Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy After Miscarriage


Chances of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Unfortunately, abortion today is a quite frequent phenomenon. The weakened health of women, negligence to the health, the accelerated life rhythm, deplorable ecological situation – all this strongly influences statistics of abortions.

To lose the child even on early term is the strongest stress, and to endure it happens extremely difficult to both mother, and the father. Much should ask for the help the psychologist to accept new situation, and to find forces to live further, and, the main thing, again to try to conceive and take out the child.

Pregnancy after abortion demands to itself special attention. Eventually, the abortion is not only psychological, but also physiological stress.

Abortion and its Effects

The abortion is conducted under the influence of condition of the fetus and mother’s organism, without intervention from physicians. The reasons of abortion can be very different. More detail about abortion.

Abortion effects are now much more important. On what term there would be no abortion, your organism is waited by the real hormonal storm. The hormonal background changes even more sharply, than at the beginning of pregnancy that cannot but affect condition of organism, work of ovaries and other bodies.

Besides, if after abortion it was necessary to make scraping, there is injury of mucous membrane. The injured endometria can not always take in itself new fetal egg and the more so, it is not always capable to hold it.

The abortion can be followed by plentiful bleeding. The loss of blood is the also not palatable situation demanding long rehabilitation.

When it is Possible to Give Birth?

Whether it is possible to become pregnant after abortion? If to raise question from physiology, of course, it is possible. And literally in the first month. The matter is that day when there was abortion, is in combination the beginning of the following cycle. Respectively, in 2-3 weeks there will be the following ovulation – here and the answer to simple question when it is possible to become pregnant after abortion. Another matter, whether it is worth hurrying?

It seems to many couples that the quicker they will give birth to the child, the quicker they will cope with effects of current situation. Actually it not absolutely so. Of course, bearing the new child, you will not remember already happened tragedy. However everything has nuances.

Woman: Pregnancy After Abortion, Not Earlier Than in Half a Year

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy right after abortion, and specifically in 3 months can quite be successful. Pregnancy in month after abortion on early term with high share of probability again will come to the end with abortion. In total tendency such: the less has passed time after abortion, the risk of repetition of situation is bigger.

When it is possible to plan pregnancy after abortion? It is considered that the female organism needs about a year on completely to be recovered. Also it is worth postponing new attempts to conceive the child to this time. And than to be engaged within this year? Believe us, business will be enough.

Inspections After Abortion

First of all, it is necessary to pass some serious inspections, which purpose is to define the incident reason. In particular, doctors will surely send for research embryo, with the purpose to define, whether it was initially viable, whether was at it pathologies and deviations in development. Whenever possible, the reason of deviations is also defined.

Only after that doctors will undertake mother. First of all it will be checked for different infections and complications after them. Not cured infections quite often cause abortion. If those are found, they will need to be treated surely.

The following stage – the analysis on sex hormones. It becomes frequent the abortion reason surplus of these or those hormones. If in your case the reason was in it, will work with hormonal background.

Will surely carry out also ultrasonography. Ovaries, appendages, uterine tubes, uterus and its inside slime layer are inspected in the most attentive way. Uterus bends, availability of partitions in it, insufficiency of endometria – all this could provoke abortion.

What it is Worth Refusing?

In the course of planning of pregnancy after abortion it is necessary to refuse all addictions. And if in any other case it nevertheless is more recommendation, in given – the requirement. Smoking and alcohol weakens ova and spermatozoa, so, reduces probability of pregnancy, and does embryo to less viable.

It is necessary to minimize also reception of medicines. Consult to the doctor and solve, what drugs can be cancelled and of which – to lower dosage. Preparation for pregnancy after abortion is a serious and long business. You should not neglect trifles.

What to Do to Take Out the Child After Abortion?

How to keep pregnancy after abortion? To it is necessary makes thrifty use very much. Any exercise stresses, stresses, infections. It is impossible to disregard recommendations of the doctor. And do not hide from it any features of your health at all.

It is very important to eat properly. The diet has to be balanced, with necessary quantity of calories and nutrients. In certain cases it’s worth to accept vitamins in addition. Including folic acid. Also, if by results of blood test the lack of iron is revealed, it is necessary to receive also it in addition in the form of tablets or capsules.

Pregnancy after spontaneous abortion, of course, is possible. But before you should make the decision when it will happen. Criterions are only two: your physical readiness for new pregnancy, and, of course, moral and psychological. Do not leave place to fear. By the correct preparation, chances to take out the healthy kid it is not less at all, than at any other woman.

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  • Maria says:

    On the 4th week of pregnancy I had a case of miscarriage. Tell me, please, if I can get pregnant right after it? There wasn’t any cleaning of the womb done.

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