27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant


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27 weeks pregnant is how many months? In the beginning of 7th month or third trimester.

What to Expect at 27 Weeks Pregnant

The fetus weights 1 kg at 27 weeks. All of the systems in its body are fully formed already, but the brain continues to develop. The baby still looks red and wrinkled as it stays in the amniotic fluid. All of its organs are functioning normally and so the baby is able to survive even if it’ll be born earlier than expected.

A lot of us are afraid of the cholesterol. It is considered bad for our health, but is actually good for a pregnant woman. Cholesterol maintains placenta’s state and helps to conduct a hormone responsible for mammary glands. Of course, you will gain weight during pregnancy (10 kg approximately), but this weight will go away along with the amniotic fluid. So if you gained nearly 10 kg or a little more, consider it normal and avoid strict diets: they can affect your and baby’s health badly.

27th week is considered the end of a second trimester. It’s a long term for your baby: it has grown and the fetal development of his organs is nearly finished. There’s a little time left before you finally meet your newborn: your happiness is only 13 weeks away.

What Happens to the Baby

27 Weeks Pregnant 1The baby begins to grow actively during this period: its weight reaches 900-1000 grams, its height reaches 36 cm, its brain and nervous system continue to develop. Why the baby grows? Because of the somatropin hormone.

All the other systems in baby’s body (including the endocrine and the pancreas) continue to grow and develop. The mental abilities of the baby develop too because of the hormones responsible for calcium production.

All of these processes help forming the baby’s own hormones (and it begins to use them). During this stage the baby stops using his mother’s hormones and it affects her condition as she gets better every day. In some sense, the baby lives its independent life already.

The immune and respiratory systems develop, producing a surfactant for the alveoli (with their help newborn baby breathes and scream). When there comes a time to give birth, the baby has enough of the surfactant. Though there are some situations when baby cannot breathe and needs the help of a special machine for breathing. This usually happens when the birth is premature. But starting from 27th the baby can survive even the premature birth if necessary help is given: he’ll be putted in a special incubator then.

The fetus now looks more and more like the real human: it has lashes, nails and hair and its eyes are open. The baby gains fat, becomes more plump and its skin becomes lighter (though it is still wrinkled because of the amniotic fluid).

The baby has its own life and regime in its mother’s womb: it sleeps, plays, moves, examines itself, knows how to hiccup and how to suck its finger – it behaves like an actual newborn baby, as you see. It can open and close its eyes freely, looking at the light visible through belly. The baby even exercises: it jumps, spins, kicks you while it can do it, because he still has some place to movement. It enjoys it and expresses its emotions this way.

How Does the Belly and the Uterus Change

The uterus is 5-7 cm above the navel on 27th week. Its weight significantly increases and the uterus becomes more palpable. That’s why woman suffers more: it’s hard for her to take a comfortable sleeping position, she turns a lot and cannot lie down comfortably. The uterus can press veins, partially blocking the blood flow and so you can feel bad, your head can spin a lot. If you feel this, avoid lying and sleeping on the back and crossing your legs. Try sleeping on your left side instead.

The belly is very visible on this stage of pregnancy. But as belly grows, your problems become bigger too: insomnia, heartburn and shortness of breath can bother you during this stage, turning the pregnancy into a nightmare. Consulting a doctor can help you. During your pregnancy you might suffer from diarrhea and constipation, your internal organs can be pressed to much and even the smallest kick of the baby can cause you pain.

All of this also affects future mom’s mental health: she can be stressed and irritated a lot during this period. Sometimes her regime can fail and has to be normalized again. Future mother can also suffer from her baby’s different regime: for example, when she wants to sleep, but the baby keeps kicking. In that case you have to talk to the baby, to sing to him, to pat the belly. Pregnant woman has to remember that she’s a mother already and has to help her child.

The skin on the belly stretches and itches: it is normal, but if it itches too much, you have to see the doctor and take test. If your belly hardens, you have to see the doctor too.

