29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant


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29 weeks pregnant is how many months? It's the middle of the 7 month or 3 trimester

What to Expect at 29 Weeks Pregnant

In this period the body of a tiny baby continues to develop and explore new opportunities. The body has learned to control body temperature, due to the active development of leukocytes and platelets the immunity process of a child begins to form. Development of fatty tissues of the fetal is now a self-regulated process, with which the body of the baby already copes. During this period the development on the teeth enamel of a baby takes place which still are hidden deep in the gums of the child and are in the process of active formation.

The weights of the baby in the 29th week of pregnancy is close to 1 kg 250 g. The baby is already big and strong, his vigorous activity increases, it can be easily noted by the movements of the baby. The baby tries to move and actively change positions in the tummy of the mom, but now it's not so simple. In the tummy of a mother it becomes tight, therefore the motions and pushes of the baby become clearer and stronger.

The state of health of women at this stage of development can significantly worsen. The desire to constantly run to the toilet becomes frequent, constipation, shortness of breath and fatigue are now constant companions of the expectant mother. This is due to the fact that the fetus is already fairly large and takes up all the space in the uterus. The woman feels squeezing in the stomach, as well as all the internal organs of the abdomen.

To alleviate the symptoms which are not too pleasant for a woman, the pregnant woman is recommended more rest, and see to the correct posture. Another new sensation for a woman of 29th week of pregnancy will be unpleasant sensations in the nipples. This is due to the active work of the prolactin hormone, responsible for milk production in the breast of a woman. 29th week of pregnancy - is 7 months and one week. If someone is caught in calculations, it should be remembered that the obstetric month consists of 28 days, that is exactly 4 weeks.

What Happens to a Child

29 Weeks Pregnant 1The baby is actively preparing to be born. All his organs are working on the completion of all the processes of formation. The bone marrow of a baby is formed and operates stably. Immunity is almost formed, as well as the body thermotaxis. The composition of the baby's blood every day is corrected successfully and is adjusted close to the normal range.

Kidneys now also work well, and actively carry out their function. The baby releases about 500 ml of urine a day in the amniotic fluid. The digestive system is developed and already copes with the first food. Mucous plugs in the nasal cavity of the baby are slowly cleaned. And the most amazing thing - a baby can focus his eyes, feel light, recognize the sounds and voices, and even pick up odors! Of course, to all of these factors, the child is already able to respond by appropriate mood.

Externally, the child is already an established newborn. The baby’s skin is straightened and cleaned of large amounts of greasing, remaining fluff completely disappears. Genitals are in the final stage of their formation. All subsequent intrauterine weeks the baby will be actively gaining weight and growing. Now, baby weighs about 1 kg 250 g. with an average height of 38 cm.


As was already mentioned, the feelings of an expectant mother at this stage of pregnancy significantly worsen. Severe heartburn may appear due to the fact that the large baby puts pressure on organs and disturbs them by frequent kicks. At the head of the child are already appearing hairs, it can also cause heartburn.

Grown baby will also affect the occurrence of constipation and the feeling of pressure in the abdomen. At the 29th week of pregnancy there is a heavy load on the heart of a woman, metabolism strengthens its work, which in turn leads to increased perspiration. In connection with the shortness of breath, breathing exercises are recommended for pregnant women.

It is important to observe the correct diet, otherwise the mother may feel exhaustion, a frequent phenomenon is a low hemoglobin. As a consequence - dizziness, nausea, anemia, weakness, palpitations, and other unpleasant symptoms. This is due to the fact that the baby actively pulls nutrients from the mother, providing his own body. Sleep at night becomes a problem, a comfortable position for sleeping is very difficult to find. To alleviate the situation, you can experiment with pillows by placing them under the legs or back, or try to buy a special pillow for pregnant women.

It is very important during pregnancy to sleep well. This has a positive impact on the overall health of a woman and child’s development and behavior. Do not overload yourself up with household chores, it is now the care of your loved ones. We should not forget that at this time swelling in pregnant women is very dangerous. To avoid it, you need to lie more and so that legs should be a little higher than the head. Also, it is necessary to limit yourself in savory and sweet dishes. The main thing in the diet are the fresh fruits and vegetables.


Various pains in some areas at this stage of pregnancy are absolutely normal. A fairly sharp weight gain, and weight of the child thus tell on. This unusual heaviness causes pressure on the legs, back and collarbone, too, can not withstand the new heaviness, and thus can lead to discomfort and lower back pain.

However, there are pains that are not the norm and serve as a reason to see a doctor again. For example, frequent headaches, pain in the anus, inflammation of hemorrhoids, or pain associated with urination.

