

Vitamin D is very important during pregnancy. As well as other useful elements, vitamin D contributes to the growth and development of a baby and gives more energy and power to the organism of a woman. Here you may find out what vitamin D is responsible for and how you can keep the amount of it in the organism on an appropriate level.

Why is Vitamin D so Important?

Vitamin D helps your organism to better assimilate calcium that gets into your organism with foods. Consequently, it plays an important role in making your bones and teeth stronger. Besides, the condition of a fetus’ bone tissues depends on the level of vitamin D in the organism of a woman during pregnancy.

Vitamin D influences positively immune system by increasing the protective functions of cell membranes. New researches that scientists have carried out prove that vitamin D has a positive influence on heart and blood vessels. It decreases the risk of diabetes development and the occurrence of diffuse sclerosis. It also decreases the possibility of cancer development in the organism of a woman and her baby.

Vitamin D: What Amount is Needed During the Course of Pregnancy?

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Daily dosage of vitamin D for pregnant women is 400-600 UI. The vitamin is especially important during the 3rd trimester since it helps your organism to assimilate calcium and acts as a preventive measure for the occurrence of rickets in the organism of a baby. It prevents the loss of calcium from the bones of a mother. However, only a doctor is allowed to prescribe to a woman a necessary dosage of vitamin D after the tests are done.

Vitamin D: How Does it Get in Your Organism?

Actually, active vitamin D is a provitamin that is produced in liver and kidneys. The material for this provitamin is vitamin D that gets into your organism with foods. Besides, the most important provider of vitamin D provitamin is sun. To be more exact, direct contact with ultraviolet rays.

How to Replenish the Level of Vitamin D in the Organism of a Woman?

Sunbathing for 10 minutes during summer is enough to get enough amount of vitamin D. However, when it’s cloudy and during winter, in our country there isn’t enough sun. Artificial sources of ultraviolet rays or solariums are not appropriate for pregnant women.

The level of vitamin D can be replenished with the help of several products. First of all, it’s fat fish, beef liver and cod’s liver. A little bit less is contained in milk, mushrooms and egg yolks. Approximately 100 g of herring, salmon or halibut will be enough to satisfy a daily dosage of vitamin D.

Take Vitamin D in Nutrition Additives

If irrespective of healthy eating your organism lacks vitamin D during pregnancy, vitamin additives will help you to make up for it. You can buy them in a drugstore. However, only your personal gynecologist is allowed to prescribe them to you. The doctor will be able to define a right dosage so that a woman and her baby are provided with the optimal amount of vitamin D.

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