Pregnancy And Green Poop

Pregnancy And Green Poop


Pregnancy and Green Poop: Causes and What To Do?

All people tend to feel embarrassed at the mention of feces, and sensitive pregnant women try to avoid this delicate topic, too. Actually, there's nothing funny or awkward in discussing such things with doctors, because the stool color indicates changes in the body, while the expectant mothers should monitor their health especially carefully. Moreover, fear of discussing topics related to feces, can generate worries, absolutely unnecessary for women in this state.

Green Stool in Pregnancy

This stool color can occur for various reasons. If a person is healthy and has no complaints, this phenomenon may occur because of consumption of foods with green dyes.

Green feces can be also a symptom of the digestive tract diseases, for example, dysbacteriosis. It can also be accompanied by a putrid odor. These symptoms occur due to the accumulation of dead white blood in the intestine caused by an acute inflammatory process.

Green stool may be caused by dysentery; in this case it will be followed with such symptoms as general weakness, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and fever.

Liver or blood diseases are accompanied by the dissolution of red blood cells, which contributes to the production of bilirubin – the pigment coloring feces in dark-green.

If the woman has green feces or other related symptoms, she should visit her doctor to determine the cause.

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