Imodium During Pregnancy

Imodium During Pregnancy


Imodium and Pregnancy

Digestive problems are frequent occurrence in case of pregnancy. Hampered defecation is typical of this period, but since gastrointestinal tract is reorganized, there may also be diarrhea. Administration of the Imodium preparation may impede this process and stop dehydration developing.

What is Imodium and How Does it Act?

Imodium is usually prescribed during pregnancy in case of disorders of intestines. It is effective for the treatment of diarrhea by decreasing the tone of the smooth muscles. This effect is provided by a drop in the uterus tone and due to slow-down gastric motility.

The preparation binds to opioid receptors in intestines walls. At the expense of it the vermicular movement decreases and contents of intestines are taking out longer. This medicine affects also the anal sphincter, toning it up. Action of the active agents comes in 4 hours.

Whether Imodium is Possible to Take in Pregnancy?

It is forbidden to take Imodium, as well as other pharmaceutical medicines during pregnancy. In the beginning of the fetus development the main inner bodies and systems are formed therefore any chemicals, even at small doses, can break this process and lead to deviations and abnormalities in children’s development of different nature.

The producer of this medicinal substance specifies in the instruction that medicine isn't dangerous to the child, and doesn't cause any violations in his development.

The medicine doesn’t include toxic agents or such components which would cause mutations in fetus genes. But without consultation of the doctor it isn't necessary to use such medicine. Before reaching such decision, the doctor estimates a state of future mother’s organism. Prescription is carried out in that case when the risk from the use of medicine is less than expected advantage of its use.

Instruction for Use of Imodium During Pregnancy

IMODIUMĀ® Diarrhoea and Pregnancy

The Imodium application reference specifies that during pregnancy it is assigned in such cases:

  • for treatment of allergic diarrhea in acute or chronic phases;
  • for treatment of digestive problems against the background of emotional shocks;
  • elimination of gastrointestinal tract disorders against the background of the use of medicines;
  • impaired metabolism;
  • infectious diarrhea;
  • diarrhea against the background of the use of food; ileostoma.

The first dose in case of sharp diarrhea makes 4 mg. In the sequel there will be 2 mg after going to the toilet. If the disease proceeds in a chronic phase, then the first dose of the medicine should make 2 mg. After that, supporting amount of preparation is appointed for further normalization of stool. In that case the medicine is taken twice a day. The maximum daily dosage for adults makes 16 mg.

Contraindications and Possible Side Effects

Imodium isn’t assigned and isn’t taken during pregnancy at intestinal obstruction, at abdominal distention and at dysentery in acute form. It is impossible to take this medicine if there is subileus, colitis in acute form or pseudomembranous colitis in the patient.

If these diseases have developed against the background of long-term application of antibiotics, then therapy with Imodium is unacceptable. Don't use such preparation also during the first trimester of the child-bearing. If the patient is more sensitive to loperamide, then it is impossible to take Imodium at all.

During administration of Imoduim in pregnancy there may be such side effects:

  • intestines swelling in view of the increased gas generation;
  • pain in stomach area;
  • constipation;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • dry mouth.

During taking Imoduim the patient can feel increased fatigue, dizziness and drowsiness for day. The allergic reaction which may be a rash on the skin is possible.


It is possible to take Imodium in pregnancy. But it needs to be done by the doctor's orders after his consultation for treatment of intestines disorders caused by various internal and external factors. It is inadmissible to self-medicate such diseases during pregnancy, as it can do much harm to your health and health of your child.

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