Low Weight During Pregnancy

Low Weight During Pregnancy


Low Weight in Pregnancy

One of the defining factors of pregnancy without unnecessary difficulties is the balanced nutrition during the entire period of child-bearing. Loss of excess weight is realized when you eat various food in little portion, but with small intervals in time.

Can Pregnant Women Grow Thin – Recommendations of Specialists

Small deviations from the provided norms in weight – are normal. The fast weight gain can become the basis for development of diabetes and a hypertension. Future mother should think of complications of delivery process because of excess weight and to think how to loose excess fatty weight after it.

It is possible to get rid of unnecessary fatty weight in one effective way: to give up fried dishes, sweets (candies, cakes), salt, smoked products. At the same time you should eat not less than 3 times as usual, and 5-6 times, but eating the mini-portions, and not to lie on a sofa, and to do a little bit of physical exercises, corresponding to each trimester of the pregnancy. According to the American researches, the correct diet during pregnancy with small physical activities brings benefit – both to mummy, and to the baby.

Weight loss for pregnant women shouldn’t be fanatical. For example, it is impossible to keep to unbalanced diets – for example, such as Kremlin, orange, kefir, etc. The pregnant woman’s diet surely has to contain proteins which are in fish, low-fat meat, eggs, and also in corn, beans, nuts, rice.

The norm of weight gain for the whole period of pregnancy, according to various data, is in the range from 12 to 20 kg and depends on the initial weight of the woman before pregnancy. If the woman has decided to lose extra kilos during pregnancy, then the diet and physical activity should be discussed with the doctor. Doctors advise at the beginning of pregnancy (the first three months), to eat protein-rich food, because protein – is construction material of a human body.

In the second trimester it is necessary to prefer the products rich in calcium: cottage cheese, sour cream, almonds, porridge, find-ground barley. During last months gynecologists don’t advise to lean on meat, as meat dishes make negative impact on flexibility of vaginal tissues.

How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Experienced doctors advice to future mothers who don’t want to gain excess weight:

  • The main thing in a diet of the pregnant woman – is quality of the products, their variety, but not their quantity;
  • You shouldn’t change cardinally the habitual diet in a short period of time. Accustom your organism to the balanced diet gradually;
  • You should not trust blindly and follow advice of your friends, acquaintances, etc. Listen to your inner “yourself”, the doctor and a voice of reason;
  • Origin of strange desires in food – for example, a wish for chalk or sauerkraut – says that your organism needs some substances. It is necessary to restore vitamin – mineral balance;
  • Eat the products which support normal work of intestines: porridge, pearl barley, carrots, and apples.

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