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

27 Weeks Pregnant 2

27 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 27 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Symptoms at 27 week Pregnant

Symptoms awaiting you at 27 week pregnancy include:

  • back aches and lower back pains;
  • shortness of breath;
  • heartburn;
  • physical and mental exhaustion;
  • swelling of the fingers, ankles, or face;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • hemorrhoids.

What Does Ultrasound Show

Usually ultrasound is done three times during whole pregnancy: on the 12th week, on the 22nd week and on 30-32nd weeks. But sometimes the doctor can prescribe ultrasound on the 27th week of pregnancy too: for example, if mother was sick, if the pregnancy isn’t going so well or if the doctor thinks that something is wrong. Don’t worry about it: it’s always better to check again and to be sure that your baby is okay.

The ultrasound on the 27th week is practically similar to the one on 22nd week: the doctor checks the baby’s organs, its position, measures its height and approximate weight. He also listens to baby’s heartbeat and breathing, monitors its activity and puts all the data into medical record, also mentioning the state of placenta and amniotic fluid, the size and characteristics of the uterus. All these data helps the doctors to see how the pregnancy is going and to be more prepared to the childbirth.

The ultrasound also helps to find out whether the baby’s gender has changed or not. Sometimes it is hard to find out the exact gender of the baby earlier: the doctor cannot see it clearly or isn’t sure. But he will be ready to answer this question for sure on the 27th week. Moreover, future parents will be happy to see their baby once again.

27 Weeks 3d Ultrasound Pictures

27 Weeks Pregnant 3

27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Scan Gender

27 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

27 Week Ultrasound Boy

27 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

27 Week Ultrasound Girl

27 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

27 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

What Can Hurt

Every pregnant woman experiences various pains during pregnancy. The pain can be different: one day it’s here and the other day it’s gone. Unfortunately, some women manage to endure the pain that shouldn’t be endured: the strong one that signifies that something’s wrong. But other kinds of pain are permanent and are signs of harmless things: growth of the uterus, uncomfortable baby position or sprains.

Woman can experience training contractions on 27th week of pregnancy already: that’s how the body prepares her to the upcoming childbirth. These contractions last for a few seconds, that why some women don’t even understand what’s going on. But such contractions can also cause a lot of problems to other women. For example, if you have red secretion after them, call the ambulance immediately.

Constipations and flatulence can cause pain too (though it isn’t strong), but every woman is able to recognize her correctly. If you suffer from pain in the rectum, it’s possible that you have hemorrhoids. Don’t worry: all you have to do in this case is simply visit your doctor, who will plan a correct nutrition for you.

Weight gain can cause back and leg pain. To avoid this, try not to overeat, wear comfortable shoes, avoid carrying heavy things and standing a lot. Relaxing massage or a cool bath can ease the pain in your legs.

Woman can suffer from cramps starting from the 27th week. These cramps can indicate the lack of calcium in woman’s body. To stop cramps you have to eat more calcium-rich products.

Pain in abdomen and lower back can be the sign of urinary system diseases. If the pain is accompanied by a fever and burning sensation in the genitals, you have to see a doctor as soon as possible.

During the third trimester, woman’s body constantly prepares to upcoming childbirth. Even the bone tissue becomes softer to push the fetus through a birth canal more easily. It is possible for you to feel pain in pubic and pelvic areas during this process. But all pain will be gone soon. All you have to do it try to ease it.

Are the Discharge Dangerous or Not?

The secretions on 27th week are the same as the ones on 26th: they are semi-transparent and semi-solid. If you have this kind of secretions, you can rest easy. But if their color is weird (for example, they are brown, red or even the color of pus) or they smell bad (like rotten meat or fish), it seems that you have genital infection. If you are bleeding, contact your doctor as soon as possible: it can be the sign of placenta detachment that can lead to early childbirth.

Though it is almost impossible to get venereal diseases during pregnancy, you might suffer from candidiasis and thrush a lot. Don’t worry: these diseases are easy and fast to cure. But you have to cure them as soon as possible as the thrush can affect the birth canal and the baby during childbirth.

