Finally, you are pregnant! You are happy to find the first signs of pregnancy and want to enjoy this special period as much as possible. You may have planned your pregnancy, or it was unexpected. Anyway, now you will have to find out all about the pregnancy: the development week by week, associated risks, visits to the clinic, recommendations and tips to the expectant mothers, the most important questions on pregnancy and the most accurate answers.

All For Pregnant Women

How can I determine the week of pregnancy? This is the first question the pregnant is likely to ask. It’s pretty difficult to say on what term you are, if it’s your first pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you one thing, the sonographer the other and neither of them is true to reality. Why this confusion? We will clear up this important issue for you. It’s important to know the approximate term of pregnancy in order to understand what changes undergo in both mother and baby. The doctor will use this data to make his opinion whether the pregnancy is normal. There are gestational and obstetric pregnancy terms, they have two weeks of difference. In addition, often the doctor’s count isn’t true to reality, it is explained by different reasons.