Metformin And Pregnancy

Metformin And Pregnancy


Metformin During Pregnancy

Metformin is an effective drug for treating diabetes. It may be taken together with insulin since it prevents the accumulated energy from being processed and being turned into fat depositions.

Is it Allowed To Take Metformin During Pregnancy

It’s forbidden to take metformin during pregnancy. This prohibition is connected with the fact that there aren’t enough clinical studies of exactly this group of patients. The drug is revoked as well when a woman is planning a future pregnancy. Usually, this drug is replaced by insulin, in this case. As for those women who took metformin during pregnancy, doctors keep a watchful eye on them since there is a risk of side effects.

Metformin also has a positive effect as a preventive measure against polycystic ovarian syndrome and in case of anovulation. If a woman gets pregnant as a result of IFV procedure, the drug is also, as a rule, revoked if the treatment effectivity is not higher than the risk of the fetus’ deformities development.

There were clinical studies carried out in several hospitals of the USA and Australia. According to the results, it’s impossible to see all the aspects of the drug influence on the fetus’ development as doctors say. The thing is that other drugs of the same group have a discernible teratogenic effect on the fetus. In other words, they contribute to the occurrence of deformities of the fetus if any of them are taken during pregnancy.

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