Short Cervix In Pregnancy

Short Cervix in Pregnancy


Short Cervix During Pregnancy

Short cervix in pregnancy – is a quite widespread pathology. It is dangerous because it can become the reason of abortion or preterm birth as the cervix isn’t able to hold the infant inside the uterus, it dilates under his weight. But if the woman regularly visits the gynecologist and passes ultrasound, the doctor will surely notice this pathology of cervix and will take measures for prolongation of the pregnancy.

Why Does the Cervix Reveal Ahead of Time and Diagnosis of Pathology

This pathology in a medical way is called the cervical incompetence (CI). Its signs are: preterm shortening, softening and opening of cervix. These signs, more often, are diagnosed on 15-20 weeks when the fetus starts to gain weight, and the cervix in pregnancy experiences hard strain. The doctor during gynecologic check-up can notice pathology, and also during ultrasonography. Future mother can note plentiful watery or bloody discharges. But in most cases symptoms are absent.

There are a lot of reasons of this pathology. It can be various injuries which have appeared as a result of ruptures of cervix during delivery, during medical abortion, during cervical conization, imposing of obstetric forceps etc. Multiple pregnancy, hydramnion, a large fetus aggravate the case.

CI can also be congenital and caused by hormonal imbalance because of which length of cervix in pregnancy begins to decrease long before date of childbirth. All women with injuries of cervix, and also with the bad anamnesis (abortions during the second trimester of pregnancy) are under especially careful supervision of the doctor.

Prevention and Treatment

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Reliable contraception is referred to the early preventive measures, which will allow avoiding abortions. The second place – is regular, at least 1 time a year, visit of the gynecologist. Routine medical check-ups will help to reveal pathology of cervix in time and to cure it in the conservative way. And, at last, it is planning of pregnancy. Especially it concerns those women who have had in the past failure pregnancies, and loss of pregnancy has happened in late terms.

If the short cervix in pregnancy as found out, the treatment is appointed depending on the fact of cervix opening, and also directly on gestation term. We will remind you, that short – it is less than 2,5-3 cm. Actually, there are two techniques of treatment: suture and obstetrical pessary. The stitches are put on before the term of 27 weeks, and than earlier, the measure will be more effective. Stitches will help even in case when the cervix is slightly opened. Meanwhile, as the conservative method – pessary is put on with the preventive purpose, when there is no considerable shortening, but the doctor suspects CI of the patient.

Besides, it is recommended to watch that the uterus during pregnancy was not in tone as it provokes maturing of cervix too. The minimum of physical activities and carrying of a bandage are recommended.

Stitches are removed in case if amniotic fluid has discharged, labor activity or bleeding has begun. If everything is all right, then the stitches are removed in 38 weeks according to plan. If Cesarean section is planned, stitches are not removed at all in most cases. You should know that cervical incompetence is not a sentence if all the measures for prevention of further cervix opening are taken in time and if you follow recommendations of the doctor.

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