Another reason for the natural pain of the pelvic bones, pain in the pubic area, the crotch area, are a natural preparation of the body for childbirth. The bones gradually expand and this is absolutely normal.

It is necessary to pay special attention to abdominal pain - it is especially unpleasant during pregnancy, of course, if not caused by strong kicks of a baby. It is necessary to sound the alarm and notify a doctor if abdominal pain is accompanied by fever or bloody discharge.

The Belly at 29 Weeks Pregnancy

At the 29th and subsequent weeks of pregnancy the pregnant woman’s tummy begins to increase sharply. With this comes a new trouble. These include first and foremost - an unpleasant itching associated with natural stretching of the skin. You should take proper care of the skin of the abdomen and thighs and breasts during pregnancy. If the skin is not sufficiently elastic, in these places stretch marks may appear. Frequent wetting, massage, special creams for stretch marks for pregnant women can reduce the probability of their occurrence.

Itching may also have allergic character. In this case, there may be redness on the skin, irritation or rash. During pregnancy the skin becomes susceptible to a variety of synthetic materials and detergents. Allergen can be in the food. It is necessary to check your diet and consult about replacing of any product with your doctor. Often, at this stage of pregnancy, women are beginning to feel strong twitching in the abdomen. Do not worry, a baby just hiccups!

29 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

29 Weeks Pregnant 2

29 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 29 weeks 3 days pregnant.


During this period, the uterus is already large and is over the symphysis pubis by 30 cm. Its weight and heaviness is felt. It is normal to feel from time to time strong rhythmic pain, cramping and cramps in this area. These are practice contractions. Scientifically Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s worth worrying if these pains are common in nature or do not stop at all. This is a reason to call an ambulance.

Discharges at 29 Weeks Pregnancy

  • During this period of pregnancy there is a risk of premature birth, so you need to watch very closely the nature of the discharge. Any change in the color, consistency or amount of vaginal discharge is a reason to inform the doctor.
  • Impurities in the blood secretions witness about the threat of premature detachment of the placenta that will cause premature birth.
  • Sometimes the blood on the sanitary towels can be of anal hemorrhoids.
  • Curdled with odor, with lumps, pus - check-up is necessary, most likely it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Colorless and odorless water leaking from the vagina - a reason for immediate visit to the hospital. Perhaps amniotic fluid is leaking. This fluid is usually odorless, transparent, can have a slightly sweet odor. To determine the amniotic fluid in the home you can buy a special test in a drugstore, but it is better to consult a doctor.
  • During this period of pregnancy colostrum can already appear (clear or yellow discharge from the breast). This is normal. Do not try to squeeze colostrum from the breast, do not disturb the nipples.


Sex even in late pregnancy is absolutely normal and even useful exercise for the pregnant woman. In many cases it was noted that for women who have sex in the later stages, it is much easier to tolerate childbirth. Exceptions are the cases when sex is contraindicated. If pregnancy does not go smoothly, pain or other discomfort is felt, then on 29th week of pregnancy you'd better abstain from sex. You should consult your gynecologist about this.

If there are no contraindications sex is recommended, but its nature of course should be adjusted. Movements should be soft and tender without a strong penetration. You should give up some of the positions because of the impossibility of their application.

Please be aware that if sex in late pregnancy is not prohibited by the doctor, it certainly will not be able to harm and injure the baby. Mother Nature took care that the fetus felt comfortable and protected in all circumstances! This information should convince future fathers of the baby, as they are mostly not aware of this issue, and to a greater extent have the wrong idea about this process in late pregnancy.


Every pregnant woman simply must visit her gynecologist regularly. Do not skip visits to the doctor at such a term. At each visit the doctor will conduct a standard inspection - he will weigh, check the pressure, listen and measure the position of the belly, will determine the position of the uterine fundus, will appoint the necessary analyses.

To avoid any issues and doubts about the health of the child you should make all the prescribed analyses in due time. The doctor primarily takes care of you and your child. In 29-30 weeks of pregnancy it is necessary to visit all the doctors, who you were checked by when getting registered. It is necessary to make a smear on flora and infection, blood sugar, hormones.

Also, in this period, at the discretion of the physician, you can count the kicks and perturbations of the baby. This monitoring procedure will help make sure that the kid is well, and he feels fine in the womb of the mother.

Ultrasound at 29 Weeks Pregnancy

Ultrasound in this period is necessary in order to ensure that the state of the baby, placenta and the pregnant woman herself is fine.