If your secretions are thick, bubbly and cheese-like, you also have to see the doctor as soon as possible. Too thin and watery secretions can be amniotic fluid that just started to flow or flows very quickly. In this case call the ambulance immediately or go to the hospital.

Pregnant woman starts having her first milk on 27th week of pregnancy, though now it’s only a colostrum. The breasts become bigger because of the milk. It is important to observe breasts’ hygiene and to not squeeze the milk, because you’re going to feed the baby with it soon.


Sex on 27th week is harmless both to you and to the baby.  But you have to consult your doctor first: if he doesn’t mind, you can have your fun. This process is good for both mother and father. Moreover, the mother will experience lots of new emotions.

However, the pregnant woman who have sex have to remember some rules. Try to avoid rough and deep sex and don’t forget about your belly: it is necessary to choose the most comfortable position to avoid complications.

It is good if you have one partner during the whole pregnancy: woman’s microorganisms get used to a central partner and so if the partner changes you might get genital disease. That’s why you have to avoid risks and monitor your secretions: if something goes wrong, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Some women are not allowed to have sex during pregnancy, though: they have increased uterine tone that can cause early childbirth. These women shouldn’t get exited because it can cause uterine contractions. If this happens, you have to contact your doctor and go on a preservation to keep your pregnancy.

What Tests Should Be Done

Typically, pregnant woman visits her gynecologist according to the plan. Your doctor should measure your belly, weight and blood pressure, as well as check the heartbeat of your baby. You have to perform all these procedures once in two weeks if you have no problems, but if you are concerned about anything, be sure to consult a doctor earlier.

Tests should be done according to the plan, preferably before the visit to your doctor. The basic set of tests includes blood sugar level test, test for presence of protein in the urine, test for leukocytes and erythrocytes levels.

Your level of cholesterol will relatively rise on 27th week of pregnancy, but do not be afraid: certain hormones necessary for further milk production in the breast are produced because of cholesterol. Cholesterol is simply necessary during this period but it has to remain within a certain range.

If you start to notice severe swelling in your body, to suffer from occasional vomiting or high blood pressure, these can be the signs of preeclampsia. This illness should be controlled as it affects the other organs in your body, but do not worry: it can be treated well.

27 Weeks Pregnant: What You Really Need to Know

Overall Health of the Future Mother

27th week of pregnancy is a decent term for every woman who simply got tired of being pregnant. While carrying a child, some women want to give birth as quickly as possible. They are tired of weight gaining, vomiting, heartburn, constipation. All these problems simply do not let a woman live normally. Even at night a woman cannot sleep, having insomnia, she cannot make herself comfortable; she gets up several times at night to go to the toilet.

Woman gets tired quickly during the walks because of the excess weight. All of these factors start irritating her and she begins to cry for no reason, she suffers even psychologically and because of it her hands, legs and the whole body may itch at night. A woman, who now wishes it to be over as soon as possible, will miss this state after the baby is born. Moreover, you will remember the days when you were pregnant.

Your nutrition should be healthy and in the future you will make your child accustomed to it. Get plenty of rest, do not stand in one place, sit or walk, always keep your back straight to prevent high spinal loads. One of the most harmful habits of a pregnant woman is pulling heavy bags and things.

Train yourself to sleep on the left side, not on the back. Also you should walk for as long as possible, preferably away from the city noise. If you have a cottage or country house, spend more time there. In most cases, the women even begin to feel themselves better and sleep better at night. If you overwork, don’t be afraid to tell “no” to some of your colleagues. Stay away from places designed for smoking and places characterized as unfavorable for walks and rest. You should remember that the whole environment affects you and your baby’s growth.

Get used to your child, talk to it, read and sing: believe me, it feels everything. On 27th week many women can even recognize what the baby wants and what it does.

