Tanning While Pregnant

Tanning While Pregnant


Tanning During Pregnant

Whether it is allowed to a pregnancy woman to have sunbathing sometimes in the sunlight or in a solarium? This matter interests a great number of future mothers who never cared to look pale during entire period of pregnancy. After all, beams of the sun have a positive effect on an organism.

Whether Baths of Sunlight are Useful to an Organism

Of course, solar baths are useful as vitamin D is produced in an organism under the influence of sun beams. It serves as an additional guarantee that future child won't have rickets. However, not all kinds of sun beams are useful equally. Thus, ultraviolet rays can create certain hazard to skin, because they may have caused burns and even oncological diseases. How to protect oneself from those rays and whether it is allowed to pregnant women to sunbathe?

Maybe following recommendations would allow you to avoid negative impact of ultraviolet radiation of the sun:

  1. You shouldn't be in the sun between 11A.M. and 5 P.M. Ultraviolet rays are most active just at this time. Besides, beach umbrellas and canopies don't provide protection against ultraviolet. Ultraviolet rays can get on depth into 50 cm in water therefore it is impossible to hide there. You may feel safe from them only indoors. Don't stay in the street during the lunchtime.
  2. Apply photoprotective cosmetics. It is necessary to use such cream at any time when there is sunshine and when it is cloudy because ultraviolet rays get also through clouds. It is necessary to select sunburn cream, depending on type of our skin. Those creams carry with them different levels of protection. The highest is SPF 30. Its designation doesn't indicate about a period of time when it is allowed to stay in the sun. The number 30 means that this cream provides protection against dangerous sun beams for 97 %. With such cream some swarthy women would hardly be able to sunbathe. And women with pale skin could be able to protect themselves from burns with such cream. However, it isn't worth to expect that sunburn cream is capable to absorb all ultraviolet rays during the lunchtime. But there may be situations when your need to go outside in the afternoon. So, it may become necessary to apply such cream.

If you are interested whether a pregnant woman can have sunbathing on the beach, then the answer will be positive. But she could only have it during safe period of time that is in the morning till 11 A.M. and in the evening, being in a shadow and having her skin rubbed with barrier cream. Depending on a type of your skin, choose SPF. The skin is more dark, the lower there has to be SPF level. A waterproof cream which won't be washed away in water instantly would be quite suitable for a rest on the beach.

The photoprotection cover should be updated after each bathing. If not to bathe and to update cream, then its action will last from 1 to 3 hours at most, depending on perspiration intensity. Besides, there are not only creams for these purposes, but also sprays, moisturizers, which are possible to choose them upon the taste. It is important to use a cosmetic preparation about 30 minutes before leaving the house so the cream begins to have an effect. At the same time, it is necessary to be greased plentifully to prevent lessening of cream protective properties.

However, not all protective cosmetic preparations are harmless for pregnant women. You’d better look narrowly at structure description which is written on each pack. If cream includes many preservatives, various fragrances and dyes, then it would be better to choose other cosmetics because tendency to allergic reactions usually increase during pregnancy period.

Whether Pregnant Women Can Bathe and Sunbathe

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Many of woman's magazines tell about usefulness of bathing for pregnant women. Bathing is a perfect way of training of muscles, besides, it isn't unhealthy. However, that is the true just for swimming pool only, and in the presence of the professional instructor.

To bathe in open water is rather dangerous. Why? To start with,  it is unsafe to bathe from 11 A.M. to 17 P.M. because of probability of sunstroke. Besides, it is dangerous to be in water at temperature of 20 degrees because of high risk for future mothers to get spasms of calf muscles. If you swim away on far distance, and if then you have such spasms, you run the risk of being absolutely helpless in unsafe situation as a result. Bathing is therefore allowed only in warm water, without swimming far away.

As for open still water, than some particular issues do arise. Generally, such water is not absolutely clear. Before submergence to water, start by making sure that it is possible to bathe, and the pond doesn't contain harmful infectious activators.

Whether Pregnant Women Can Sunbathe in a Solarium

Those places are very popular in between both women and men, especially in northern areas of our country. There is a number of the useful and harmful properties described about sunning in a solarium. However, according to the last researches, suntan of this kind, as well as solar suntan, increases risk of a skin cancer. Those pregnant women who have pale skin, body birthmarks or pigment stains belong to this category of risks first of all. However, all others have to be alerted by this threat, too.

It is possible to reduce risk of planocellular cancer of skin by means of photoprotective barrier cream. Concerning a solariums subject, we also bring to your attention the fact that according to researches of English scientists, about 100 solarium regular visitors in Great Britain die of melanoma annually. At the same time, many of them are young people under 30 years of age. And yet, influence of ultraviolet radiation can also have long-term results. It is worth to remember about it if you want to spend your time sunning in a solarium during pregnancy period.

Therefore, during development of your baby, try not to visit a solarium and not to have a rest on the beach actively. You need just a bit of all of that for total harmony. And you shouldn't stint on ultra-violet protective equipment also.

Is Tanning Safe In Pregnancy?

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