Night Sweats Pregnancy

Night Sweats Pregnancy


Night Sweats in Early and Late Pregnancy

One of pregnancy problems is the increased abnormally increased night sweating (hyperhidrosis). And if you had increased perspiration before pregnancy, then this unpleasant phenomenon would amplify and require more careful attention to yourself.

Sweating manifestation can differ for each future mother. For part of them it comes about in very rare nights. For the others such problem may occur quite often. The most likely periods for night sweating of pregnant women are the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Reason of Night Sweats of Pregnant Women

The reason of night perspiration during pregnancy seems obviously to be notorious hormones. The lowered level of estrogen causes disorder of hypothalamus functioning. Namely, hypothalamus is responsible for regulation of temperature state of the organism. If it is hot in the street, than, thanks to sweating, it cools the body. Variation of estrogen level is mistakenly perceived by hypothalamus. As a result the organism begins to develop more heat, and tries to become free from it by perspiration as becomes the reason of pregnant women hyperhidrosis.

How to Reduce Night Sweats During Pregnancy

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It is rather dangerous to affect somehow the variation of hormonal level during pregnancy. So, it means, that problems of night sweats need to be solved under mild conditions only.

  1. Put on lightweight pajamas, otherwise you will provide more conditions for perspiration because of warm cloth. The clothes for sleeping have to be made of 100% of cotton.
  2. Choose a lightweight blanket of natural materials.
  3. Keep the air in the bedroom fresh and cool. Depending on a season, slightly open a window or switch on the conditioner, having directed the air stream away from you.
  4. Prepare your spare pajamas or nightdress, towel, and a glass of water since evening. It is better to replace perspired clothes as soon as you wake up.
  5. May be some of future mothers are ready to get up, to take a cool shower and to go to bed again. But after such refreshing shower it will be problematic to fall asleep for some of them.
  6. Try to move enough. The sedentary life only increases perspiration. Water aerobics for pregnant women is excellent option. Physical activity will help your body to regulate a hormonal background and functions of different systems of the organism.
  7. Set the correct mode of your sleep: go to bed at the same time, sleep not less than 8 hours. And, strange as it may appear, hypothalamus is responsible also for regulation of sleep periods. If you help it with this function, it would have an opportunity to be engaged in regulation of your body temperature regime.
  8. Resort to a balanced diet. Try to exclude caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and sugar in your meal.

Night sweats (hyperhidrosis) not only implies inconveniences of wet bed linen and suffered slight shivering, but also deprives a future mother of so necessary quiet night sleep.

Night sweats passes for some women after the child's birth. Others remain with this problem within several weeks until the level of hormones has been normalized, and someone strenuously sweats during the entire period of breastfeeding.

Except a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy there could be other reasons of night sweats (hyperhidrosis). Among them are problems of a thyroid gland, obesity and menopause. Menopause and obesity should be quite obvious reasons, so, in the case of hormonal imbalance it may be topped up with thyroid gland disorders. Therefore, if you have slightest doubts on this score, immediately undergo additional medical examination.

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