It is very important for you and your baby to remain emotionally calm, to forget all the problems and just enjoy thinking about your miracle. Surround yourself with beautiful people and children. They say that it is necessary to look at all beautiful things during pregnancy and to feel all this beauty through yourself, thus sharing it with your little fellow.


Nutrition on 27th week remains the same as before. You should eat everything natural, fresh, fortified and most importantly, stick to small portions. Products should be rich of calcium and protein that are necessary for baby’s development. Eat less starchy, sweet, fat-rich, fried, smoked and spicy food.

Breakfast should be light and rich of carbohydrates (the porridge would be the best choice) and lunch should include lots of protein products. Dinner should be light, because it is better not to overeat before bedtime. If you overeat, you may suffer from nausea and heartburn. However, often pregnant women want to eat even at night, and that's fine. It is better to satisfy the appetite with kefir (yogurt) or green apple.

Drinking regime should also be observed: it is necessary to take water and quench the thirst, if you want to drink, then drink. Remember that your baby needs water, as well as calcium and protein. After all, 60 % of human’s body consist of water and this supply must be replenished every day.

You can drink homemade compotes, fruit-drinks, kissels (fruit jellies) along with water. It is better to refrain from drinking store-bought juices, as their compositions are unhealthy and heavy for your body. Compotes should be not sweet, but refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Weight Gain

If you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, it may lead to tragic results in the future. You have to control your weight instead of justifying it by the fact that you are pregnant and you can do anything. Average woman can gain maximum 8 kg during 27 weeks of pregnancy.

This includes uterine weight, amniotic fluid, breast weight, and of course the weight of your baby. If you take all of these components away, the excess weight you gain will be left. If you began to notice that after all you gained the excess weight, and you can not handle it by yourself, contact a specialist. The doctor will help you to plan your nutrition correctly, so that you and your baby won’t get hungry.

If you stand on the scales and become scared of the number you see, do not worry: the weight will go away very quickly after childbirth and during breast-feeding (if you stick to right nutrition, of course).

Dangers at 27 Weeks

  • The woman's body is changing every second, as well as the blood flow. That may result in goose bumps that can be felt even in the summer.
  • Belly is a very heavy burden that affects everything: you can experience cramps (especially at night) and feel sleepy in the morning because of it.

Recommendations for Women

  • If you suffer from cramps, it is necessary to do legs and arms massage or to cool arms and legs with water. At least you will be able to sleep peacefully at night, and feel fresh and rested in the morning.
  • It is important to take your vitamins constantly (especially during autumn and spring): it’ll help to get rid of many unpleasant feelings.
  • If you feel good during pregnancy, you can do lots of favorite things, take courses you are interested in and enjoy your state.
  • It is important to stick to healthy nutrition: this way your baby will get used to healthy food from the very beginning of its life.
  • Physical activity like yoga and therapeutic exercises will be very useful, if there are no restrictions from your doctor.
  • Quit all your bad habits: do not smoke, do not drink alcohol or take drugs, because it can cause terrible pathologies of your child.
  • Remember, if you feel unwell or something goes wrong in your body and with your baby, immediately call an ambulance.

Video Guide: 27 weeks pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy at 27 Weeks Pregnancy

It is difficult for a woman to walk, lie and even breathe on 27th week. There are two babies in one belly: each baby’s weight is about 1 kg, they are active and can be a double burden to a woman’s body.

According to statistics, the majority of multiple pregnancies end with early childbirth. A woman should listen to herself and if she feels there’s a risk of early childbirth (for example, she suffers from regular cramping abdominal pain), she should go to the hospital, because the chance of successful delivery is very big during this term.

Multiple pregnancy is characterized by its rapid delivery. It is very important to have the bag with all the necessary things for maternity hospital ready. Avoid leaving home alone (if that’s possible) and always take your card with you.

You can buy things for the baby on 27th week of pregnancy. If you are not superstitious, you can buy a playpen, a stroller and other things for your children. If you do not want to buy it beforehand, make a list of things you and your babies will need after the childbirth.

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