Positive Pregnancy Test

Positive Pregnancy Test


You’re planning for your pregnancy this or next months and you see some early signs of it as being late of your periods? So, it’s about time to start doing pregnancy tests.

Positive Pregnancy Test Result

Pregnancy test results seem to be not as much accurate as most women would like to rely on. Instead, it’s far more reliable to visit the maternity welfare center and have your blood checked for human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Yet, it requires more time that taking a simple pregnancy test. Besides, that does not sound practical to gallop to see the gynecologist with each late periods.

These are the factors that motivate women to use rapid tests at home to get the rough result hinting on pregnancy. And so, what are these tests like?

Principle of Rapid Tests

This is a very easy test to use. The Rapid Test contains specific reagents that react to the HCG in the female urine. This hormone is produced only during pregnancy however it is not feasible to identify the hormone at the early stage. It is possible to do so only when an impregnated ovum attaches to the mucous layer of the womb. Pay attention that implantation does not occur immediately but only in a week since the date of impregnation. The HCG should accumulate in the body to be identified when tested. That means that it is rare to show the positive pregnancy test result prior to having late periods.

Yet, the pregnancy test may be positive during periods. The point is that in some rare cases hormonal problems result in weak bleeding during pregnancy at the date that matches the date of periods.

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are several pregnancy tests and the test-strip is the most affordable and common one. It is a paper strip soaked in the chemical that reacts with the HCG.

It is extremely easy to use: immediately after you wake up in the morning you collect some urine into a clean container, insert a test-strip in the urine up to the arrow mark. In a few seconds you remove the test and read results in 4 to 5 minutes. The positive result is two strips. The first strip is the control line that appears in both positive and negative results. If not, the test may be defected.

This kind of test is anyway considered not reliable to the required extent since the final result depends on a range of factors starting from manufacturing failures to misuse of the strip. You are advised to repeat your test in two days to get more accurate readings.

The second type is digital. It allows far more accurate result though it’s more expensive and thus, it is occasionally demanded. The test looks solid with the plastic case with two small windows in it. One is for the urine sample and the other – to read the result.

The third type of the test appears to be the most accurate. It is also easy to use when it is soaked under the urine stream directly. It is comfortable to use at any place without any arrangements. Its expensiveness is its drawback.

What to do if the Test Result is Positive?

Positive Pregnancy Test 2

So, you are happy to see two long-awaited strips on your test. What to do if the result is positive? You are likely to be pregnant and this is the reason to accept congratulations. To make sure, repeat your test in a couple of days and seek the consultation at the maternity welfare center to approve and register.

Unfortunately, sometimes the positive pregnancy test result does not match the ultrasonic result. When excluding cases of manufacturing defects and incompliance with urine collection procedure, this may occur in several cases below. For example, the pregnancy test appears positive in case of hormonal shifts, administration of drugs containing HCG, cysts and with given conditions the result may be likely positive.

Another condition so much distressful for any woman is the heterotopic pregnancy that also gives the positive pregnancy result. When tested, the chemicals react with the gonadotropin in urine and it is the same in case of heterotopic pregnancy. A woman should re-check the condition through ultrasonography only.

These cases are hopefully rare. In most cases, the positive pregnancy test result means the origin of the new life. So, be happy if you have your double strips.

Theresa says:

Hello i took a Clearblue digital test 3wks ago and the word positive showed up first and then it said 1to 2wks does that mean i am pregnant i have irregular periods and right now my blood is irregular the doctor said is it that I am pregnant

Najma says:

I took a pregnancy test at home and I saw 2 lines does it means I m pregnant plz tell me


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