Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation


Can You Get Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

In about a decade after uterine tubal ligations the probability of conception slightly increases. Experts can restore uterine tubes after ligations for women who change their opinion concerning an opportunity to have children. Chances of pregnancy are usually higher at women under the age of forty.

Chances of Pregnancy After Tubal ligation

Pregnancy is very improbable after tubal ligation. There are only about 1,5 % of the women who have undergone such procedure become pregnant. Anyway, the probability of pregnancy increases up to 2 % in ten years after it. Some women prefer to restore uterine tubes after tubal ligations as they change their opinion on a possibility of birth of the child. However after recovery operation chances of pregnancy are usually much less, than before tubal ligation because Fallopian tubes are damaged in some measure.

Pregnancy after uterine tubal ligations is possible, though it is rather rare event. But such probability exists because sometimes Fallopian tubes are capable to fuse together again. When it happens, there is possible a fertilization of the ovum and its movement by the restored tubes into uterus, where the development of the embryo takes place.

Risk Ectopic Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

However conception after uterine tubal ligations is connected with the increased risk of ectopic pregnancy because of Fallopian tubes damage. Ectopic pregnancy arises when the ovum doesn't reach uterus and attaches to Fallopian tubes walls. Such pregnancy is extremely dangerous and can sometimes threaten a woman's life.

The reason for this is that after this period of time Fallopian tubes could fuse together again after breakage. Such cases never occurs practically, but if it happens, then, as a rule, attests that the operation hasn't been carried out properly. And the fact that there is always a probability of a blunder caused by a human factor means that uterine tubal ligations is not surely guaranteed pregnancy control method for any woman. Nevertheless, pregnancy happens rather seldom, and many women are satisfied by carrying out these methods.

However this procedure usually is rather expensive, and at the same time there can be no guarantee that conception will be possible. Pregnancy becomes much more probable after the restoring operation however the risk of ectopic pregnancy and certain problems with conception remains.

Is it Possible to Get Pregnant after a Tubal Ligation?

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