The fetus size, condition of the placenta, condition and quantity of amniotic fluid, the size and position of the uterus, as well as other important information are determined. Ultrasound is the easiest and most painless way to identify all the necessary information. In addition, the ultrasound examination is not only useful, but also pleasant. After all, this is another reason to look at your already formed baby.

For those who were unable to find out the sex of the child before - ultrasound at the 29th week of pregnancy can communicate this information with 100 % certainty. If desired, you can take a picture or even create your video file of your still unborn but already developed baby.

29 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

29 Weeks Pregnant 3

29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

29 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

29 Week Ultrasound Boy

29 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

29 Week Ultrasound Girl

29 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

29 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Diet and Food

Over the entire period of pregnancy the most basic task of the expectant mother is a correct and balanced diet. The woman bears a new organism, for the proper growth and development of which all the necessary variety of nutrients and minerals is needed.

If the diet is bad and not varied, the baby all the same will try to take his own, but now of his mother's body. That's why after pregnancy and childbirth, some moms suffer from bad teeth, hair, skin color, bone disease, spine, etc.

You need to add to your diet more foods containing calcium. The child as the mother needs it very much. Be sure to use the protein in the right quantity, most of it is contained in meat.

Salted, smoked, fried foods should be excluded or reduced. They retain water in the body, which leads to edema, causing heartburn and upset the normal digestion. It is necessary to eat more spinach, beets, liver, tongue, oat, buckwheat and other cereals. These products increase the hemoglobin, which affects the general condition of the pregnant woman.

Some people think that chocolate is also able to increase hemoglobin. This is not quite so. The only thing that it can enhance is the number of calories in the body. More fresh vegetables which contain fiber. It prevents the constipation. Also, with constipation you should drink enough water.

29 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening at 29 Weeks of Pregnancy

Weight Gain

The weight of a pregnant woman is what gynecologists check at each visit of her. And if a pregnant woman is gaining more than it should be, she will certainly be scolded. The weight during pregnancy should be monitored very closely. By the 29th week is considered normal if a woman is gaining 11-11.5 kg. The pregnant woman is normally gaining about 300 grams in a week by this term.

If the figures are much higher than normal your doctor will recommend a diet, compliance with which is in the interests of the future mother and her baby. It should be remembered that it is much easier to prevent weight gain than later to get rid of it.

Childbirth at 29 Weeks Pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that the 29th week of pregnancy preterm labor can begin. The most important thing the mother is to know in this case is that the panic and upset in any case must be avoided. Yes, premature babies need special care and attention after birth, but modern medicine is ready for this and will do everything possible so that the child should live and be healthy.

The body of the child at this age is ready for independent existence, all the organs are developed enough to allow a full life to the baby. The main thing is that you will become a mother, and all the attendant difficulties will be trifles and eventually will go away.

Ultimately, it happens that the doctor appoints caesarean operation at this stage of pregnancy, without fear for the health of the baby because the continuation of pregnancy is not possible and will only harm the fetus.

Proper care and prescribed attention will lead to the fact that the 7-month baby very quickly will pick up a form of a 9-month one and will continue to complete the development in a timely manner.


The most common dangers awaiting a woman at the 29th week of pregnancy are:

  • very frequent urination;
  • interruptions in pressure, weakness, shortness of breath;
  • threat of premature birth. This is due to the fact that in this period immune incompatibility of the father and mother of the baby may appear;
  • bloody discharge which is very dangerous not only for this period, but also during the entire pregnancy;
  • obesity, edema. As a consequence - clumsiness, awkwardness.

All movements should be very careful. If there is at least one of the above symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

Recommendations for Women

The most important recommendations that should be followed during the 29th week of pregnancy:

  • you should move neatly, no extra sharp movements. Quietly and not in a hurry. Convenient footwear should be preferred, only flat shoes;
  • as much as possible rest, fresh air, fruit and vegetables. Only the correct balanced diet;
  • monitor your own weight. Normally, in a month the body must gain about 300 grams;
  • gymnastics or other moderate work, so that the muscles are prepared for the upcoming birth.

Video Guide: 29 weeks pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy at 29 Week Pregnant

For an expectant mother of twins it becomes harder with every week because the kids started to gain weight. On this term baby’s body reaches about 37 cm in length and weighs about 1200 grams each. Now it might be a difference in weight - it depends on the sex of the expected children.

You still have to bear the pregnancy more than one week, and you already weigh 10-11 kg more than at the beginning of the term. This is reflected in aching pain in the back, pelvis, spine, heaviness in the legs. All parts of your body are ready for a happy event of birth.

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